loving craving wishing waiting

oooh i haven’t done of these in a long time.¬† here are some previous iterations: january, june, august, and april.bb insta1.pngbb insta3.pngloving . . .

my skincare and makeup routines are soooo down pat

the critical babe

broad city season 4

black jeans

cold weather, FINALLY!bb insta2.pngbb insta4.pngcraving . . .

hot apple cider

soup, all day every day (definitely achieving this one)

a really good shower (like fancy hotel good)

an intense yoga sessionbb insta5.pngbb insta6.pngwishing . . .

there were more hours in the day

i had more time to spend on my blog

my apartment wasn’t messy

my fridge wasn’t emptybb insta7.pngbb insta8.pngwaiting . . .

for it to be christmas-preparation-appropriate

for the sephora vib salebb insta9.pngcontent is my own, images from my instagram

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loving craving wishing waiting

sacred jewels

bb jewelry 1.jpgbb jewelry shells.JPGchunky 3 stone ring :: this ring is extremely sacred to me. ¬†it was one of my first¬†etsy purchases, and vintage purchases, about 4 years ago. ¬†it features 2 amethyst stones of different tones and garnet, which is my birthstone and one of my favorites, on sterling silver. ¬†it was reiki blessed by the seller and gives me strong and positive vibes. ¬†it’s incredibly unique and though i don’t wear it as often as i should it is extremely precious to me and one of the most beautiful pieces i own.bb jewelry ring focus.JPGpink stone pendant :: unfortunately i don’t know anything about this piece. ¬†i bought it while living in boston at one of my favorite shops, flock. ¬†i wish that i knew what type of stone this is – if you know, please share!

sarah&chloe monogram pendant :: i’ve definitely talked about this before. ¬†i bought this formyself a few years ago when i was searching for a gold pendant that would rest slightly lower on my chest than my other dainty necklaces. ¬†this piece looks great worn every day with tee shirts or whatever – it’s very versatile. ¬†i love having my monogram on it and i’m glad i splurged to buy myself this special item.

madewell earrings :: these are actually a new purchase over the last few weeks but i am absolutely obsessed.  they are so unique and fun and me.  they feature a studded backing at the top so they are totally secure in my ears, even though they are slightly heavier than i would normally wear.  i love the worn-in brass of madewell jewelry and the great price point.  i definitely recommend.

mermaidbyhand turquoise moon tide pendant :: this stunning necklace features a huge sleeping beauty turquoise slab with a small brass moon gracing the top right corner. ¬†from the colors to the silver and brass elements, i am absolutely in awe of this piece. ¬†i love all of eliza’s jewels, but this is definitely a sacred piece in my collection. ¬†i love having it around, even if it is not on my body.¬†bb jewelry turquoise focus.JPGdrift/riot sunrise cuff bracelet :: this is actually called the sunday girl cuff, but it is a sunrise to me! ¬†made of brass this cuff is incredibly sturdy but dainty at the same time. ¬†it’s such an unexpected shape and style for me – i’m pretty simply when it comes to bracelets – and it reminds me of my love of sunrises and sunsets. ¬†it harnesses the power of the sun for me, and i feel that strength when i wear it.

misshapen evil eye necklace :: oooh i love a good evil eye!  i have had a couple evil eye necklaces in the past, but this one eclipsed them all when i found it.  i love the odd shape of the pendant and the extremely fine chain.  i got this at a boston store called baubles and lace for really cheap and i just love it so much.  it reminds me of living in boston, being with my sister, and all the hard times and the good times.

salt&summit royston turquoise ring :: this is an amazing turquoise ring, featuring a triangular royston turquoise cab. ¬†royston turquoise is my absolute favorite and the shape of this ring is so unique. ¬†i love the bright sterling of the setting and the etchings that surround the stone. ¬†i wasn’t able to wear this for a while because i had to get it sized, but now that i have it again i have had a hard time not wearing it! ¬†it is so unique and simply beautiful. ¬†bb jewelry turquoise rings.jpgroyston turquoise ring :: this ring is extremely special to me. ¬†i bought it quite a few years ago, and actually picked the stone out myself. ¬†however i really didn’t like the setting it was in, and it just didn’t do the stone justice. ¬†i got in touch with eliza of mermaidbyhand and we came up with a design that i was more happy with. ¬†i sent her the ring and she completely reworked it for me. ¬†i am so in love with what we came up with. ¬†it is simple and sturdy and lets you focus on the stone. ¬†i love the green elements in this stone, and the earthly feel it gives. ¬†this is definitely one of my power pieces.¬†bb jewelry 2.jpgso there you go! ¬†these are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry in my collection. ¬†jewelry is incredibly special to me, and i truly love finding and collecting different pieces. ¬†i truly don’t feel like myself if i’m not wearing any jewelry and it is something that makes me feel safe and secure. ¬†jewelry just speaks to me, and i think with these pieces it is clear why.

