the baby bohemian approach to feeling better

you might be sensing a bit of a theme here on baby bohemian these days – your girl is feeling low.  like i said in this post, it’s just something that happens to me from time to time and i’m pretty good at self-soothing and letting myself revel in and then break free of the funk.  besides lounging around and binging on books/movies/tv/youtube videos, i also find it extremely helpful to get out and get active.  so here’s a real life account of how i made myself feel better last weekend.  side note, all of my friends happened to be busy or away this particular weekend, so that’s why it was a very solitary one.  usually i recommend dinner and/or drinks with friends; that almost always cheers me right up.Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 10.13.50 AM.png1 // work up a sweat.  i can hear my mother now: you know you always feel better after you work out!  eye rolls aside, this advice is absolutely true.  even though i don’t always feel like endorphins work on me (anyone else feel worse about yourself after working out?!), when i’m feeling sad this really is the best pick me up.  going to yoga class, running outside, or going to the gym is a quick fix that gets me dressed, out of the house, and moving my tush.  plus i consider sweating basically a good cry for the body, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

2 // explore your neighborhood.  taking pictures is one of my favorite hobbies.  many years ago i invested in a ridiculously expensive camera (i clearly thought i was going to be the next diane arbus but i don’t have to tell you how that turned out) and i make an effort to use it whenever i can.  i have considered selling it many times, but it’s just one of those things that’s nice to have once you have it.  last weekend i walked around my sweet college town, just taking pictures of flowers and houses and anything else that caught my eye.  it’s such an easy activity and don’t feel like you need a big ass camera to do it.  i usually have a disposable camera hanging around and quite honestly those usually end up being my favorite pictures anyway.  you can even fit in the aforementioned exercise at the same time!  bb bloomington1.jpgbb bloomington4.jpgbb bloomington6.jpgbb bloomington2.jpgbb bloomington3.jpgbb bloomington5.jpg3 // find a street fair or farmer’s market.  this is a harder one, but now that fall is coming i bet it will be easier than you think.  i attended both my weekly farmer’s market and a labor day street fair last weekend and both lifted my spirits tremendously.  i got a gorgeous bouquet of end of summer/fall flowers and two bulbs of fresh garlic at the farmer’s market, along with a farmer’s market tote that is huge and perfect for grocery shopping.  i popped the flowers in a mason jar and they have already lifted my spirits and had a couple recipes that i wanted to attempt last week, so the garlic is being put to good use!  i also stumbled upon a labor day street/art fair in my town this weekend.  there were probably 50 artisan booths from all over the country.  i picked up a gorgeous handmade mug with the most stunning colors – the artisan is from maine and told me he mixes all of his colors by hand.  i am a huge mug collector and i couldn’t resist this beauty.  sometimes all you need is to make your morning coffee that little bit more special.  bb instagram1.JPGbb sunny mug.jpg4 // get ready for the week.  sometimes it’s as simple as getting ready for the days ahead.  i was babysitting my sisters dog last week so i wasn’t been at my own home very much, but when i was i made the most of my time.  from cleaning and organizing to laundry and dishes, i made my space clean and fresh for the coming week.  i also did some meal planning (new for me, sadly!!) and completed a very thorough grocery shop.  trust me, preparing your space, clothes, and fridge will clear your mind and make you feel more organized and ready to start a new week.

5 // prep blog posts.  now you might not have a blog, but any kind of creative project will do here.  writing posts and taking pictures is one of the greatest creative joys i have, so it’s (usually) relaxing to spend time doing so.  it can be stressful and sometimes sets me off on the wrong path, but typically i can relish in the creativity even if i’m not feeling as inspired as a i’d like to be.  even spending time on pinterest can give me the motivation to make a collage or set up a flat lay, and creativity just can’t be discounted in my opinion.  bb instagram2.JPG

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