be the contradiction.

it is right to be a contradiction.  to have the loftiest of goals and the furthest of pipe dreams.  we are not made to live inside a pigeon hole, to only like certain things and never stray from our upbringing or what is expected of us.  it is ok to like white walls with mismatched rugs even though you were raised in a dark home with french antiques.  we are living, walking, breathing collections of everything we have ever seen, everyone we have ever known, every land we have ever traveled.

i will not be brought down by the expectations of others.  i will not be flouted by what you think of me.  i will continue to be me, and free, and happy, and dreaming.  i will do what i want today and change my mind tomorrow.  you will not take any part of me, because you don’t deserve it.  and if you did, you wouldn’t judge or lie or challenge.  you would support my soul in any shape it decides to fly.

so this is goodbye to you, and hello to me.


sacred jewels

bb jewelry 1.jpgbb jewelry shells.JPGchunky 3 stone ring :: this ring is extremely sacred to me.  it was one of my first etsy purchases, and vintage purchases, about 4 years ago.  it features 2 amethyst stones of different tones and garnet, which is my birthstone and one of my favorites, on sterling silver.  it was reiki blessed by the seller and gives me strong and positive vibes.  it’s incredibly unique and though i don’t wear it as often as i should it is extremely precious to me and one of the most beautiful pieces i jewelry ring focus.JPGpink stone pendant :: unfortunately i don’t know anything about this piece.  i bought it while living in boston at one of my favorite shops, flock.  i wish that i knew what type of stone this is – if you know, please share!

sarah&chloe monogram pendant :: i’ve definitely talked about this before.  i bought this formyself a few years ago when i was searching for a gold pendant that would rest slightly lower on my chest than my other dainty necklaces.  this piece looks great worn every day with tee shirts or whatever – it’s very versatile.  i love having my monogram on it and i’m glad i splurged to buy myself this special item.

madewell earrings :: these are actually a new purchase over the last few weeks but i am absolutely obsessed.  they are so unique and fun and me.  they feature a studded backing at the top so they are totally secure in my ears, even though they are slightly heavier than i would normally wear.  i love the worn-in brass of madewell jewelry and the great price point.  i definitely recommend.

mermaidbyhand turquoise moon tide pendant :: this stunning necklace features a huge sleeping beauty turquoise slab with a small brass moon gracing the top right corner.  from the colors to the silver and brass elements, i am absolutely in awe of this piece.  i love all of eliza’s jewels, but this is definitely a sacred piece in my collection.  i love having it around, even if it is not on my body. bb jewelry turquoise focus.JPGdrift/riot sunrise cuff bracelet :: this is actually called the sunday girl cuff, but it is a sunrise to me!  made of brass this cuff is incredibly sturdy but dainty at the same time.  it’s such an unexpected shape and style for me – i’m pretty simply when it comes to bracelets – and it reminds me of my love of sunrises and sunsets.  it harnesses the power of the sun for me, and i feel that strength when i wear it.

misshapen evil eye necklace :: oooh i love a good evil eye!  i have had a couple evil eye necklaces in the past, but this one eclipsed them all when i found it.  i love the odd shape of the pendant and the extremely fine chain.  i got this at a boston store called baubles and lace for really cheap and i just love it so much.  it reminds me of living in boston, being with my sister, and all the hard times and the good times.

salt&summit royston turquoise ring :: this is an amazing turquoise ring, featuring a triangular royston turquoise cab.  royston turquoise is my absolute favorite and the shape of this ring is so unique.  i love the bright sterling of the setting and the etchings that surround the stone.  i wasn’t able to wear this for a while because i had to get it sized, but now that i have it again i have had a hard time not wearing it!  it is so unique and simply beautiful.  bb jewelry turquoise rings.jpgroyston turquoise ring :: this ring is extremely special to me.  i bought it quite a few years ago, and actually picked the stone out myself.  however i really didn’t like the setting it was in, and it just didn’t do the stone justice.  i got in touch with eliza of mermaidbyhand and we came up with a design that i was more happy with.  i sent her the ring and she completely reworked it for me.  i am so in love with what we came up with.  it is simple and sturdy and lets you focus on the stone.  i love the green elements in this stone, and the earthly feel it gives.  this is definitely one of my power pieces. bb jewelry 2.jpgso there you go!  these are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry in my collection.  jewelry is incredibly special to me, and i truly love finding and collecting different pieces.  i truly don’t feel like myself if i’m not wearing any jewelry and it is something that makes me feel safe and secure.  jewelry just speaks to me, and i think with these pieces it is clear why.

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2 haircare favorites

babybohemian haircare faves 1.jpg

babybohemian haircare faves 2.jpg

besides mentioning the occasional salt spray, i don’t tend to talk about haircare on here.  the reason for that is that i’m extremely boring and besides the aforementioned salt sprays, i don’t use any special hair products or tools.  i have wavy thick-ish hair that kind of does its own thing and usually looks beachy and messy (emphasis on messy) which i personally love.  thanks hair!

i usually use whatever shampoo/conditioner duo happens to be on sale at walgreen’s or head&shoulders, but i picked up the r+co cactus shampoo two weeks ago and i HAVE to tell you guys about it.  was there really any question about me loving it though?  i am the cactus queen after all!

basically, the cactus shampoo is intended to texturize the hair, bringing out the hair’s natural waves as well as the grit and grip we usually refer to as “second day hair.”  and it does just that.  but it also lathers nicely and actually cleans your hair, which products like this sometimes do not.  like i said, my hair has wave on its own, but this gives me my summer texture and volume even during a dry chicago winter.  did you hear me?? SUMMER HAIR IN THE WINTER!  it’s all i’ve ever wanted in my life.

the cactus shampoo is meant to be used without conditioner, so i just make sure that i’ve brushed my hair before showering and either run a little conditioner throughout my hair before shampooing or some oil on the ends of my hair while it is damp.  also!  this is free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, mineral oil, and petrolatum.  the scent is natural and woody, basically straight out of my hippie heart.  this is the first high-end shampoo that i’ve ever tried and loved enough to repurchase, so i officially give it the cactus queen’s mark (cactus?) of approval.

the second hair product has been mentioned before at some point – probably in a monthly picks if i recall correctly.  it’s the ouai wave spray.  now you guys know i love a good salt spray – my alltime favorite being the herbivore botanicals messy hair.  but i happened to run out of that and read about the ouai wave spray at the same time, so i picked this up in mini size to try it out.  the cool thing about this spray is that it gives you the effects & benefits of salt without containing any.  so no dryness or crunchiness later.  i will say that you have to be careful to not apply too much, but that’s really with any hairspray of this nature.  i spray this on the midlengths to ends of my hair, as well as a few sprays around my crown for volume (lift up the hair to get underneath).  you don’t need much to get that perfectly beachy look, without the side effects.

so there you have it.  cactus and ocean waves, is there anything more baby bohemian than that?!

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