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sacred jewels

winter lips: how to prevent them from falling off your face

4 of my winter best friends for preventing and treating chapped, sore lips…

korres lip butter in jasmine // this is a recent purchase but i already bought another one to keep in my purse. ¬†the korres lip butters are a cult item because they are such nice lip balms, but also the colors are so beautiful. ¬†jasmine looks quite peachy in the pot, but leaves a milky pink sheen on the lips. ¬†i like it when my lips look a little lighter than they usually do, so this is perfect. ¬†it’s lip balm, but it makes me feel like i have a little bit of something on my lips.

shea moisture coconut & shea butter lip balm // i picked this up at target because it was right by the checkout and looked really cute – full disclosure. ¬†and i actually love it because it is a balm but shows up quite glossy on the lips. ¬†it lasts for a long time and imparts a nice amount of moisture. ¬†and yes, it’s really cute!

nuxe reve de miel // i’ve had this one since last winter and am still making my way to the bottom of the pot! ¬†this is a love-it-or-hate-it item for a lot of people, but i’m on the love side. ¬†i like that it exfoliates while adding a sort of hydration mask to your lips. ¬†it shows up matte so i wear this during the day or at night, but mostly at night since i like to really layer it up. ¬†after my trip to london my lips were intolerably chapped and no amount of blistex could save them. ¬†unsurprisingly this helped over night, and i think it is because it both exfoliated and healed, and so that just reiterated my love and faith in this product.

glossier coconut balm dotcom // i got the coconut version of the cult balm dotcom last spring and enjoyed it, but it has really become a staple¬†over the past 2-3 months. ¬†like the nuxe, i really slap this on at night and let it soak in, but i like to apply it lightly during the day as well. ¬†i do feel that¬†the coconut is more moisturizing than the original and it has a little bit of a meltier consistency, like coconut oil does. ¬†i’m pretty sure these qualities¬†are¬†in my head as there aren’t any actual coconut ingredients in the formula, but it really does feel different!


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winter lips: how to prevent them from falling off your face

favorite of the day: revlon colorstay creme eye shadow

IMG_0031 (1).jpgi have a new cream eye shadow love! ¬†i have been searching for a simple champagne cream shadow, but have been hesitating against buying the rms eye polish that i’ve been wanting. ¬†so when i saw these new revlon shadows (colorstay creme eye shadow) fully stocked at walgreen’s, you might guess how excited i got. ¬†i figured they would be similar to the maybelline color tattoo cream shadows, but they are so much better.IMG_0033.jpgthe texture is exactly like the rms eye polishes: super creamy, glossy, and moisturizing. ¬†they set down a little bit more than the rms, but maintain that glossy look. ¬†whereas i find the maybelline to be sticky and somewhat tuggy on my eyelids, these are light and smooth in application. ¬†and the shade 705 creme brulee is the exact champagne that i have been looking for. ¬†it brightens the eyes with a subtle shimmer and glow, and is perfect for every day. ¬†such a win! ¬†i’m not sure if they have been released every where, but if you see them, get them.

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favorite of the day: revlon colorstay creme eye shadow

the bohemian-approved gift guide

i’ve seen a lot of holiday gift guides circling the internet, but most of them include extremely high end items. ¬†when it comes to gifting, i find that something small but thoughtful is always more effective than something expensive but random. ¬†so here’s my gift guide for any fellow financially challenged bohemians… ūüėČ
IMG_0002.jpgfor the plant parent //
is anything cuter¬†than a tiny succulent in an equally tiny¬†pot? ¬†this is kind of the same theme as the jewelry dishes, but it’s super easy to find cute, small pots that would fit a small succulent or cactus. ¬†i have found mine in various places, mainly garden shops and anthropologie, but thrift shops are also beacons for little ceramic items. ¬†this little pink one¬†($12) from anthropologie would be gorgeous with a small cactus. ¬†you can get really small succulents at any home and garden shop; i got my first ever cactus at home depot for $3!

for the jewelry lover // i am a huge collector of little dishes and bowls in which i can store jewelry. ¬†cute dishes can be found anywhere – anthropologie, urban outfitters, thrift shops – and are usually in the $5-$15 range. ¬†try to think about what your giftee might put in these dishes: if he/she wears a lot of rings, maybe go for something larger. ¬†if they wear teeny earrings, something small like this muji one¬†($4.50) is super cute and can be chosen in their favorite color. ¬†i’m also loving¬†this one¬†($14) from anthro (it’s actually a soap dish but i love it for jewels!) and this one¬†($15) from etsy.

