a sunday story

// on my agenda today //coffee for hours in bed, while: // binging on one of my favorite blogs, waiting for saturday.  they haven't posted in over a year, but i haven't browsed in a while, so even the old posts feel new.  still waiting for a return, however. // watching matilda's videos, for the... Continue Reading →

in the moment

for a few minutes this morning, i sat outside.  i made my coffee, and when i went to let the dogs out for the eighth time, i went with them.  i felt the cold salt air perking up my senses, i watched a lone seagull make figure eights in the grey sky, and i listened to the... Continue Reading →

blog spotlight: waiting for saturday

waiting for saturday is one of my long time favorite blogs.  i stopped reading it for a few months unintentionally, but now we are back on in full force.  i even tried to work there last year (they were too small to take me on but i had a great conversation with the founders).  it is... Continue Reading →

overalls & coffee dates

isn't spring wonderful?  i feel like in my rush to get to summer, i forget the beauty of spring.  i think it's the changes in nature that i love so much - it reminds me just how much we owe to mother nature and her wonderful powers.  happy easter to everyone celebrating.  enjoy your weekends,... Continue Reading →

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