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april picks >>

IMG_3982.jpgpf candle co candles in gardenia&coconut and fig&sandalwood just my favorite candles ever.  the scents are not too strong but just right (they take about an hour of burning to become present) and look so pretty.  i like to burn these together actually.  sadly gardenia&coconut has been discontinued, but i’m sure i will fall in love with another one of their scents as a replacement.

rms living luminizer i mentioned this in my post on my natural beauty picks so i won’t go too into detail.  but this is a beautiful natural glow giver that i wouldn’t really say qualifies as a “highlighter” – it really is a luminizer.

physician’s formula butter bronzer in bronzer smells so delicious and looks very natural.  one of my favorite bronzers i’ve ever used.  it has a hint of shimmer for a natural glow but it’s not visible shimmer, if that makes sense.

nars impassioned blush i was never a blush person.  i never understood the point of it and always thought it looked too fussy/was too much makeup.  and even though i have tried a few blushes in the past, i was never wowed and quickly forgot about them.  but then i saw nars new-ish blush called impassioned.  it’s a very light dusty pink with blue undertones (much lighter than it appears in this picture), but is actually pretty pigmented when on the cheeks – maybe it reacts to your body chemistry a little bit?  i feel like it does.  it’s just the prettiest most subtle flush of matte color, which looks very natural but really brightens the face.  ok, i get blush now!

pore cleansing pad i got mine at sephora cause it’s the only place i’ve seen them, but i am positive you can find a cheaper alternative (this was $6).  with the acne products i’m using i’m really not supposed to be using anything exfoliating, so this is a great gentle way to get rid of that top layer of dead skin, etc.  i can’t stress how gentle this really is – i use it once or twice a week with my normal face wash and it just feels like it really gives me a good cleanse.

byredo gypsy water as i mentioned in my natural beauty post, i’m not a fragrance person, but i absolutely love sandalwood and amber, which i use in oil form.  over the past month, i’ve been using up a couple samples i had of byredo’s gypsy water perfume.  i absolutely fell in love with this fragrance.  it is so light, perfect for a nonperfume wearer, has the woodsy, masculine touches that i like, and features my favorite sandalwood and amber scents (side note, it goes great with the oil i’ve mentioned).  i was in boston last week and i actually bought myself a full size bottle of this.  it was extremely costly, but since i’ve been wearing my samples every day for a month, i think it was a safe bet.  the first fancy perfume i’ve ever purchased for myself!  more professional details can be found here.

acure triple moisture shampoo and conditioner – sulfate free, paraben free, cruelty free, vegan, and more.  doesn’t leave my hair tangled or rough the way some sulfate free hair products do.  plus the bottles are really fun to read.  i really love how this treats my hair.  not pictured because i didn’t want to get my bed all wet!

very old your neighbors sweater purchased at urban outfitters a couple years ago.  my version of a fisherman sweaters.  men’s, of course!  not pictured because it was in the washing machine, apologies.

patti smith m train i found my copy at a free library at my local health food store.  it’s actually just a manuscript version, which i am very excited about.  this was such a beautiful book, i really took my time reading it and i’m glad i picked it out of that pile.  definitely a prized possession for me.  the way she softly tells a chronological story but keeps remembering different times in her life is incredible.  i just started her previous memoir, just kids, and i’m already loving it.

unbreakable kimmy schmidt – my friend forced me to watch this (i have seen the first episode about 7 times and have never been into it) and i’m so glad she did.  this show is just too cute and so easy to watch.  plus it’s so wholesome which is kind of a nice change from all the 50 shades of porn shit we have to watch on a daily basis on every single channel.  if you have netflix, this is a must see.

the lumineers cleopatra i think this is their newest album –  i’m not sure cause i don’t stay very up to date (i really thought that was one word) with music releases.  i absolutely love the lumineers and this album is no exception.  ALSO if you have pandora, check out the “contemporary folk” station.  it features a lot of lumineers, gregory alan isakov, ray lamontagne, and other similar musicians – so basically it’s the best ever.  i’m listening to it right now.

moleskine agenda – now that i’m back at work, this has been a lifesaver.  i have the one that features the days of the week on the left pages and a blank page for notes on the right pages.  it is the perfect place for all my to-do’s and also any thoughts i have or things i want to remember.  plus it’s a good size and easy to slip into a purse or backpack.

