the student teaching essentials

i’ve mentioned here and there that i am now student teaching full time...and that requires a lot of supplies, let me tell you.  aside from all the actual classroom essentials, which include the catcher in the rye, my notebook, and my school laptop, i like to have a whole set of items and products that... Continue Reading →

makeup for a minimalist: the vanity

aka my desk.  everything i keep out for daily use and easy access... top drawer: base //  becca backlight priming filter ilia sheer vivid tinted moisturizer in t2, usually mixed with glossier perfecting skin tint in medium tarte shape tape in fair beige - glossier stretch concealer in light hourglass ambient lighting bronzer in diffused... Continue Reading →

available skincare

while i used to love ordering skincare online or going to be more niche stores (sephora, beautylish, etc.), i am feeling quite over that at the moment*.  maybe because i'm back to being a broke student and maybe because i'm no longer living in an area where i have access to those stores.  for something... Continue Reading →

cool with colourpop

spoiler alert: i was a naughty blogger and played with all of these before taking any pictures, so they already look well-loved!after a year of wanting to, i've finally gotten some colourpop items into my life!  if you don't know, colourpop is a los angeles-based, american-made cosmetics company that boasts an incredible product range at... Continue Reading →

december picks //

picture my dad singing "these are a few of my favorite things..." in the background, as he was doing while i was taking my photos  😉 shu uemera eyelash curlers - ok i finally caved and jumped on the bandwagon, and man i am never turning back.  i thought my tarte curlers were good, but now i'm... Continue Reading →

mfam: natural-looking lashes

have you missed my makeup for a minimalist series?  me too! tarte lash curlers // i bought these at sephora last year because they had an offer on them (they still do - click the link), but didn't really see the point of them so put them away.  a few days ago, for whatever reason, i... Continue Reading →

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