loving craving wishing waiting: august 10th

IMG_1597 IMG_3066loving: 

relaxed days off at the beach with close friends

waking up early for coffee before work

tanned hands (kind of) and a mix of big and dainty rings

cat stevens, gordon lightfoot, pure prairie league, and other folk singers

my new phone! finally upgraded from my very cracked, very slow, very broken iphone 5

rewatching the first and second seasons of the rachel zoe project

insanely gorgeous sunsets every night


fruit! it’s all i want to eat

long, salty swims

more piercings


simultaneously for a longer summer and for fall clothes

for that perfect pair of booties (i recently ordered these – i hope they’re everything i think they’re going to be!)

for a sephora to pop into – i have a very long list of things i want to try

i was a mermaid


honestly, i’m not really waiting for anything.  i’m very at peace with where i am right now, this very minute.  and that is a beautiful, very satisfying, very unusual (for me) feeling.

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july style // favorites


a collection of dainty rings –
various designers including claire kinder studio and drift/riot

simple black bikinis – mostly old navy (did you know they make the best suits?!)

flow-y, open weave sweaters – brandy melville and loft

the softest jean jacket of all time – madewell jean jacket in ellery wash (i sized up one size)

salty beach hair – i’ve taken to not washing it after swimming in the ocean (at least not until the next day)

soft, fitted tees with baggy denim shorts – it’s a little unusual for me to wear tight tee shirts, but hey, sometimes a girl wants to have a body

covergirl lash blast length mascara in very black – i got this drugstore mascara a few weeks ago and i absolutely love it.  it’s very much like the bare minerals flawless definition mascara that you all know is my favorite, and a little bit lighter in formula than the l’oreal telescopic.  it is really really natural and just gives your lashes a bit of oomph in color and length without any clumping whatsoever

+my images, please credit if taking.

day five

in case you’re curious, i’m back with a little update on my newly imposed health plan.  i’ve been doing really well with the exercising portion, but no so well with the healthy eating.  i’m trying to cut back on portions which is going fine, but i cannot cut back on the sugar!  trying so hard but it seems like everywhere i turn this summer there is ice cream and candy and cookies and brownies.  does anyone have any tips for resisting these irresistibles?  at least i’ve been running in an attempt to undo what i’ve done sugar-wise.

for now, i’m doing my best, and watching blue crush, wishing i was in surf-shape.  there’s nothing that motivates me more than that movie.

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day one

i feel like i’m always starting a new health plan.  i have these grand ideas of healthy eating and living, drinking lots of water, and exercising daily.  it rarely happens, and never for more than a week or two.  but as i grow older, the importance i place upon healthy living grows with me.  i went for my first run today in a little while and it felt amazing.  i run around all day at work, but it’s not the same as actually dedicating 30 minutes to an hour just to exercise my body.  it was tough to get going and i’m definitely out of shape, but i felt like i was doing something wonderful for myself.  and that cold shower i took afterwards?  that was the best part.

i’m no fitness or diet guru, let’s get that straight right now.  i eat candy like a machine, i love an ice cold coke, and bread is probably my main food group.  but i really would like to change these habits.  so here are some things i’m going to try to incorporate into my life.  because what better time to improve your physical health than the summer time?

1. run 3 times a week

2. start practicing yoga again, 1-2 times per week

3. water over any other beverage!

4. incorporate more fruits and vegetables

5. cut back on sugar

these seem like tall orders as i’m writing them down, especially as i’m plowing through a bag of candy at this very moment, but i’m going to try my best to nourish my body and mind in a healthier way.  i’m realizing more and more that my body is my vehicle, and without a healthy body, i can’t have a healthy life.  so here’s to day one!  and guess what – i just threw away that bag of candy.

makeup for a minimalist: drugstore favorites

IMG_2960maybelline fit me concealer: i have the shade 15 fair and it is pretty spot on similar with nars radiant creamy concealer in vanilla.  i love this concealer as more summery option to the heavier, drier nars concealer.  it’s very similar in coverage but the formula is creamier and more liquid-y.  it is helpful to set this though, which i don’t have to do with the nars.

revlon matte balm: i have the color sultry and i am dying to get more of these.  this is a beautiful dusty rose neutral shade with the perfect hint of brown.  these are super creamy but with a matte finish and not drying at all.  they don’t have a ton of color options but it is a nice range that isn’t too boring.

l’oreal color riche nail polish: in after hours and tangerine crush.  i love these polishes!  the brush is wide and curved at the bottom so it fits the nail perfectly.  the formula’s are amazing and they have some great color options.  i only have these two shades but am definitely looking to add more to my stash.

nyx butter gloss: i have the shades creme brulee eclair (both pictured here).  these glosses are nicely pigmented and super smooth and buttery (oohhh shocker).  i love the small packaging and the scent of these glosses.  plus they aren’t sticky glossy.  that’s always a good thing.

nyx mega shine lip gloss: i have the shades beige and some other one that the name wore off of (not pictured) – it’s a light peachy pink.  these glosses are probably less pigmented than the butter glosses, but to me they are all basically the same.  if i’m going to wear gloss, you bet it’s a nyx gloss.

no7 stay perfect shade and define cream shadow sticks: pictured here in cool mink, but i also own coffee bean (warm brown), velvet truffle (a cool toned brown), and deep purple (a shimmering navy).  i use the darker shades for smudgy eyeliner looks and cool mink all over the lid. these are great dupes for the laura mercier caviar shadow sticks which are the only other cream eyeshadow sticks i’ve used, but i heard they are also a good dupe for the by terry ombre blackstars.

l’oreal telescopic mascara:  i’m terrible at saying whether things are dupes or not, but i think this is a pretty good dupe for my beloved bare minerals flawless definition mascara.  it creates great definition but very naturally, which is just how i like my lashes to be look.  if you like natural lashes but a little bit enhanced, i would definitely check this mascara out.  just make sure you wipe off some of the product on the bristles – sometimes i find you can get too much and that’s never a good look.

+my image, please credit if taking.