+my image, please credit if using.  also my weleda lip balm is thrown in there just cause it’s a constant favorite and i was putting it on while taking these pictures.

the mean reds

IMG_3256 (2).jpgi’m so damn depressed about my acne-riddled skin – i know, stop being so shallow.  i’ve been super patient and ok with it for months, 8 to be precise, but now i’m in a slump.  today i’m babying myself and surrounding myself with some good goods:

my favorite sweater and old, ripped, j brand jeans

making the rest of my skin soft and smooth with a scrub and an oil

a good candle

bright nail polish

a good read

a trashy watch

a shopping session with mom

how do you make yourself feel better when you’re down?

> my image, please credit if taking.

material concerns pt 2: newish stuff

image.jpeg(accumulated over the past month)

wet-n-wild megalast lip color in spiked with rum and ravin’ raisin // really good matte lipsticks and so cheap!

sephora matte lip cream in shade 13 marvelous mauve // a great entrylevel matte liquid lipstick, great bold-but-not-too-bold color, great price point

neutrogena mineral sheers powder foundation in shade 10 classic ivory // great for added coverage and setting foundation/concealer, plus i really trust neutrogena as a brand

covergirl full lash bloom mascara // i saw this when i was hunting down my beloved lash blast length.  it’s not the same, but i do like it and am giving it a fair go.

milani lash trifecta // i picked this up on a whim (see above) on my way out of walgreen’s – i think it’s new?  surprisingly, i actually really like it!  it’s less natural than i would usually go for, but it lengthens and makes really pretty, fluttery lashes.  since i don’t curl my lashes, i like the bit of lift this gives.

essie starry starry night // i thought all of these were sold out when i found a few bottles at my walgreen’s!  this is a rerelease of one of essie’s most famous shades from the 80s. the original contained diamond dust with denser sparkle and was darker, but the rerelease is still beautiful.  here’s a great post explaining the differences.

essie peak show // i basically pick up every opaque white-pink nail polish i see on a hunt for the perfect one.  i have a post coming with more specifics.

madewell denim sunday shirtdress //  i got a gift card to madewell for christmas and have been saving it for just the right purchase.  i went to the mall in search of a dress to wear with tights for a work thing coming up, and i couldn’t leave without this!  it fits like a dream, is a little swingy, and hits at a nice place on my legs.  it will look amazing with black tights and my favorite black booties.

brandy melville for nordstrom bobbie knit // on my search for the dress above, i popped into my mall’s nordstrom and headed towards bp.  i noticed that there was actually a brandy melville section in my bp, which was really surprising to me.  i don’t usually shop at brandy – i liked to go when i lived in boston but never really bought anything – i hate that it’s one size cause a) i like everything oversized and b) that’s just absurd.  however, this is the softest, best fitting shirt EVER.  it’s loose and swingy and a little bit long, and has the sexiest deep v.  love.

the vacationers by emma straub // i’ve been wanting to pick this book up since summer 2014, and i finally got around to it.  i’m half way through and enjoying it – it’s nothing crazy or sophisticated, but so far it’s an entertaining read.

brain on fire: my month of madness by susannah cahalan // i am so excited to read this.  since dealing with my own mental health (hate that term) issues, i’ve found it very interesting and compelling to read and learn more about this subject.  this is about the author’s experience with a mental breakdown at 24 years old.  it’s also being turned into a movie, so i’m interested in what that will be like.  keep you posted.

> my image, please credit if taking