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glossier moisturizing moon mask // i’m so impressed with this mask. ¬†i started using it probably exactly a year ago when i was at the height of my acne and really didn’t get it. ¬†but as my skin got better and drier from the topical creams i started using, this became an instant refresh for my skin (it did burn slightly¬†at the beginning of each application since i was so fragile, but this quickly went away). ¬†now i love using it alone or after a more drying mask – usually the origins charcoal or friedman’s mint and lemon clay masks – as well as a restoring hand mask. ¬†i haven’t gotten around to purchasing a new one but i already miss it so i’m going to get on that. ¬†verdict:¬†will definitely repurchase, visible effects.

evan healy lavendar hydrosoul //¬†can you believe this is my third finished¬†bottle of this stuff? ¬†it is my favorite facial spray¬†ever. ¬†the lavender is ultra soothing and hydrating, and gives my skin the oomph it needs. ¬†i use it as a toner as well as a make up setter and refresher. ¬†at first the scent super freaked me out but i have grown to love it. ¬†this is pretty pricey as far as mists go, but i think it’s worth it. ¬†i have tried a sample of another evan healy hydrosoul – can’t remember which one unfortunately – but there’s just something about the lavender that i can’t get enough of. ¬†i just purchased a new one the other day!¬†verdict:¬†will always repurchase, great ingredients, great effects.¬†

too faced hangover primer // i have mentioned quite a few times (my bad) that i got a travel size of this product at ulta in the fall. ¬†i had never used a primer before, so this was a great entry point for something extremely hydrating and that would make my makeup last longer throughout the day. ¬†this performs beautifully and i love the packaging! ¬†the travel size is a perfect option if you just want to try it or don’t think you will use it very much. ¬†i went through this pretty quick because i’ve taken to adding it over my moisturizer, even if i’m not wearing any makeup that day. anyways, when i realized i was almost done with this and wanted to save the rest for an upcoming trip, i upgraded to the marc jacobs coconut primer, which is basically the too faced with a little more oomph. ¬†the too faced, however, is more travel friendly in terms of packaging and better for the wallet in terms of price. ¬†verdict:¬†might repurchase in the future, high price, good benefits, bad ingredients.

mario badescu facial spray with rosewater and herbs // this is an ok facial spray. ¬†it’s refreshing and soothing to the skin, and the heavy rose scent dissipates quickly. ¬†the packaging is travel and purse-friendly, it comes in multiple sizes, and the price point is great. ¬†is this comparable to the evan healy hydrosoul? ¬†no not really and the ingredients in this really aren’t great. ¬†but this is a good choice if you are traveling or need an inexpensive but reliable and simple spray. ¬†it just strikes me as rather chemical-y. ¬†i am, however, currently trying out the new mario badescu aloe, cucumber, and green tea spray, available only through ulta at the moment, and while again the ingredients aren’t great i like it better than the rose version for sure. ¬†verdict: won’t¬†repurchase, great price point, ok¬†ingredients.

aveda hand relief hand lotion // it really doesn’t take much time for me to completely use up a hand lotion if i’m honest. ¬†i liked this for the majority of the time i was using it, but then i went to use the last few drops the other day and it was just so greasy. ¬†if i’m going to spend this much on hand lotion, i’m going to get the kiehl’s hand salve¬†or the elizabeth arden 8 hour hand lotion which both sink into the hands immediately and take away redness and cracks extremely well. ¬†verdict:¬†won’t repurchase, too greasy, high price point.

weleda sea buckthorn¬†hand lotion // i really like the weleda brand and this hand lotion is no exception. ¬†i learned about this via celina of the celution (this post specifically) and i’m glad i picked it up. ¬†the scent, in my opinion, is incredible. ¬†it has very earthy, natural tones which i personally love, and it brings to mind memories of southern california family vacations. ¬†this product sinks into the hands beautifully and doesn’t feel greasy. ¬†i just picked up the pomegranate regenerating hand lotion to try next! ¬†verdict:¬†will repurchase at some point, great ingredients, great price, great results.

