decor dreams 19: products included

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decor dreams 19: products included

april picks

oh april, you were a hell of a month. ¬†here’s to longer days, brighter skies, and sunnier dispositions!bb april picks1.jpgproducts & brands //

too faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer // so you may or may not remember that i recently got rid of a bunch of my bronzers, including benefit hoola in favor of my w3ll people bio bronzer. ¬†i think i even said it was the only bronzer i ever needed, so obviously i jinxed myself. ¬†anyways, soon after that, i found myself missing hoola in the worst way. ¬†the color, the formula, the ease…all things that the bio bronzer just doesn’t have, though i still love it, don’t get me wrong! ¬†i knew i didn’t want to go back to hoola because of the shit ingredients it contains (all the parabens, like really?!), so i went to ulta one day in search of a dupe. ¬†actually the first one i swatched next to hoola was the too faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer and it is spot on! ¬†seriously, they are identical. ¬†you would think¬†the milk chocolate shade would be better for my fair skin, but i find that i can handle medium toned bronzers (with a light hand) because the tones are usually a touch more cool or red. ¬†oh and the too faced, while not completely clean by any means, has far better ingredients and i don’t feel afraid to put it on my face. ¬†the pigmentation is insane and i know it’s going to last me a very long time, plus the packaging is lightyears better than that stupid benefit box.

bare minerals // bare minerals is a brand that has always been quite special to me. ¬†i’ve mentioned it many times, but it was the first makeup that i really ever wore, and have continued to do so for the past 8 years. ¬†i mentioned my discovery of their concealer here, but i recently went back to an old favorite – the flawless definition mascara. ¬†this is the first high end mascara that i ever bought, and i wore it all throughout high school and college. ¬†i strayed as i started to get more and more into makeup, but having struggled to find a good mascara over the last couple years, i finally decided to go back to this. ¬†it is truly the best. ¬†it lengthens and volumizes, making¬†my lashes look super defined and perky. ¬†it’s also hypoallergenic and ingredient-conscious, so it ticks even more boxes for me. ¬†i’m soooo happy to have this back in my life and kicking myself for wasting time, money, and energy looking for something better. ¬†bb april picks3.jpgtarget bronzer brush // i have been on the hunt for a kabuki-style bronzer brush for a weirdly long time. ¬†i just haven’t been loving my usual bronzer brushes – i rotate between the sephora large powder brush, the real techniques powder brush, and the mac 187 – but also didn’t want one of those super insanely dense bronzer brushes that feel like they are moving your face skin. ¬†and then the other day i was at target doing some shopping for my new apartment (!!!!!!!!!!!), and i walked by this long-handled kabuki bronzer brush. ¬†it was love at first sight, both because of the handle and because i could tell it was dense but not too dense.¬† and it’s the perfect brush. ¬†bronzer or blush, this applies the perfect amount and blends out the powder seamlessly, while requiring a very small amount of product. ¬†it’s the perfect density¬†and extremely soft, plus no shedding as of yet. ¬†i love using the side of it for more precise application and then the full brush head¬†for gently blending out. ¬†i do think there’s a bit of a learning curve because of the tightly packed bristles, even though it’s not too dense you still want to be rather gentle if that makes sense. ¬†if you’re in a similar predicament, i definitely recommend this guy, all for $ april picks5.jpgmarc jacobs brow wow eyebrow pencil in medium brown¬†// i am the laziest when it comes to my eyebrows. ¬†i buy products with big ideas about fixing these babies up, but i just can’t be bothered and i don’t ever want to look like my eyebrows are “done.” ¬†i will say that i have pretty full brows, but i have some patches that i would like to be a little more full. ¬†sam of samathome518 was gushing over the marc jacobs eyebrow pencil a few months back, so i promptly went to sephora to test it out. ¬†i love this because the color is the perfect ashy brown, no red in sight, and it is not overly pigmented in a good way, so that my brows never look obviously filled in or have brush strokes or anything like that. ¬†i’m really pleased with it and i actually find myself reaching for it most days, which is a real testament to its subtleties! ¬†i do a couple strokes in the front and i’m good to go.