for the¬†card carrier // i pretty much always use a small pouch instead of a regular wallet. ¬†they are amazing for switching into a small purse, having only the basics, and keeping yourself organized. ¬†when i have my big wallet it is filled with receipts and crap that i never look at and do not need. ¬†so why not gift a fun little pouch or cardcase to your friend that has it all and then some? ¬†my all time favorite pouch wallet is from a company called falconwright¬†that sadly went out of business. ¬†i try not to use it so much anymore since it’s getting pretty worn out and i love it so dearly. ¬†i got my little green pouch¬†($38 but used to be $25 unfortunately) from baggu last winter and it has been my constant companion – despite that fact that it makes things a little bit hard to find (my friend andrew used to always yell at me when i could never find my debit card hehe! ¬†but the pouch remains a firm favorite). ¬†my oldest sister swears by this pouch¬†($29.50) from madewell and i love it because it has card pockets inside for more organization. ¬†and if you really wanted to treat a loved one, i think it would be awesome to fill the pouch with one or a couple gift cards to their favorite places!

for the beauty junkie // it seems like most of the items i buy at sephora are miniature from their checkout/travel beauty section. ¬†they have some great hidden gems tucked in that aisle that i think get sadly ignored, esepcially when it comes to gift giving. ¬†while cosmetics can be tricky to buy for someone else unless mentioned specifically, i think it’s fun to get a couple cute treats¬†that everyone would love. ¬†some of my favorites at sephora right now are the too cool for school dinoplatz lip balm in various colors (i have spilled wine, $15), tarte tartelette tease palette ($21), clinique take the day off¬†makeup remover ($9.50), and sephora daily brush cleaner ($8.50). ¬†these are all minis that i have either given or received, and i think they would make great gifts for anyone, regardless of their makeup style or collection. ¬†you also can’t go wrong with some fun hair masks or hand lotions.

for the routine reader // with so many amazing coffee table books out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not buy any for yourself. ¬†i personally love the fashion and decor books we have been seeing on the market lately and think they make a great, personalized gift. ¬†know a parisian fashion fan? ¬†how to be parisian wherever you are¬†($14) and paris street style¬†($17) are no brainers. ¬†a design junkie? ¬†try design bloggers at home¬†($23) or home style by city¬†($20). ¬†a hardcore new yorker? ¬†tomboy style¬†($25) and brooklyn street style¬†($20)¬†are top notch. ¬†some books on my lust list are the new garconne: how to be a modern gentlewoman¬†($21) and urban jungle: living and styling with plants ($35), hint hint!

i hope you found this little gift guide helpful.  the holidays can be tough when you are on a budget but want to give meaningful and luxurious gifts to your loved ones, friends, and coworkers.  i think these smaller items are not only thoughtful, but precious, and can be tailored to the people you know best.  if you have a little more wiggle room, you could also combine a few of these categories for an incredible treat basket with a particular focus.  i would DIE over a potted succulent with a gift card to home depot and a plant book all together in one bundle.  happy gifting!

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the bohemian-approved gift guide

ending with december

another month has arrived and so have a fresh set of goals to finish up the year. ¬†check out the inspiration behind this post here.IMG_0014.jpgkeep spending to a minimum //¬†i have officially made it back to the real world. ¬†and i am so excited. ¬†for one thing, it means being surrounded by all the vices that i¬†wasn’t surrounded by where i was previously living…aka sephora, ulta, madewell, nordstrom, zara, anthropologie, free people, urban outfitters, walgreen’s…you get the picture. ¬†within minutes of arriving home i basically wanted¬†to turn my wallet inside out, but for the sake of being a grown up and wanting to have money in the bank, i’m praying i can keep the shopping to a minimum and continue to save my pennies. ¬†wish me luck.

continue with yoga both in classes and at home // i have some serious goals when it comes to my yoga practice that i will maybe share in the future. ¬†but in the meantime, i am really committing to myself to get serious about both an at-home practice schedule and going to new classes. ¬†i’m hoping to find a studio that i really connect to and that inspires as much as my old one did and practice on my own daily.

don’t stress about the future // you guys. ¬†i don’t know if this is even possible to be honest. ¬†but i’m going to try my best to not worry about the future. ¬†i’m going to try to appreciate where i’m at, and that i won’t ever be back in this place – living with my parents, no real responsibilities, the freedom to figure out my job and living situation. ¬†it sounds like a dream, i know, but i’m a stressed-out worrier so it’s not very easy for me to just be in the moment and enjoy it. ¬†i¬†going to try my best to destress and enjoy the holidays with my family.

