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oh august, the sunday of summer…bb august pics1elizabeth arden 8 hour cream // something you may not know about me is that i interned at elizabeth arden when i was in college.  i can honestly say it’s where my love of beauty came from, and i look back on that experience fondly (for the most part).  i haven’t used 8 hour cream since then, but i couldn’t resist this cutie cute special edition tube that i saw at macy’s.  the smell is sooooo nostalgic to me and this is such a nice all around product.  i’ve been wearing it on my lips, on my eyelids, on my cheekbones, a little bit in my brows, on cuts and scrapes…it truly is a miracle product.

herbacin kamille hand cream // to be quite honest, i randomly grabbed this while at the grocery store and in need of hand lotion.  it’s a nice jelly type formula that sinks into the skin incredibly fast and leaves almost a matte finish on the hands.  sounds weird, but it is very beneficial when talking about hand lotion.  the smell is honestly groooooss, it smells like public restroom soap, but i make it work cause this lotion is pretty dope.

pixi glow tonic // i have previously used the pixi glow tonic pads, but i am having much more success with the actual tonic.  it’s probably because i am using it regularly every night, but whatever the reason i am loving this product the second time around.  the actual bottle allows me to use just a little bit and is lasting me a very long time.  this is the perfect gentle exfoliant for sensitive and dry skin and i can tell that my skin is more even toned and perfected than usual.

real techniques deluxe crease brush // i’ve had this brush for a very long time and have only recently found a use for it.  i don’t know what made me use it for concealer, but i did and it is the perfect brush for patting in concealer on blemishes.  it doesn’t mess with the coverage of the concealer or make it look cakey, it just speeds up the process of patting concealer in. bb august picks2sephora bright future gel serum concealer in parfait // i recently mentioned this concealer in this post and also mentioned it all last summer.  this is my go to summer concealer because of the extensive shade range and the creamy, hydrating formula.  it has great coverage for blemishes and is so hydrating that i’m sure it would be great under the eyes as well.  even around the face i find it blends into my skin beautifully without looking cakey or overdone.  also they changed the applicator – it was previously a weird, hard oval (i don’t even know what this means but it sounds bad) that you couldn’t swipe across the skin – to a slanted doe foot that is very easy to use.

wet-n-wild eye shadow in nutty // a few months ago, i read about this eye shadow here and then went on a hunt to find it, only to realize that it is impossible to find and i could only get it on ebay (except now it is apparently available at!?!?!?!).  i forgot about the shadow and went on my way, as you do.  then this month, while visiting my parents on an extremely small island with a little pharmacy that hardly ever gets good makeup, i found two of them, just sitting there, waiting for me.  this shadow is absolutely gorgeous, so pigmented as wet-n-wild shadows always are, and the perfect cool-toned but warm-toned browny taupe.  it’s .99 cents so honestly if you can find it, buy the lot.

neutrogena nourishing eye liner in spiced chocolate // i hardly ever wear eyeliner, but my makeup look for august has been clean, dewey skin with a thin line of warm shimmery brown eyeliner and curled lashes.  this eyeliner from neutrogena is the perfect slightly shimmery warm brown that blends easily but stays put all day.  the formula of this eyeliner is quite ideal, and i really like how small the nib of the product is.  if you are looking for a liner that is similar to mac teddy (at least in my mind this is), i recommend neutrogena spiced chocolate.
bb august picks3collecting magazine inspiration // i have a looooooooot of old magazines at my parents’ house.  well not anymore because i’ve recycled them all, but before i did that i went through every single one and ripped out the pages that inspired me the most.  i’m not sure what i am going to do with them – i’m considering doing a collage wall in my bedroom and i just recovered my planner with some favorite images – but honestly i’m just enjoying perusing them.  it’s almost like my very own magazine filled with every single item that i actually want to see.  i don’t buy magazines as frequently anymore, so i’m loving going through the pages and seeing them as if they are new.

target notebook with sharpie pens and le pens // i got this notebook for about $3 at target at the beginning of the summer and it has become my constant companion!  from lists to doodles to schedules, pretty much every detail of my summer is present here.  sharpie pens and le pens are my absolute favorites for clear writing and working on fun lettering.

full coverage podcast // as you know i have been absolutely loving harriet hadfield of harry makes it up this summer, so it was only a matter of time before i started listening to her podcast.  she and her cohost, lindsey kelk, are absolutely adorable and such a pleasure to listen to.  each episode is, of course, about beauty and skincare but with a specific theme and the occasional special guest.  it’s relaxing but also stimulating to listen to, so i’ve been playing it while cleaning the house or driving long distances.  i think i’m a podcast convert now.

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glowy skin: cause summer ain’t over just yet

glowy summer skin.jpgprep // after doing your morning skincare, which these days involves a few drops of hyaluronic acid mixed with one drop of various face oils for me, apply your sunscreen.  give it a few minutes to soak in and go back in with a spritz of hydrating toner like the evan healy lavender hydrosoul (shocker) and an illuminating primer that will give you both hydration and radiance.  i chose the tata harper illuminating moisturizer, but anything with a touch of radiance will do.

base // follow with a sheer and glowing base, like the l’oreal lumi cushion foundation.  this is not really a “foundation” in my opinion, but is a step up from something like the glossier perfecting skin tint.  it evens out the skin tone while letting the natural skin show through and gives the complexion a beautiful glow.  add concealer where needed, opting for something equally hydrating, like the sephora bright future gel serum concealer.  this is my favorite for summer because of the exceptional shade range and price point, AND they finally changed the dumb applicator!  it now has a really nice slanted doe foot.  a cream blush and highlighter, like the rms lip2cheek in vogue rose and living luminizer, on the cheeks and cheekbones respectively will add to the glow and overall health of the look.  i usually use peachier blushes because they are natural and subtle looking, but whatever works for you!  this limited edition rms shade (i highly recommend grabbing it before it’s gone) gives the perfect sunkissed effect.

eyes & lips // this look is really more about the complexion, so opt for something simple on the eyes and lips.  i usually slap on a little elizabeth arden 8 hour cream on the lips and use whatever is left on my finger to pat onto the eye lids.  follow with a light layer of black mascara, mostly on the roots of the lashes, for some oomph and maybe another spritz of hydrating mist.

