new from nars: liquid blush

when i saw the new orgasm liquid blush on nars’ instagram, you best believe i immediately bought it.  i have never actually tried nars orgasm, but i know that it’s the perfect peachy pink blush for every person who wears it.  so when i saw this new formula, i was sold.  i love cream blushes and haven’t experienced many liquid ones, but if someone’s going to do it right it’s nars orgasm liquid blush1.jpgnow this is a bit shimmery which takes some getting used to, but the formula, pigmentation, and color are all gorgeous.  i also don’t find the shimmer to be as noticeable on the cheeks throughout the day as i expected it to be.  this formula is unique to me because it completely dries on the cheeks, so it doesn’t leave any sheen or dew besides what the shimmer provides.  though i usually like my cream/liquid products to remain dewy, this is a nice feature for oily skinned people and for using this in the summer.  i’m a face sweater, very unfortunately, so it will be nice to know that this will stay put on my face all day even through heat and humidity.

you need just a little dot to get that perfect flush on the cheeks, and i have been using my fingers and then a small stippling blush to blend everything out completely.  the color gives that slightly-sunburned effect, especially when you take a little bit over the bridge of the nose.  i’m sure you could build this up for a more intense look but i’m all about subtle makeup, as you all know by now!  i have only worn this one or two times, but i am absolutely smitten and look forward to wearing this all summer long.  bb nars orgasm liquid blush2.jpg

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2 thoughts on “new from nars: liquid blush”

    1. thanks so much for reading! i would love to hear about your other favorites. i think if you are already familiar with the formula this will be an easy love – you should check out the other colors too. xo


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