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ending with december

pamper night essentials


when i need a little detoxifying, my go to is the origins charcoal mask.  i find that it is exfoliating, while still gentle enough for my sensitive and dry/normal skin.  i apply a super thin layer on warm, damp skin and let it dry fully before washing off with lukewarm water.

i also really enjoy the freeman’s lemon and mint clay mask. ¬†it works in a similar way to the origins, going deep into the skin to cleanse and clear pores. ¬†i especially used this when i was struggling with my acne, and i felt it helped keep my skin a little bit calmer, especially in the summer. ¬†it’s also great to use more as a spot treatment as opposed to the whole face if you have drier skin like me. ¬†i¬†was having a hard time finding this in my local drugstore, but now that i am back in the midwest i know i can get it at ulta. ¬†need to do that soon!

i always follow a more drying mask with a generous layer of the glossier moon mask, which is a thick moisturizing cream.  i let it soak in for 20 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water as well, massaging the remainder of the mask into my skin to get all the moisture i can.  i will occasionally use the moon mask all by its self if i feel like my skin is really struggling, aka all the time in the winter.  this also makes an incredible hand mask, so i highly recommend using it for that purpose as well!

if i feel like something quick, i am in love with the milk makeup x uo urban defense mask. ¬†it is a thick gel mask that only requires 3-5 minutes of wear, and then is washed off in a similar manner to the glossier. ¬†i like this one because it is cleansing and clarifying as well as moisturizing, and it’s a quick fix for parched skin.

i follow up my masking with my usual skincare routine, which right now consists of the mario badescu rosewater spray, go-to face hero oil, my acne gels, and cetaphil moisturizer, and dior creme de rose.


an at home manicure is probably my favorite way to unwind, and i take great pride in my ability to do so and do so well. ¬†i very rarely get an actual manicure, only if i have a gift certificate or a special occasion, so as a result i’ve perfected my at-home routine. ¬†i used to paint my nails a lot more often, but i still enjoy the act of taking care of them even without polish.

though i used to cut my nails, i prefer to file them these days. ¬†i find that i have more control over what they look like as well as the length, and since i like them pretty short it’s easier for me to get a nice straight line with a file.

my favorite base coat is the opi nail envy matte version.  i find the matte version adds a little more grip for the nail polish to stick to, and it looks really natural on its own as well.  this is really the first base coat that i have tried and stuck to, and almost a year after purchasing i never paint my nails without it.

i don’t really have a preference as far as nail brands go, but i do find that essie chips pretty quickly on my nails. ¬†nail polish definitely doesn’t last super long on me, but i find opi and nails inc. are stronger contenders. ¬†right now i’m wearing opi’s lincoln park after dark, an oldie but goodie.

for top coat, quick drying is my main specification. ¬†i have tried the opi rapidry, essie good to go, nails inc 45 second top coat, and am currently using seche vite. ¬†i was really hestitant to try seche vite because of the health warnings, but after quite a bit of research i decided to give it a go. ¬†basically, like many other nail polishes, seche vite is potentially harmful if breathed in constantly and on a daily basis. ¬†it is no more harmful than any other nail polishes, excluding natural and 5-free ones of course. ¬†i think it is a great product and love how quickly and strongly it dries my nails. ¬†i’m not sure if it extends wear time, but it definitely doesn’t shorten it. ¬†next to the nails inc this is definitely my favorite top coat, and i love the shiny, strong finish it gives.

i don’t really do anything for my toes – i usually have them bare in the winter. ¬†i am much more likely to splurge on a good pedicure though since they last so much longer and are really the height of relaxation for me. ¬†so at home i might pop on a bit of moisturizer or vaseline and then stick those puppies into some thick socks.

youtube, shows, movies, & magazines

the best way to relax is to do all of the above while sitting in front of a screen, be it a computer or a tv.  from youtube videos to my favorites shows to movies, i love to zone out and just relax while taking care of my body at the same time.

the most relaxing youtube channels to watch, in my opinion, are tamira jarrel, chrissstttiiine, and extrasunbeamsjess; these ladies put my mind at ease and i actually like to fall asleep to their voices, as weird and creepy as that may sound!

for shows, i watch miss fisher’s murder mysteries all the time, as well pretty little liars and vanderpump rules (not quite as relaxing, but i love a good bit of reality tv).

for movies, it depends on the season. ¬†right now i’m all about the christmas movies, as well as wes anderson. ¬†but usually a like a good psychological thriller, jane austen drama, or anything indie and off the beaten path.

as far as reading material, i prefer to read magazines while pampering, as opposed to a book that requires more attention. ¬†my favorite magazine is definitely nylon, and i loved this month’s featuring the awesome alia shawkat. ¬†i picked up this issue of frankie magazine while in new york last week and i have already read it cover to cover 3 times.

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pamper night essentials