of interest

via pinterest, tendances de mode, outdoor voices, olsen daily, bianca valle . . . follow me: instagram // pinterest // bloglovin’

forever olsen

ashley, with a little bit of mary-kate for good measure.  fashion inspiration forever. via olsen daily, olsen's anonymous follow me: instagram // pinterest // bloglovin’

fall styling

these looks are giving me some serious fall vibes.  check back next week for my fall staples list - expect lots of black, oversized shit.via fashion me now, song of style, pinterest, tumblr, tendances de mode

december favorites

nars sheer glow // shade mont blanc // got a sample from sephora and am considering buying, tiny amount on very moisturized skin, awesome color match essie angora cardi // not too dark but just vampy enough opi nail envy // the best base coat, nail strengthener, and manicure extender i've tried hudson riley boots // my staple... Continue Reading →

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