the sephora sale that never was

i love the sephora vib sale.  for me, it’s more the fun of planning, filling, and emptying my shopping cart than the actual magnanimity of the discount.  usually i buy totally superfluous items just because, but this year i got things i really wanted and would use all the way up.

so, bright and early on november 10th, i placed my order for my products.  and just (total sarcasm here) 10 days later, i was finally sent a shipping confirmation.  naturally the item that i was most excited for, the hourglass dim light powder, was sold out and cancelled from my order.  i was a little miffed as really the only reason i bought this powder was due to the sale, but i bit my tongue.

now it’s been 7 days since shipment, and my order was supposedly delivered on november 22nd.  the package is no where to be found and after 17 days, i have made the call to get a complete refund of my order.  i have never had such a ridiculous and drawn out experience with sephora, or with any online store for that matter.  i’m not saying i will never purchase from sephora again, but my irritation will remain for just a little while longer.

i put together the following info about my order prior to any of this happening, so i will still tell you about the items i thought i was receiving, just because!  did anyone else have a weird experience this vib sale?  i would love to hear your thoughts.

. . . 

klorane quinine and b vitamin shampoo & conditioner // i’m really not one to spend a lot of money on hair products, so i’ve been waiting for the sale to come around to try this klorane combo.  my wavy hair really struggles in the winter to not look flat and limp, so i’m thinking a little volumizing might be just what i need.

hourglass ambient lighting powder in dim light // i actually wanted to get the hourglass ambient light edit 3, but when it was sold out during the sale i decided that i really didn’t need it.  what i really “need” (you know its a relative term) is a good setting powder, so i splurged on the full size of dim light.  i’ve had the mini size of this before but gave it away to a friend and i kinda just wanted the full size?  no real way i can justify but i know i will get a ton of use out of it.  i don’t typically wear foundation products but i do like a lot of moisturizing layers, so this will tone them down just enough to not look crazy.

rms eye polish in aura // i’ve mentioned quite a few times how much i love the rms eye polish in myth, a browny taupe that offers a glossy sheen to the eyes.  so when rms released a new shade of the eye polish in an “muted metallic amethyst,” you know i was all in.  the eye polishes are quite pricey so i hemmed and hawed for so long that then the vib sale came around and i knew it was the perfect time to buy it.  they truly last forever and the effect is second to none.  they slip around for sure, but that’s the point, and they make your lids feel so hydrated for days afterward.  skincare and makeup?  yep.

. . .

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7 thoughts on “the sephora sale that never was”

  1. I’m so sorry about your order! That really sucks! I didn’t really have anything major other than it taking more than normal to ship, and then they screwed up my flash shipping and sent it ground which took FOREVER. I complained on Twitter and they have me like 100 points as an apology.


  2. A customer service issue happened for me too during this sale… they must have been slammed. Is it bad that I hope your Sephora box still shows up after you get your full refund free of charge??


      1. Restocked on my face cleanser w. the discount, and ended up with the Fresh Caramel balm too… managed not to go too crazy 😀


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