decor dreams 10 // little details

the-lake-district-interiors-steve-coogan-country-retreat-10.jpgMAG1.jpgtumblr_ofi4wqKMW31rp3cico1_1280.jpg77070ab2bb9ada330a57c50ebfd638f2.jpgMaker-Spaces-Lobster-and-Swan-Desk-1.jpg365efdf13d7771851eabafdbbeb2b2a4.jpg_MG_1947.jpgtumblr_ogfzitBVXB1ravbodo1_1280.jpg8f84a5c8712c12ee17bd1cb4b7c17a45.jpgtumblr_ofoedaHqEw1ravbodo1_1280.jpg7052802dc490957334d440d7787f251e.jpgthe-lake-district-interiors-steve-coogan-country-retreat-13.jpgb8f8bb4cad9d44b3a1f6961b123c56c5.jpgaa20d7ee39cfcf10f84a837d78d7960e.jpgtumblr_of9glpkKuv1ravbodo1_1280.jpg073fe3a9ea21de66d9381c423128d4f9.jpgHandmade-pallet-shelf-1.jpgbe173947e0cb356260097b1a7ee3c9b0Rachel-Ashwell-The-World-of-Shabby-Chic-book-3.jpgb59c6d96ee8bf8014e5139e652d3b93b.jpgLife-Unstyled-by-Emily-Henson-7.jpgf6fa77a74711821cd02bd012086ec3dbc1d7c9cfcf8ef840cece6ddf438ba5f8.jpgvia lobster & swan, pinterest, sf girl by bay, slufoot


british beauty

IMG_4346.jpgthanks to all my favorite british beauty bloggers and vloggers, including but not limited to anna of the anna edit (formerly vivianna does makeup), estee lalonde, amelia liana, and suzie of hello october, i have had a lengthy british cosmetics wish list for quite some time (read: years).  so when i was finally able to high-tail it to boots (thanks to my dad for understanding that he should leave alone for this event), i can ecstatically say that i found everything on my list.  and almost peed my pants with excitement every time i wandered into a new aisle.  so here’s what i got my little paws on…
IMG_4348 (1).jpgmaybelline color tattoo in creme de rose – credit to suzie on this one.  we can get these cream shadows in the states, but not in this color and i have had my eyes on this mac painterly dupe for quite some time.

maybelline color stay 7-day nail polish – credit to amelia.  she has spoken on these polishes many a time, and usually has them on, so i have wanted to grab a couple shades for probably a year now.  upon arriving home i immediately put on ___ and the application was excellent.  i’ll let you know about that whole 7-day thing.

l’oreal d’huile nail polish – credit again goes to amelia.  that girl knows her nail polish!

barry m nail polish – specifically the shade eat my dust.  credit to anna on this one.  she loves a good pastel light blue polish, so i definitely trust her opinion, and when she wore this one for the whole of summer 2015, it went on the list as well.  *also i am so glad i had plenty of room in my liquids bag for all these nail polish bottles!!

bourjois 123 cc cream – credit goes to estee for this guy.  a pale skin friend, estee loves a light, luminious base and has mentioned the bourjois foundations, and this product specifically for years.  i got the lightest shade, which has a nice neutral undertone.  i was pleased that it didn’t appear to much on the yellow side.  i have only tested a little of this, but it beautifully evens out my skin tone without being cakey or drying or too heavy.

soap and glory solar powder bronzer – this is the originally item that went on my wishlist, thanks to anna and lily pebbles.  i even got a back up of this because i was that excited.  this is a beautiful, light bronzer that has a light sheen and shimmer to it.  it appears to be similar to the physician’s formula butter bronzer, but obviously better because it has all that british hype!  we can get soap & glory in the states, including some of their powder products, but not this specific item.

l’oreal eye shadow – specifically shade 201.  big thanks to amelia, again.  we have these in the states now, but i think the shade range is different and honestly i wanted to get the original just because.  these are kind of like a pressed pigment but not as hard to work with, and just all around a really beautiful sheeny shadow.

maybelline color drama lip pencil – shade nude perfection.  for the little time that i was avidly following stephanie of cocochic, i knew that i had to have this.  it’s a matte lip pencil similar to the nars velvet mattes, and this is a really nice peachy sort of nude.

collection concealer – ok i can’t even credit this to one specific person.  maybe barbara of the persian babe in particular?  this is like the concealer of the uk, and obviously i had to have it.  i got the shade fair, and while this does oxodize a bit, i think it is going to be a firm favorite.  i’ll let you know! (not pictured because i’ve put this away until i finish my current concealer)

sleek face palette – i think it’s back to amelia on this one.  i got the bronzer, highlighter, and blush palette.  the bronzer reminds me of benefit’s hoola and the blush of nars orgasm.  plus its so sleek, if you’ll excuse the pun!!

ok that finishes up this ridiculously long list!  i needed absolutely 0% of these products, but after wanting them for so long, i couldn’t convince myself to not buy any of these.  british drugstores, boot’s in particular, just seem so cool and well done, and the products truly are amazing.  cvs, walgreen’s, and duane reade actually seem like crap in comparison, but i’m sure it’s just cause that’s what i know and go to.  yayyyyy!

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