when you finally get to use all the photos and inspiration that you’ve been hoarding for a month. get ready for a weekend full of posts, dear readers!120817_mwsm_jansocial_260_insta.jpg1537214750.jpg1536201545.jpg8-smoking.jpg1536262458.jpg1536795568.jpg1536362420.jpg1537325534.jpg1538357941.jpg1538879115.jpg1538879319.jpg1539222636.jpg1539398681.jpg1539543674.jpg1539656265.jpg1540073331.jpg1540090209.jpg1540437470.jpgvia collage vintage, tendances de mode, pinterest, postsecret, bianca valle

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a tendances de mode catchup

one of my favorite things to do when i haven’t been home for a while is catch up on my blog reading and youtube video watching.  especially when i’m awake at 5am due to jetlag!  tendances de mode, as you know, is one of my absolute favorite blogs for pure photo inspiration goodness, and the past weekish (feb 2nd-11th) has completely brought. the. gold.  i mean, vintage catherine deneuve.  can you even?!  1486609766.jpg1486610105.jpg1434958333.jpg1486326526.jpg1485832739.jpg1486350019.jpg1486090131.jpg1486326239.jpg1485891411.jpg1486475926.jpg1486172463.jpg1486172282.jpg1486090542.jpg. . .

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