the summer bag edit

it seems like i do “what’s in my bag” posts quite often these days, but they are so fun! ¬†i will never apologize!
bb summer bag edit1.jpgthis canvas and leather bucket bag from teranishi studio is extremely special to me, and one of the most “me” purchases i feel like i’ve made in a long time. ¬†when i saw christine of chrissstttiiine show it in a video and on instagram, i knew it was the bag of my dreams. ¬†it was out of stock for quite a while but i was able to snap it up when it made a brief reappearance last fall. ¬†it’s the perfect every day summer bag – though it does have only a hand/arm strap and not a shoulder strap, i don’t mind it as much as i thought i might. ¬†it carries a ton without feeling too heavy or putting strain on the bag. ¬†i look forward to using this bag for years to come – i know it will only get better with summer bag edit2.jpgon to the stuff:

baggu small pouch wallet

ray-ban wayfarers

sephora compact mirror

nars mini creamy concealer in vanilla

bite beauty lip gloss in rambutan

kosas lipstick in stardust

burt’s bees grapefruit lip balm

herbacin kamille hand lotion

le pen

the dollhouse by fiona davis

hair things

postcardsbb summer bag edit3.jpgso there you go!  a very typical spread for summertime.  and this is really what i had in there Рyou can see in that first picture that i just dumped my bag out hehe.

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the summer bag edit

june picks

bb june picks1.jpgproducts //

auric blends desert night perfume oil after visiting the farmer’s market one saturday i was in my local co-op browsing the essential oil section. ¬†i picked up this perfume oil and took a sniff when an older man asked me what i was checking out. ¬†i shared this beautiful scent with him and we got to talking. ¬†he told me about his work as an aromatherapist as well as some stories from his life, and i told him a little bit about me. ¬†it was a beautiful exchange, he gave me some wisdom that i will cherish forever, and i hope i made his day a little brighter as well. ¬†after he left me i knew i had to get this beautiful perfume oil, to remind me of him, of meeting new friends, and of sharing love and light with as many people as we can on this earth.

monk oil #2 recently renamed “dawn.” ¬†i mentioned this beautiful body oil here, but i had to mention it again. ¬†i have been mixing a little in with my body moisturizer – i’m currently using the alba organica ultra emollient and it’s a new staple for me for sure – soaks in quickly and makes my body softer than ever. ¬†i get the benefits of both products in one and the added benefit of not using this oil up to quickly as it is quite pricey. ¬†the scent is calming and brings me back to center.

primal pit paste i used up my meow meow tweet baking soda-free deodorant and picked this up at the grocery store to replace it. ¬†i think i like this better, probably because of the baking soda which thankfully doesn’t seem to irritate my skin. ¬†nice deodorant, probably not groundbreaking but i like it a lot. ¬†it is easier to rub in than the mmt and doesn’t ball up as some deodorants seem to. ¬†i am still layering it with the ursa major one for extra sweaty days (which are plentiful here in indiana).

mac patentpolish lip pencil in revved up i will admit that i got suckered into buying this, but i am so glad that i did! ¬†i’ve been liking how peaches look on me – usually i’m a light pink lip girl – and the formula is very similar to the clinique intense chubby sticks. ¬†it has the right amount of gloss and sheer color to look simple and not overdone, but it makes me feel a little more put together than usual.

first aid beauty ultra repair intensive lip balm my love affair with fab continues! ¬†i picked this up because i read it is similar to the nuxe reve de miel, a previous favorite that doesn’t have the ingredient list i like to see, and they are pretty much identical. ¬†this has that same somewhat gritty texture that exfoliates and moisturizes the lips at the same time. ¬†it is slightly more solid than the nuxe, but the results are spot on. ¬†it lasts all night and i can still feel it in the morning, which tells me it is really doing it’s job. ¬†if you are looking for a heavy-duty lip product, i recommend checking this out.

garnier micellar water and thayer’s alcohol-free rose witch hazel i have a post coming all about these so i won’t go in depth, but they have been hardcore favorites all month long.

ray ban wayfarers i have had these sunglasses for probably 7 years, wearing them on and off.  this summer they have been the only sunglasses i have liked to wear.  they are sturdy and perfectly molded to my face Рhighly recommend getting your sunglasses adjusted if you can, it makes all the difference.  i can throw them in my bag or in my car without worrying too much.  plus they have small bite marks from when my dog was a puppy so that makes me happy as june picks3.jpgentertainment //

the office Рi have never enjoyed the office.  it makes me sad, to be honest.  but after watching a few episodes with a friend, i got completely sucked in.  i finally see the humor behind it and that it is very sweet, not sad (for the most part).  and obviously i am in full support of jim and pam, just to clear that up.

