blog spotlight: the august diaries

one of my absolute favorite bloggers, jill lansky of the august diaries is one of the coolest, realest women in the game.  her style is simple, casual, and chic, and, best of all, realistic.  i get actual outfit inspiration from jill and her look is achievable which is extremely rare these days.  her imagery is absolutely... Continue Reading →

blog spotlight: song of style

a few years ago, not quite when i first started reading fashion blogs but also not very recently, i happened upon song of style.  at the time aimee was an interior decorator/designer and part dj.  she was cute and cool and i loved her vibe.  after a while, the posts were mostly about trips and... Continue Reading →

blog spotlight: waiting for saturday

waiting for saturday is one of my long time favorite blogs.  i stopped reading it for a few months unintentionally, but now we are back on in full force.  i even tried to work there last year (they were too small to take me on but i had a great conversation with the founders).  it is... Continue Reading →

blog spotlight: slufoot

i recently happened upon slufoot, a tumblr run by a girl in california.  needless to say i've been scrolling through her pages for most of the morning.  most of the images she posts are very mellow and vintage in effect.  i love how curated the blog is, even though none of the images are her own.  i definitely... Continue Reading →

blog spotlight: cocochic

i have been watching stephanie toms on youtube for a while, but admittedly it took me a while to get into her blog.  her most recent posts are all about blogging and making your blog popular etc., which isn't quite what i was hoping for.  however, after scrolling through her archives i realized just how... Continue Reading →

blog spotlight: uo blog

very similar to the free people blog, bldg25, is the urban outfitters blog, or uo blog.  free people and urban outfitters are owned by the same parent company, urbn inc., which also owns anthropologie, bhldn, and terrain. while the two blogs have some similarities, the material on uo is more music and interview focused.  the imagery is... Continue Reading →

blog spotlight: orchid grey

i often include photos from the blog orchid grey, and i figured it would be nice to dedicate a post to such an inspiring piece of the internet.  i first found julie's blog via the free people blog, bldg25, where she is a writer/contributor. thank you for your beautiful and inspiring work, julie!  visit orchid... Continue Reading →

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