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my notes say “november picks.”¬† *eye roll.*¬† and yes i have notes!bb oct picks1.jpgbeauty

clinique mineral sunscreen spf 30 // i posted a quick review on this on instagram, and my opinions have not changed.¬† this is truly the best mineral sunscreen i have found.¬† it blends into my skin easily and quickly, leaves it hydrated and dewy but not greasy, and rates a 2 on ewg.¬† what could be better?¬† well honestly the price and/or size, but hey, i’ll make it work.bb instagram1.pngfirst aid beauty hello fab coconut primer // the illuminating moisturizer/primer i’ve been searching for.¬† you’ve heard me mention the tata harper illuminating moisturizer, and while that was good, this is far superior.¬† a little dollop of this after putting on sunscreen and before putting on makeup gives me the healthy, glowing skin i strive for.¬† it’s kind of like if mac strobe cream, tata harper illuminating moisturizer, and becca backlight priming filter all had a baby.¬† first aid beauty is truly one of my all time favorite brands and this product is another reason why.¬† i actually bought the full tube but haven’t had to use it yet since sephora had a mini version as a 100 point perk.¬† i asked for 2 heehee.

embryolisse // i mentioned this in detail here so i won’t go too in depth.¬† basically this is a beautiful moisturizer that works especially when mixed with the above!bb oct picks3.jpgsephora gel future concealer in meringue // again, you know i love this!¬† meringue is my winter shade (yes we are almost there…) and it’s just a touch lighter than nars vanilla, which has somehow started to oxidize on me, but with the same pink undertones.¬† great replacement if you ask me!

alima pure pressed foundation¬†in macadamia // ok this is getting repetitive.¬† let me just redirect you here and here.¬† i just got a couple more products from this line, mentioned here, and needless to say it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite beauty brands.¬† and i think you can tell how well loved this powder is.

vialed perfume in forest // i had a store credit to urban outfitters at the end of september so i treated myself to this little perfume that i wouldn’t have purchased otherwise.¬† call of the vialed is a rad perfumery that has unique sets but at a very high price point.¬† they released a collection of four unisex perfumes for urban outfitters, at just $20 each.¬† i couldn’t resist, so i chose the scent “forest.”¬† forest is described as a “green, earthy, and woodsy blend of neroli blossom, amyris tree sap, juniper berry, violet leaf, and rosewood, promoting stability + groundedness.”¬† this is the perfect description, and the aromatherapy benefits of this are real.¬† though the scent doesn’t last as long as other perfume oils (natural or not) i have, i appreciate this for those aromatherapy benefits and enjoy putting it on throughout the day.¬† i’ve been carrying it in the small makeup bag i keep in my purse or backpack and love having it on my person at all times.¬† it makes me feel clean and mindful, and i love the slightly herbaceous scent.

everyday coconut purely coconut hydrating shampoo and conditioner // i’ve been using this duo since mid-summer but never really mention hair products on here.¬† i got bulk sizes at my grocery store and i’m happy i did!¬† i prefer to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, one for the health benefits, and also because they work nicely with my wavy hair.¬† i feel like my hair is in its most healthy and natural state when i use these products, and my curls and texture really come out.¬† i’m pretty basic with my hair, so these are perfect for me.¬† also, a tip for those of you just trying out sulfate-free shampoo – wash your hair twice.¬† i know it sounds like everything you shouldn’t do, but sulfate-free shampoos are not drying, so don’t worry.¬† they require more work to get all the product and oils out of your hair, so one wash tackles that and the second wash actually cleans the hair.¬† trust me!¬† it makes a world of difference.¬† i don’t think i would say these are “hydrating” in the sense that they make your hair soft and limp – they are really just a basic shampoo and conditioner.bb oct picks2.jpgfashion and lifestyle

jag jeans camo jacket // i love a good army jacket (and have too many), but have never really gotten into camouflage.¬† until now that is!¬† my sister and i both got this jacket at the end of the summer and it is truly one of my favorite purchases ever.¬† it’s just the perfect camo in that it’s not too over-the-top and is slightly muted in color.¬† my other sister even said that it really suits me, which is always a nice thing to hear.¬† also this jacket is the perfect weight and ridiculously soft…when does that happen?!

pendleton bathrobe // my mom got me this bathrobe last year for christmas, and i am sooo happy that it’s bathrobe season again.¬† and by that i mean that as soon as i get home, get out of the shower, wakeup, etc., this baby is on my body.¬† it’s huge and ridiculously soft and i love it!

fujifilm date 60af camera // i got this little camera at a thrift store for $2 (yes you read that right).¬† i was wanting a 35mm point and shoot camera and it was so excited when i stumbled upon this one.¬† i’m still on my first roll of film so i don’t know what the photographs will look like, but it seems like it’s in perfect working order to me.¬† i’ll keep you posted when i get the film developed!

burberry wallet // i have had this wallet for over 10 years!¬† my dad got it for me at harrod’s while on a special daddy-daughter trip to london.¬† i go in and out of using it, but this month it has been by my side every day.¬† you all know i usually use some sort of wallet pouch, but i’m enjoying the extra organization without any added bulk.bb oct picks4.jpgentertainment

harry styles’ first album // for whatever reason, i have completely fallen back in love with this album.¬† not that i felt out of love, but you know what i mean.¬† it is such a beautiful, unique, artistic collection of songs, each more vibrant than the next.¬† that man gives me the shivers every time.

alli cherry vlogtober // i love alli.¬† her spirit and mind, the aesthetic of her videos, her lifestyle.¬† she is such a pleasure to watch and her videos are always making me research or think about something new.¬† she’s a great influence for creating a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and i so appreciate that!¬† because i’m such a fan girl, i even purchased one of the totes that she and her husband released this month.¬† if they are still available, grab one!¬† the graphic was handmade by the couple and 10% of the proceeds go to the joshua tree national park association.¬† i’m dying to go to joshua tree (i know that’s not a surprise), so this got me a little bit closer!bb instagram2.png

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october picks