a new book – i haven’t been reading as much lately as i was the first half of the year, but i just started reading a new book that i can’t not mention. ¬†i got jd salinger: the last interview while in new york and only just had the time to start reading, but i already love it. ¬†salinger is such an enigmatic but iconic figure in american literature and it is so interesting to finally learn about him, but it also makes me feel sad that he was essentially chased and stalked most of his life.

blogs – the opal gray¬†is yet another beauty blog, but there’s something about it that’s extra special. ¬†i believe i found the author on instagram and started reading her blog from there, but honestly i can’t quite remember. ¬†her photography is gorgeous and i really appreciate her product reviews. ¬†now if she would only post more often! ¬†another blog i have added to my daily reading list is free & native. ¬†this one is a different from my usual beauty and fashion blogs, but one that i am needing right now. ¬†free & native is the blog of herbalist and manifestation advisor lacy phillips, and she shares her techniques for more wholesome, free, and intentional living, as well as the people, places, and things inspiring her.

highlights of the month //

moving into my own apartment

starting classes

meeting new people and making new friends

collaboration post with kim and makeupbb june picks2.jpg

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june picks

may picks

bb may picks1.jpgproducts ~~

first aid beauty ultra repair cream //¬†since first trying this over the summer, i seem to always have a tube lying around. ¬†it’s a great moisturizer for dry skin – face, hands, or body – and though i originally tried it as a hand moisturizer, it is intended for the face. ¬†i think it’s a little too heavy for people with combination or oily skin, but this has been my face lotion of choice for the winter and spring. ¬†a great staple and pretty inexpensive. ¬†i’m considering picking up their regular facial moisturizer for summer, so if anyone has any experience with it, let me know!

first aid beauty slow glow gradual self-tanning moisturizer // i am sooo not a fake tanning kind of person. ¬†i admit¬†i dabbled a little during high school – the occasional spray tan or tanning bed for dances (i could kill my younger self) and jergen’s natural glow – but in the last 6-7 years? ¬†absolutely not. ¬†i get pretty good color during the summer with plenty of sunscreen,¬†but during the rest of the year i accept my paleness. ¬†but with the cold weather and constant rain that chicago has been experiencing the past 2 months, i was forced to help out my poor winter skin. ¬†i picked this up at ulta towards the end of april because i love first aid beauty and have been using it one or two nights in a row every two weeks or so or whenever i remember, and it works a charm! ¬†it adds the healthiest glow to my skin without looking fake or over the top. ¬†it doesn’t apply as streakily as other products with careful application and i only find it smells like sunless tanner the tiniest bit – i admit i kind of love it! ¬†you can apply this to your face but i stop before my neck and just add a little extra bronzer the next day.

sheet masks // mentioned here, i’ve been really enjoying using different sheet masks this month. ¬†they kind of freak me out so it took some getting used to, but the effects are kind of ridiculous. ¬†i don’t always see immediate effects from masks that i use, but with these i do. ¬†i tried both of the saturday skin ones, but am much more impressed with¬†the ones i can find at ulta. ¬†leaders is the brand i have been using the most. ¬†they are quite expensive because they are one-use only, but worth it i think!

rimmel santa rose blush // mentioned here, i picked this blush up while at heathrow airport in february. ¬†i think i had heard estee lalonde talk about it at some point, but i can’t honestly remember why i was drawn to it. ¬†it’s a gorgeous light peachy pink with a fine shimmer running through. ¬†it perks up the face nicely but doesn’t look like blush. ¬†hard to explain but it is stunning. ¬†i love it for days when i’m wearing no other makeup. ¬†like i said it is a british product, but you can order it through feel unique if you are interested!

sephora vib purchases // you probably read my round up here – but i am absolutely loving all the products i got during the sephora vib sale. ¬†what are the chances of loving every single thing?! ¬†from the cleanser to the moisturizer, i feel like my skin is better than i ever. ¬†i was considering returning the tata harper illuminating moisturizer because of the insanely high price, but it is such a stunning product i couldn’t let it go. ¬†great purchases all around – i’m pretty proud of myself.

beautycounter citrus mimosa hand cream //¬†a friend gave this to me because she didn’t like it. ¬†i put it aside for almost a year, and then for whatever reason i put it on my nightstand at the end of april. ¬†it’s incredible! ¬†one of the best hand creams i’ve tried.¬† truth be told i don’t love the scent, though it dissipates pretty quickly.¬† unfortunately it is the only scent offered and this is a pretty pricey hand cream ($17), so i’m not sure if i will get around to repurchasing it, but i do love it in the meantime.¬†bb may picks3.jpgmusic, movies, youtube, books ~~

harry styles album // harry is absolutely my dream man, so i knew i was going to love his first solo album. but honestly i am even more taken with it than i expected. ¬†the depth and artistry behind each track is palpable, especially in contrast to what his former band mates are releasing. very eagles, very rock-n-roll. it’s a stunning album all around.

