december & january picks

i didn't do a december picks in 2017 in favor of my 2017 discoveries post, but there were a lot of products that i got into at the end of the year.  so december and january picks it is!  as everyone else in the world has been saying, january was a ridiculously long and grey... Continue Reading →

channeling summer…

and mimi elashiry and the desert and freedom and high vibes and...via pinterest, free people, tendances de mode . . . follow me: instagram // pinterest // bloglovin’

2 haircare favorites

besides mentioning the occasional salt spray, i don't tend to talk about haircare on here.  the reason for that is that i'm extremely boring and besides the aforementioned salt sprays, i don't use any special hair products or tools.  i have wavy thick-ish hair that kind of does its own thing and usually looks beachy... Continue Reading →

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