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this oil is saving my face from dying a winter death

though i mentioned the go-to face hero in my december picks, i thought i would go a little more in depth since i have such a deep love for this product.IMG_0026.jpgone of my favorite beauty blogs is the file, which is essentially the australian into the gloss, only much cooler.  go-to is the skincare company started by zoe foster blake, author and former beauty editor of cosmo and harper’s bazaar.  quite frankly i didn’t know who zoe was until i read her interview with the file, but after some thorough research, i’m pretty well obsessed.

face hero is rosehip oil and so much more.  it is filled with extremely moisturizer ingredients, including almond, jojoba, and buriti oils.  it’s hydrating, soothing, and protecting – it really does it all and with no breakouts in sight.  i use this oil at night – i apply my acne creams and let them soak in for a while (like 30 mins), then apply 5-6 drops of oil followed by a heavy moisturizer, and in the morning my skin is truly moisturized.  i say truly because sometimes i feel like products make your skin look moisturized and then you go outside and your face is drier than ever. so not only does this product have surface skin success, but it really goes to further layers of the skin to heal and hydrate.  i will also add a drop or two into my morning moisturizer just for a hint of glow if i’m feeling extra lackluster that day.

and the best part?  ok well the best part is the packaging.  but besides all that, when converted from australian to american dollars, your looking at a $34 oil.  and i think that price is absolutely incredible for how little you need to use and how amazing the effects are.  international shipping was steep at $18 but was extremely fast and worth it, in my humble opinion.

so basically…if you are looking for the best face oil ever and have considered or enjoy using regular rosehip oil, try this baby out.  i promise it will become your go to.

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