jamestown revival // what took me so long to listen to jamestown revival?  i am a huge folk music fan, so these guys are right up my alley.  they remind me a lot of my favorite gregory alan isakov, but with more upbeat tracks.  my spotify is a very happy place right now!

karima mckimmie // i watched a few of karima’s videos years ago, but never gave her my full attention. ¬†so you might guess that lately, she’s been getting my full attention! ¬†her videos are amazing and her videos are emblematic of the reason i fell in love with youtube beauty videos. ¬†all makeup, none of the changes that other of my favorites seem to be going through.

lauren pence // another youtube fave! ¬†i found her while searching for more eco product-using youtubers. ¬†honestly she sometimes bugs me a little bit – she’s an¬†actress so can get pretty theatrical – but i love her content and her reviews are impeccable.

m train¬†by patti smith // you might remember that i first read m train last summer and loved it. ¬†i decided to give it another go – i much prefer to reread favorite books than search for new ones – and i think i might love it even more this time around. ¬†i feel like i am inside of patti smith’s soul and i feel every single thought she records. ¬†i highly recommend m train, as well as patti’s other works.

desert solitaire by edward abbey // a good friend of mine is a huge edward abbey fan, so i thought i would pick up desert solitaire after hearing such rave reviews. ¬†abbey might not be to everyone’s taste – he is a bit of a john muir type – but right up my alley. ¬†it is incredible to read his experiences in the west when it was¬†still that cowboy land but changing to the tourist attraction we know it to be today. ¬†his words shake me to my core and i wish i could go back to the 60s to help him stop the destruction of our wonderful national parks.

lovesong // i stumbled upon this movie while perusing the newly added section on netflix. ¬†i’m not really sure why i was drawn to it, but i was, and it was the first new movie i’ve watched all the way through in a long time. ¬†it was full of sorrow, but so beautiful and strangely comforting. ¬†it felt like a short story – you don’t have all the details but you don’t need to. ¬†riley keough was so quiet yet so captivating – i felt like i could feel her soul. ¬†i didn’t know that she is lisa marie presley’s daughter and elvis and priscilla’s granddaughter, but now that i know it makes perfect sense as she is practically identical to her mother and grandmother (pre-plastic surgery of course). ¬†it’s a sad film to be sure, but it was beautiful. ¬†oh and i’ve had a crush on ryan eggold since his 90210 days, so there’s that too.lovesong-movie-trailer-images-pics-stills-riley-keough-jena-malone-4.pngand the most important favorite…

baby margot! // my beautiful niece entered the world on may 14, mother’s day! ¬†i was there about 12 hours later to meet this little babe and fell in love. ¬†what is it about babies? ¬†i am so thrilled for my sister and brother-in-law. ¬†and for me! ¬†i’m an aunt! ¬†i can’t wait to watch margot grow and learn and become the incredible little lady that i know she will may picks2.jpg. . .¬†

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may picks

current lovelies

bb current lovelies 1.jpgbb current lovelies 2.jpgmy thich nhat hanh books // i am just a bundle of anxiety these days, resulting from months of living at home with my parents (love them and they are my best friends but oooooooh myyyyyyy), going back to school soon (my stomach just did a somersault), and¬†moving into my own apartment! ¬†don’t get me wrong, everything is good, but little old me is definitely prone to anxiety. ¬†my thich nhat hanh books, the miracle of mindfulness and making space, are helping me focus and come back down to earth. ¬†actually reading in general is helping me accomplish this, i can’t stop at the moment! ¬†my dad and i were having a really nice conversation yesterday morning about being clean and living in a positive environment and i brought up a buddhist concept and he looked at me and was like oh heavens.¬† oh dear dad, i’m sorry your wife and children are all bohemian-inclined!!

loose jeans // be it spring time or laziness, but skinny jeans are just not my steez these days. ¬†i’m living in my comfy denim and i cannot say i’m sorry about it. ¬†my favorites are my 501s (fitted through hips and booty, then straight down) and citizens of humanity¬†liya distressed jeans¬†(boyfriend fit, not sure what exact color i have¬†as i got them randomly on sale), and loft straight crops.¬†plus paired with a fitted long sleeve tee, i feel pretty sexy if i do say so myself.