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june favorites //

olsens anonymous blog
when i first got into reading blogs, this was one of my favorites to check daily.  somehow i fell out of love with it and stopped checking it, until a few weeks ago.  now i can’t believe that i ever stopped reading it.  the olsens are a major source of inspiration for me, so i love a blog that is entirely dedicated to mary-kate and ashley, with a little bit of elizabeth thrown in there too.

drift/riot signet ring (not pictured because i forgot to take it off 😉 ) when i was in high school my mom gave me a little signet ring that used to be hers when she was my age.  i wore it every single day for years until it disappeared one day after i took it off to get it cleaned – sadly i think it got thrown away.  i was devastated, and have since been on the hunt for something similar to fill that void.  i happened upon drift/riot via shop anomie one day and added their sterling silver signet ring to my shopping cart immediately.  the ring is the perfect size and shape and i haven’t taken it off since it arrived in the mail in early june.  though i wish that it was gold – i wasn’t interested in their gold fill just in case it tarnishes over time – it really is exactly what i wanted.  the finish looks brushed online, but in real life it is perfectly shiny and of very high quality and craftsmanship.

elizabeth arden 8 hour cream intensive moisturizing treatment  i’ve mentioned before my addiction to hand creams and this one is my favorite of the moment.  it is fast absorbing and lightweight, but makes an instant difference.  my current job is definitely affecting my hands, so it is nice to put this lotion on and feel that they are being restored quickly.  it’s expensive but worth it, trust me.  holy grail over here (even though that phrase makes me cringe).

plantfolk apothecary messy hair i think i mentioned in a previous post that i was thinking of purchasing this and i am so glad that i finally did.  i’ve definitely had it for more than the month of june, but june is when i really started using this almost daily.  i’m not much of a hair product person – more of a shower and go lady – but this salt spray is simple enough even for my bare minimum routine.  it’s a texturizing spray but the addition of argan, jojoba, and coconut oils prevent it from drying out your hair.  it adds the perfect amount of grit and texture without being crispy/crunchy, giving freshly washed hair a piece-ier and messier (duh) look.  i spray it into the lower third/quarter of my hair and then scrunch my hair up slightly.  already on my repurchase list.  ok i lied, i don’t have one of those.

charlotte tilbury eyes to mesmerize cream shadows in marie antoinette and jean – you might remember how excited i was to finally purchase these, and i am still excited about them.  i am really pleased with the shades i got: marie antoinette is a bronzey gold and jean is a true champagne.  they are really subtle but still pigmented which is just what i wanted.  i love the shiny, slightly wet effect they give the lids, without being too sparkly or over the top.  they are pricey, but they don’t seem to crease and are not drying in the least (which is how i found the maybelline color tattoos to be).  i would really like to pick up more shades, especially bette, so i’ll keep you posted.

a concealer combination – i have definitely mentioned this combination before, but since it’s been a lifesaver this month i thought i would give it another shout out.  since going off birth control my skin has been going a little haywire, but i’ve found the nars radiant creamy concealer (shade: vanilla) stippled in by the bobbi brown full coverage face brush is just the ticket to better looking skin.  if you’re considering either of these products, i highly recommend them.

anne morrow lindbergh’s gift from the sea – this beautiful book was on my wishlist for quite some time when i finally picked it up a few weeks ago.  and i am so glad that i finally did.  lindbergh’s words are so beautiful, and capture her soul and somehow my own soul so perfectly.  i can’t even tell you how much i love it – it makes me speechless.  “but i want first of all – in fact, as an end to these other desires – to be at peace with myself.  i want a singleness of eye, a purity of intention, a central core to my life that will enable me to carry out these obligations and activities as well as i can.  i want, in fact – to borrow from the language of saints – to live ‘in grace’ as much of the time as possible” (lindbergh 17). 

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makeup for a minimalist: the conclusion

IMG_2672so this concludes my little “makeup for a minimalist” series.  i covered dewy skin, bronzey eyes, glossy lips, matte lips, my favorite brown shadows, and an example of my night out face.  i really really enjoyed creating these posts, so “makeup for a minimalist” will definitely make an appearance every now and again.  i hope you enjoyed this little series as much as i did!

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makeup for a minimalist: last night’s face

IMG_2654i went out to dinner last night and wanted to wear a little bit of subtle makeup with my simple outfit of dark wash skinny jeans, oversized/flowy/sheer white sweater, and gladiator style sandals, so here’s what i popped on:

glossier priming lotion

maybelline fit me concealer in fair (15)

nars laguna bronzer

burberry wet and dry eyeshadow in pale barley

elizabeth arden beautiful color precision glide eyeliner in java – smudged into upper lash line – this eyeliner is great for a really smudgy look

bare minerals flawless definition mascara in black – on the upper lashes only

christian dior creme de rose

simple but smudgy.  my favorite.

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