lashfood sample size // i got this 1-month supply size of lashfood lash serum at ulta. ¬†it came with their eyelash/mascara primer as well, but i haven’t been as consistent in using that¬†since i was mostly purchasing for the serum itself. ¬†i was really looking forward to trying this so the sample size was kind of the perfect tester. ¬†i have actually seen some results mostly in thickness of my lashes, but i’m not sure if i really want to spend almost $80 on the full size product. ¬†but i’m glad i tried it out and now i know for the future! ¬†verdict:¬†may repurchase in the future, decent results, high price point.

shea moisture hibiscus&coconut body wash and body butter¬†// ahhh i love these. ¬†i mentioned them here in more depth. ¬†i’m definitely more partial to the body wash than the lotion, which was nice but not necessarily worth a repurchase. ¬†i’m moving back to my fave dr. bronner’s bar soap for the shower, but i will definitely repurchase from the shea moisture line. ¬†plus, these rate pretty ok on ewg, a 2 if i remember correctly. ¬†verdict: will repurchase at some point, often on sale, aromatherapy, pretty good ingredients, fair trade.

pixi hydrating milky mist // another day, another spray. ¬†i tried this pixi spray since it has such amazing reviews and felt ok about it. ¬†the spray is extremely fine which is part of its great reviews, but i actually didn’t like that! ¬†i decanted this in a glass spray bottle and i much preferred it with a little bit of a stronger mist, for whatever reason. ¬†this is nice and i like pixi a lot, but nothing that special in my opinion. ¬†verdict: probably won’t repurchase, good price point, no visible benefits.

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these last three items are not empties per say, but they are going into the trash for various reasons that i will explain below:

benefit hoola bronzer // ah an oldie and a goodie. ¬†i have been wearing hoola bronzer since high school and it was definitely one of my first sephora purchases. ¬†this particular container is older than i care to admit and i have a sizeable dent in the middle. ¬†i’m just over it i guess!! ¬†i’m really trying to not only edit down my makeup but also move into cleaner formulas, and i’m ready to let this guy go. ¬†the w3ll people bio bronzer is such a perfect bronzer for me that i don’t feel like i’m going to reach for anything else for a very long time. ¬†and if i do, it is going to be a lot better for me.

nars laguna bronzer // most of the above is true for laguna as well. ¬†as much as i want to continue using laguna since i’ve already hit the bottom, the bio bronzer has a similar look on me. ¬†and this guy is OLD, like older than hoola i think. ¬†i do have a mini version of laguna that i keep in my purse in case i need it for some reason throughout the day – i will probably keep that around just for emergencies. ¬†or maybe i’ll decant some of my w3ll people bronzer since it is in mineral form. ¬†anyways, bye guy!

phsyician’s formula butter bronzer // i love this bronzer, but i can no longer stand the smell. ¬†it’s so strong and so artificial, and it’s like a constant reminder that i’m putting shitty artificial ingredients all over my face. ¬†gorgeous, but it’s gotta go.

finally, a not-quite-but-close-to-being-empty:

hylamide low molecular ha serum // i am actually shocked/impressed that i am almost finished with this already. ¬†but i am pretty heavy handed and use this morning and night. ¬†i have only tried the¬†glossier super bounce so i don’t have a lot of reference for hyaluronic acid serums, but this is absolutely great in my opinion! ¬†it sinks in fast and doesn’t leave a sticky residue, plus i really do feel like i’ve seen positive effects from this. ¬†i am looking into more eco hyaluronic acid serums, so depending on what i find and the price points i’m seeing, i may or may not return to this. ¬†but i have to say, i looked up all the ingredients on ewg and almost all of them are pretty good, except for the inclusion of phenoxyethanol which is a preservative that is often used as an alternative to parabens. ¬†it’s not good, but it’s also not as bad as parabens. ¬†this ingredient is included in a lot of those products that say they don’t have parabens that are also not completely eco – glossier and milk makeup for example – but it worries me more in this because it is literally sinking into the deeper layers of my skin. ¬†you know? ¬†so basically i am going to look for something better, but won’t be terribly worried if i go back to this.¬†¬†verdict: may repurchase in the future, great price point, great product,¬†pretty good ingredients.

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