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bb rms trios4.jpgover the holidays – yes way back them – rms came out with two trios.  there was an eye trio available exclusively at anthropologie and a lip and cheek trio available exclusively at free people.  anthropologie’s trio was of plummy and gold eye polishes, which are probably my favorite product from rms.  the palette featured the shades reflect, solar, and magnetic, none of which i have tried previously.  free people’s trio was of red and pink lip2cheeks and lip shines in kissable, modest, and illusive, and also came with the rms blush brush, a makeup bag, and 2 rms makeup removers. bb rms trios1.jpgbb rms trios2.jpg my sis got me the anthropologie eye trio for christmas and i purchased the free people set for $16.  YES you read that right – i was able to get a full size blush brush and three lip and cheek shades for $16.  i can’t find these products online, but i’m sure they will pop up on ebay or poshmark soon!  i’m so pleased that i was able to grab these partly for their adorableness, partly to try new things, and partly because i was really wanting that blush brush.  love when things work out! bb rms trios3.jpgbb rms trios5.jpg

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the skincare routine

bb nighttime skincare update.jpgthis was originally an instagram post, but i thought it would be better as a quick bonus blog post instead.  so, this is tonight’s skincare routine, as well as what my routine is going to look like for a while thanks to some killer new products (excluding the mask, which is just a once a week treat these days)…

🌿wash: mix of stark skincare aurora cleansing balmglossier milky jelly cleanser // i emulsified the balm in my hands and then added a pump of mjc.  these mix beautifully to offer a moisturizing cleanse that is easily rinsed off with warm water.

🌿mask: milk makeup x urban outfitters urban defense mask // you all know i love this for a quick (3-5 minute) boost.

🌿spray: evan healy lavender hydrosoul // always!

🌿serum: previse nutrify 1-6 hyaluronic acid serum // i ordered this through the beauty heroes shop to replace my deciem hylamide low molecular ha serum – this is thinner in viscosity but feels the same on the skin and is a nice, quite basic serum.

🌿oils: indie lee squalane & stark skincare midnight regenerating // i picked up the indie lee oil this week in california during the anthropologie 20% off sale.  i’ve been researching squalane for a while and was so pumped to actually test this in person.  it’s a lightweight, extremely moisturizing oil that my skin is completely drinking up.  the stark mr is exactly what it says, a nighttime oil that works to repair and nourish the skin.  these work in combination beautifully.

🌿eyes: living libations all seeing eye cream // i’ve been using this for a few weeks now and am really enjoying it.  i haven’t seen immediate effects, but i also wasn’t expecting to.  very hydrating and i like knowing i have a specific product for my eyes now.

please note: this is a lot of skincare, especially for me. but through some extensive research and trial, this is what my skin needs and wants. as far as the stark skincare items – i have completely fallen in love with jess via her youtube channel, and her products are just as amazing as she is.  seriously, i have been getting a full on education about green beauty and skincare (and skincare in general) and just love her.

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may favorites

falconwright wallet/pouch/card case – i’m really not sure what to call this, as you can see.  i got it at urban outfitters after contemplating it for a while – it was about $30 and that seemed really expensive for what it is.  but let me tell you it was worth it!  i’ve carried it every day since it arrived in the mail.  it’s the perfect little wallet that has gotten me to really simplify what i carry day to day, and i love that.  the leather is so soft and buttery and i really want to get some more items from this brand but it has become impossible to find their stuff 😦

mario badescu acne system – my skin has been going a little haywire recently so i’ve been trying out some new acne fighting products.  right now i’m using the mario badescu acne cleanser and the special cucumber lotion (it’s really a toner not a lotion) twice daily and putting the drying lotion on pimples at night.  i’m really liking it so far and i feel like it has definitely made a difference in my skin’s texture and the healing of my breakouts.  i think if things continue to get better i will go back to my usual cetaphil face wash and lotion in the morning and the mario badescu products at night as they do contain salicylic acid and alcohol which can be quite drying when not needed.  i’m also trying out tea tree oil on my pimples at night so i’m seeing if that is more gentle than the drying lotion, which can be umm… drying.  by the way, mario badescu products are all natural and cruelty free which is so rad and really comforting.

loft army jacket i’m a bit of an army jacket collector.  i have an old one from urban that i got in high school that my sister is begging me to get rid of, but i can’t seem to part with it.  i mean, i got it for $19 when it was actually $78 but that’s a story for another time.  i recently got this one from loft (at half price!) and it is slightly longer than my other ones.  i’ve been wearing it with everything – gym clothes and pajamas included.

anthropologie purse – this is probably my favorite of the month because of the story attached to it.  my sister had purchased this purse a few years ago from anthropologie – i actually think she picked it out and my mom gave it to her as a birthday present – and i have always loved it.  she was going through her closet recently and asked if i wanted to trade for it, so i jumped at the chance.  i gave her a black zara bag with a chain strap (that’s the only reason i didn’t really like it) and i finally have the bag of my dreams!  it’s especially awesome because we are both very satisfied with the trade and the bag is perfectly worn in.

grace & frankie – this new netflix show with jane fonda and lily tomlin is AMAZING.  i’ve been watching it with my mom and it is seriously hysterical.  it takes a couple episodes to get into but after that you are hooked.  my mom and i love the movie 9 to 5 so we were a little too excited to see fonda and tomlin reunited.  i sooooo recommend. and actually, go watch 9 to 5 as well (after you finish reading this, of course).

essie sunset sneaks – i love a reddish, corrally, pinky nail polish!  i may have picked up 2 bottles of this new essie cause i love it that much.  the formula is really opaque and smooth but gets a little thick around the second coat, so i recommend two thin ones.  finish with a quick dry top coat and you are golden (sunset pun very much intended).

maybelline fit me concealer i picked this up at cvs while on a search for a lighter/thinner version of the nars concealer, and that is exactly what this is.  i wear the shade 15 fair, compared to vanilla in the nars, and i find that the shades are pretty close to identical.  the fit me is very slightly more yellow and i mean very slightly (it’s coming out more yellow on camera than in real life).  swatched below.

and my last favorite, and maybe my most favorite of all, is being in my childhood home with my parents and dogs. there is truly no better feeling in the world.  happy june everyone!

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