glossier vs. colourpop

the battle of the matte, sheer colourpop glossier2.jpgwhen visiting the house i was living in for the past few years, i found a couple brand new glossier products that i had left behind.  2 of which were the generation g lip tints, in like and jam.  like is basically the color of my lips but slightly pinker, while jam is a sheer purple.  i don’t like jam that much on me, but i love like, mainly because i feel like i have makeup on without looking like i do.  the dream, eh?  important to note that these are the old formula, the new iteration is slightly more pigmented from what i can tell.

a few days before i found my secret glossier treasure trove, i placed an order with colourpop for a couple of their blotted lip stains.  i haven’t heard or seen anyone talking about these, but they are essentially a lightly pigmented lipstick, so giving that blotted effect instead of full on lipstick lips.  i chose 3 colors – brain freeze, a cool toned pink, ice cube, a berry, and on a stick, a soft coral.  i’m in love with the coral and berry shades especially, and am so-so about the light pink (it’s brighter and more barbie-esque than i anticipated).  it was purely coincidental that i ordered 2 matching shades to the 2 gen g’s i had stored away.  sooo how do they compare?bb colourpop glossier4.jpgthe colourpop option is definitely more pigmented, and really feels like a matte lipstick.  they are just as matte and comfortable as the glossier gen g’s.  these stand closer to a regular lipstick and can be built up as such, but applied just once they have the sheer finish that i want.

the gen g’s are absolutely more sheer and feel like a balm, as marketed.  when initially applied onto the lips they are barely noticeable, so i do 2 layers or so.  i love the like shade, but don’t have any interest in the others.  it seems that they are just too sheer, and need to be built up multiple times vs the one swipe and perfect amount of color that i get from the colourpop.  but again, i think the new formula of the generation g’s has more pigmentation.  the balm texture of these was especially noticeable when swatched next to the colourpop, but i think for me i would rather just wear a balm and be nourished or wear a matte lipstick and not be.  you know?bb colourpop glossier5.jpgi like that colourpop’s blotted lips have some fun color options, so they are understated but still bright.  plus the price point is just unbeatable.  for $5 a piece, i absolutely recommend going with colourpop.  there’s more variety in the colors and though you do get half the product, it’s less than 1/3 the price of glossier.  these are really a perfect product for someone who likes to be quite minimal with colourpop glossier3.jpgsome quick facts:

colourpop blotted lip: $5, 1 gram (.035 oz), 3 on ewg, more color

glossier gen g: $18, 2 grams (.07 oz), 5 on ewg, less color

(both contain bht)Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.27.52 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.27.35 PM.png

. . . 

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