april picks

as far as makeup and skincare go, not much has changed from last month.  the pacifica coconut essence spray is still a strong favorite.  i've been adding it more to my skincare routine as well, and it truly gives my skin so much juice.  i'm way over half way through my bottle and it's been... Continue Reading →

naturally inclined

as i get older, i'm figuring out more and more how i want to treat and take care of my body.  from exercise (work in progress) to wearing sunscreen to figuring out some medical stuff, i'm trying to cherish this body i am in and help myself live my best life.  i've come to realize... Continue Reading →

material concerns pt 2: newish stuff

(accumulated over the past month) wet-n-wild megalast lip color in spiked with rum and ravin' raisin // really good matte lipsticks and so cheap! sephora matte lip cream in shade 13 marvelous mauve // a great entrylevel matte liquid lipstick, great bold-but-not-too-bold color, great price point neutrogena mineral sheers powder foundation in shade 10 classic ivory... Continue Reading →

december favorites

nars sheer glow // shade mont blanc // got a sample from sephora and am considering buying, tiny amount on very moisturized skin, awesome color match essie angora cardi // not too dark but just vampy enough opi nail envy // the best base coat, nail strengthener, and manicure extender i've tried hudson riley boots // my staple... Continue Reading →

recent additions to my life

ok that sounds like i got a dog, but nope, just more shopping.  i'm horrible. jack wills suede bag (not pictured): this bag is ameeeeezing!  real suede with a real leather strap and excellently slouchy.  the orangey tan color is beautiful but neutral and i think it will look amazing as it begins to wear in.  can't... Continue Reading →

makeup for a minimalist: the conclusion

so this concludes my little "makeup for a minimalist" series.  i covered dewy skin, bronzey eyes, glossy lips, matte lips, my favorite brown shadows, and an example of my night out face.  i really really enjoyed creating these posts, so "makeup for a minimalist" will definitely make an appearance every now and again.  i hope you... Continue Reading →

may favorites

falconwright wallet/pouch/card case - i'm really not sure what to call this, as you can see.  i got it at urban outfitters after contemplating it for a while - it was about $30 and that seemed really expensive for what it is.  but let me tell you it was worth it!  i've carried it every... Continue Reading →

may / currently //

reading: even cowgirls get the blues by tom robbins listening to: such a drag, tennis system robbery (shocking love), filligar the things outside, filligar riptide (flicflac remix), vance joy someone new, hozier she's not there, the zombies red eyes, the war on drugs watching: broad city - i've seen all the episodes but that show... Continue Reading →

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