a favorite blogger & a favorite product

today’s post is extra special because it is in collaboration with kim and makeup, one of my favorite bloggers.  she is seriously talented when it comes to makeup and her looks are always different, creative, and beautifully executed.  i have so much respect for her and her work, and i highly recommend you check her out!bb kim and makeup1.jpgso you all know of my love for bare minerals, from their powders to their cosmetics.  bare minerals is a reliable brand that features high quality products with pretty good ingredients, so if i need something, they are usually the first brand i turn to.  lately i’ve been loving their correcting concealer, but i wanted to focus on my absolute favorite bare minerals product today: their flawless definition mascara.

flawless definition is the first high end mascara i ever bought and remained my only mascara throughout high school and college.  when i got into makeup i left it behind to try other things, but over the past few months we have gotten back together and are stronger than ever.bb kim and makeup2.jpgi personally prefer plastic wand mascaras and flawless definition boasts this super grippy but small plastic wand.  it grabs onto all the lashes without clumping or adding too much product, and can look very natural or very amped up depending on application.  i usually go for a natural look – shocker – but i love the versatility in this mascara if i’m going out or want to do something more special.  this is the only mascara that i ever put on and just go oohh yeah there’s a reason this is my favorite.  it is also hypoallergenic and great for sensitive eyes, which is the reason i purchased this in the first place way back when.  they also have a brown version which i really want to try, but from what i can tell it is only available through the bare minerals website.bb kim and makeup3.jpgso that’s that!  a quick review on one of my all time favorite products.  be sure to check out kim’s corresponding post about her favorite bare minerals product!  and give her a follow, i promise you will be inspired.

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