colourpop // i won’t go into much detail here because you will most likely have read this post, but i have been loving my colourpop goodies this month. ¬†i definitely got more basics than anything, but their products are unique and fun and so ridiculously affordable. ¬†such a fun way to get some things you wouldn’t normally splurge on for less than a drugstore eyeshadow or blush. ¬†on that note, why is drugstore makeup so insanely expensive these days? ¬†i find it truly april picks6.jpgcleansing with cleansing oil¬†// i have recently gotten into¬†using oil cleanser to wash my face and i am never going back. ¬†i had a sample size of the little barn apothecary blue yarrow and geranium cleansing oil¬†and have been making my way through it over the month. ¬†my skin did go through a purging process, mostly little bumps around my chin, but nothing too bad or noteworthy (this is normal for the switch over to oil cleansing). ¬†my skin feels more moisturized and supple and i think this is dry skin people’s secret weapon! ¬†i don’t think i will repurchase this particular oil cleanser, but it has been a nice entry product. ¬†i picked up the biossance squalane and antioxidant cleansing oil during the sephora vib sale so i will keep you posted on how that goes.

desert essence whitening plus mouthwash with tea tree oil // for as much as i am on this natural product journey, i will be honest in that i don’t see myself switching my toothpaste anytime soon. ¬†it has kept me in good shape my whole life, so i don’t want to mess with that! ¬†but i have struggled with a good whitening product over the years. ¬†i don’t know if i have sensitive teeth necessarily, but i find things like white strips to be too harsh (and honestly they kind of scare me). ¬†i have enjoyed the colgate whitening mouthwash for a few years, but that too leaves me feeling sensitive. ¬†mercedes of l’amour et la musique has spoken about the desert essence whitening mouthwash over the years, so i thought i would check it out. ¬†and actually this has been a favorite over the past few months, because i just started my second container! ¬†it’s so gentle, fresh, and refreshing, and i actually look forward to using it. ¬†my smile is brighter, my teeth feel cleaner, and my mind is at april picks4.jpgnails inc nailkale base coat // i mentioned this in my nail polish roundup, but i had yet to try it at that point. ¬†i’ve since used it 3 times and i can honestly say it’s so much better than opi nail¬†envy. ¬†i’m wearing it alone right now for a bit of shine but it’s also a perfect base coat under nail polish. ¬†my nails feel extremely strong and my nail polish is lasting pretty well.

people //

katie jane hughes // where have i been when it comes to kjh? ¬†her instagram, her youtube videos, her work – she is an incredible makeup artist that is fully responsible for the glossy eye trend. ¬† tamira jarrel mentioned her in her most recent video, and i immediately hopped on instagram and then sat scrolling through her looks for an hour. ¬†she’s just so cool and her looks are funky and refreshing, but also wearable in some way. ¬†highly recommend checking her out for some fresh, unique inspiration.katiejanehughes instagram.pngjenn rogers // i’ve been following jenn on youtube for a while now, and she is such a breath of fresh air in the craziness that is the youtube community. ¬†i love her morning chats – in which she sits down, gets ready for her day, and shares things going on or interesting or thought-provoking – but this month it was her 10 for 10 challenge that got me hooked. ¬†pretty self explanatory, she chose 10 items to create 10 outfits for 10 days, but i loved hearing her thoughts behind the pieces and what she realized about them throughout the challenge. ¬†a nice push to do some spring cleaning, as well.

etc. // 

shetland // i’m always on the hunt for a new show. ¬†people recommend them to me all the time, but i usually am not interested in whatever mainstream sagas are popular – pretty little liars excluded. ¬†i found shetland while perusing netflix, it’s a bbc murder mystery so basically i don’t need to say anything more, do i? ¬†but in all honesty it’s a fabulous show – the perfect balance of creepy and gripping, with a little humor thrown in at the perfect moments. ¬†the seasons are short, but they vary greatly in story lines and even the way the episodes are set up. ¬†most of the stories are drawn out over 2 episodes, with the last season being 6 episodes of the same storyline.¬† plus shetland reminds me so much of my beloved nantucket, both the good and the bad to be honest. ¬†i watched all the episodes in a matter of days but i’m definitely going to look out for the fourth season and rewatch the ones on netflix. ¬†creature of habit, ok?

apartment shopping // i’ve mentioned my news here and there, but at the beginning of june i will officially begin¬†graduate school to get my teaching degree. ¬†and, very excitingly, i’m going to have my own place fiiiiinally. ¬†it’s this lovely little nest with white walls and lots of light, so you can imagine how thrilled i am. ¬†mom and i have been making a ton of target, world market, and homegoods trips picking up all the necessities, plus some furniture shopping here and there. ¬†my dad got me a sofa in this amazing army green (favorite color) and i am over the moon excited. ¬†it’s so fun to actually put all my ideas to work, and to imagine what my very own little home is going to look like. ¬†you will be seeing many a photo, prepare yourselves. ¬†pictured above are a soap/trinket dish and toothbrush holder from world market. ¬†bb april picks2.jpg

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april picks