i finally got the perfume of my dreams

bb santal1santal 33…oh how i love you.  now i previously thought that byredo gypsy water was the scent of my dreams, but i’m not sure.  lately it’s been seeming a little heavy for every day, but that could be because i’m spending every day at home!

santal 33 is light and fresh, with that delicious sandalwood touch that i cannot get enough of.  i have used up a few samples of this and just couldn’t seem to bite the bullet for the $150 bottle, until i saw that the le labo site sells a 15 ml bottle for $78.  now it’s still so expensive for the amount you get, but for the snail’s pace at which i go through perfumes, i think this little baby is going to be perfect.  i’m so excited to actually have a bottle of this in my life!bb santal3bb santal5one of my favorite perfume oils – maison louis marie no. 4 bois de balincourt – smells pretty much identical to santal 33, so i highly recommend that one.  there wasn’t really a point in me buying the le labo besides just wanting it!  i also love having spray perfumes to layer with my oils or if i want to make a slightly larger scent impact.  my perfumes are always very understated “skin scents” so sometimes it’s nice to have a little more intensity.

all in all, i’m so happy i splurged on this little baby.  it’s absolutely a gateway drug to the larger bottle, but i don’t see anything wrong with that!  what’s your favorite splurgy perfume?bb santal4bb santal2

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4 thoughts on “i finally got the perfume of my dreams”

  1. Such a beautiful fragrance! I just wrote a review about Tocca Colette that smells a lot like Gypsy Water if you want to check it out 😀 xx


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