fashion month favorites

i’m not doing a roundup for each fashion week this year, but i still wanted to share some of my favorite looks from fashion month. ¬†most of them are lucy williams, as per usual.¬† some trends i’m seeing include satins and silks, plaid and checked slightly oversized blazers, and vintage denim continuing to be a staple (yes!!).¬† i’m loving the mixture of layers and textures that we are seeing right now – it makes it easy to incorporate more pieces into your fall wardrobe that you might not have considered transitional.¬†Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Fashion-Week-Outfits-September-2017-19.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-270-1-1800x1200.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-266-1-1800x2700.jpgLucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Fashion-Week-Outfits-September-2017-7.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-8-1800x1200.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-245-1-1800x2700.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-197-1800x2700.jpgLucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Fashion-Week-Outfits-September-2017-10.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-7-1-1800x2700.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-53-2-1800x2700.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-175-1-1800x2700.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-96-2-1800x2700.jpgAimee_song_of_style_Tibi_blazer_Jbrand_jeans_manolo_blahnik_pumps_white_tshirt.jpgLucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Fashion-Week-Outfits-September-2017-30.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-250-1800x2700.jpgNYFW-SS18-New_York_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-224-1800x2700.jpgAimee_song_of_style_MSGM_pink_blazer_nike_cortez_celine_bag.jpgvia song of style, fashion me now, collage vintage

fashion month favorites

current lovelies

bb current lovelies 1.jpgbb current lovelies 2.jpgmy thich nhat hanh books // i am just a bundle of anxiety these days, resulting from months of living at home with my parents (love them and they are my best friends but oooooooh myyyyyyy), going back to school soon (my stomach just did a somersault), and¬†moving into my own apartment! ¬†don’t get me wrong, everything is good, but little old me is definitely prone to anxiety. ¬†my thich nhat hanh books, the miracle of mindfulness and making space, are helping me focus and come back down to earth. ¬†actually reading in general is helping me accomplish this, i can’t stop at the moment! ¬†my dad and i were having a really nice conversation yesterday morning about being clean and living in a positive environment and i brought up a buddhist concept and he looked at me and was like oh heavens.¬† oh dear dad, i’m sorry your wife and children are all bohemian-inclined!!

loose jeans // be it spring time or laziness, but skinny jeans are just not my steez these days. ¬†i’m living in my comfy denim and i cannot say i’m sorry about it. ¬†my favorites are my 501s (fitted through hips and booty, then straight down) and citizens of humanity¬†liya distressed jeans¬†(boyfriend fit, not sure what exact color i have¬†as i got them randomly on sale), and loft straight crops.¬†plus paired with a fitted long sleeve tee, i feel pretty sexy if i do say so myself.

chain bracelets // i haven’t been much of a jewelry wearer lately, but the other day i threw on some of my dainty chain bracelets and they have been living on my wrist every since. ¬†the arrow one is from madewell a while ago and the little horseshoe i got at a street market in new york.

newish blog reads // anyone else always on the hunt for interesting blogs? ¬†yeah, me too! ¬†some new-to-me favorites i’ve added to my bookmarks include troves and roses and thirteen thoughts. ¬†i’m also back in love with some old favorites, including the anna edit and beauty by kelsey. ¬†i don’t only read beauty blogs, but i’m pretty loyal to my fashion and lifestyle favorites – i don’t stray as often.

spring! // now i am not going to complain because chicago’s winter this year was easy as pie. ¬†i never consider myself much of spring person, i’m usually like let’s just get on to summer please, but with the occassional 60-70 degree days we’ve been getting, baby animals floating about, and trees full of buds and blooms, i am happy as a clam. ¬†of course it’s raining and 40 while i’m writing this, but i’m living for those quick days of bliss that have been popping up more and more frequently. ¬†actually, after surviving that winter from hell that we had in boston a few years ago, springtime is especially sacred to me. ¬†before that winter i never cared about flowers, but now i can’t get enough. ¬†after experiencing that much misery, i am all about the rebirth we get in the spring. ¬†also, happy belated Easter to those that celebrated!

harry styles for rolling stone // ok i don’t know what it is about harry styles but i am seriously in love with him. ¬†oh dear, please don’t leave my blog yet! ¬†i am not one to have celebrity crushes or really keep up with new music, but ever since i went to that one direction concert for my summer internship years ago (yeah i know, how cool is that?!) i have been seriously in love with that kid. ¬†his recent interview with rolling stone was, in a word, refreshing. ¬†i can honestly say that he has a beautiful mind and i was very impressed reading that article and listening to his new music. ¬†i urge you to read, but if you fall in love, i’ve got dibs.

tell me, what’s been keeping you sane lately?

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current lovelies