chain bracelets // i haven’t been much of a jewelry wearer lately, but the other day i threw on some of my dainty chain bracelets and they have been living on my wrist every since. ¬†the arrow one is from madewell a while ago and the little horseshoe i got at a street market in new york.

newish blog reads // anyone else always on the hunt for interesting blogs? ¬†yeah, me too! ¬†some new-to-me favorites i’ve added to my bookmarks include troves and roses and thirteen thoughts. ¬†i’m also back in love with some old favorites, including the anna edit and beauty by kelsey. ¬†i don’t only read beauty blogs, but i’m pretty loyal to my fashion and lifestyle favorites – i don’t stray as often.

spring! // now i am not going to complain because chicago’s winter this year was easy as pie. ¬†i never consider myself much of spring person, i’m usually like let’s just get on to summer please, but with the occassional 60-70 degree days we’ve been getting, baby animals floating about, and trees full of buds and blooms, i am happy as a clam. ¬†of course it’s raining and 40 while i’m writing this, but i’m living for those quick days of bliss that have been popping up more and more frequently. ¬†actually, after surviving that winter from hell that we had in boston a few years ago, springtime is especially sacred to me. ¬†before that winter i never cared about flowers, but now i can’t get enough. ¬†after experiencing that much misery, i am all about the rebirth we get in the spring. ¬†also, happy belated Easter to those that celebrated!

harry styles for rolling stone // ok i don’t know what it is about harry styles but i am seriously in love with him. ¬†oh dear, please don’t leave my blog yet! ¬†i am not one to have celebrity crushes or really keep up with new music, but ever since i went to that one direction concert for my summer internship years ago (yeah i know, how cool is that?!) i have been seriously in love with that kid. ¬†his recent interview with rolling stone was, in a word, refreshing. ¬†i can honestly say that he has a beautiful mind and i was very impressed reading that article and listening to his new music. ¬†i urge you to read, but if you fall in love, i’ve got dibs.

tell me, what’s been keeping you sane lately?

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current lovelies

warm weather bound

tomorrow me and (part of) the fam are headed to one of my favorite places…california, duh! ¬†you know i love a good travel post, so here’s what i’ve got coming along with me >>

makeup:bb warm weather bound makeup.jpgnothing too exciting, but i’m bringing along the usual nars creamy concealer in vanilla, w3ll people bronzer and brightening powders, gabriel eyeshadow in sable, rms swift shadow in tt-73¬†(side note, i haven’t talked about this shadow but it is amazing. ¬†so soft, so beautiful and is glowy instead of shimmery. ¬†i’ve been wearing it every day since purchasing, even with nothing else on my face. ¬†total love), tata harper volumizing lip&cheek in very charming, gressa lip boost in bare, mini bite beauty lipstick in meringue, shu uemera eyelash curlers, real techniques powder and expert face brushes, meow meow tweet baking soda-free lavender deodorant, and ursa major deodorant. ¬†plus some hair twisties and clips, of course.

side note, does deodorant count as makeup or skincare? ¬†probably skincare, but i’m bucking the system as per.

skincare (&liquids):bb warm weather bound skincare.jpgagain, the usual suspects with some fun stuff thrown in. ¬†for example, i got a new sunscreen since my other one is too big for travelling and i’m not comfortable taking it out of its container and exposing it to sunlight. ¬†so: mychelle sun shield, cetaphil lotion, mini trilogy mist, mini trilogy cleansing balm, dr tung’s floss (sexy), maison louis marie no.4 bois de balincourt perfume oil, weleda skin food, go-to face hero, dr. bronner’s hand sanitizer, living libations all seeing eye cream.

and the rest:bb warm weather bound plane bag.jpgthe other stuff in my plane bag includes another of the miss fisher series by kerry greenwood, the bookshop by penelope fitzgerald, and the house at the end of hope street by menna van praag.  just picked up those last two the other day and am really excited to start reading them.  wallet is from minor history, sunglasses from ray-ban, and headphones from bose Рa lovely christmas from my sister quite a few years ago now.

jewelry: bb warm weather bound jewelry.jpgpretty pared down (for me) since i never end up wearing what i pack on trips anyways. tiffany silver bangle (my high school graduation present Рit says dream a little dream), thin gold rings from various etsy shops, gold ball chain that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet, mermaidbyhand (now eliza sloane jewels) abalone ring, beaded earrings that were a gift from my sis, sarah chloe monogram necklace, salt&summit turquoise ring, vintage turquoise flower earrings which were a birthday present a few years ago, gold ear pins from etsy, and anthropologie gold ear jackets that were my birthday present this year.  dude, my family gives me good stuff!

so there you go my lovelies.  what are your travel must-haves?  what am i forgetting?!!

warm weather bound