resolutions for my 25th year

my birthday, fortunately and unfortunately, is in the first week of the new year.  while i always come up with new year’s resolutions – and pretty immediately disregard them – this year i’m making resolutions for my new year.  life is pretty hectic and full of change these days, so with these resolutions i’m really looking to ground myself, stick to my routines, and work hard to keep working resolutions.JPG// be kind and gentle to myself // truth be told i am absolutely horrible at this, as most of us are.  i think i’ve mentioned this before, but there’s a line that lena dunham mentions at the end of the first season of girls, along the lines of “you could never hate me more than i hate myself, or say worse things than i say to myself.”  and i feel this.  too much.  as humans we are our own harshest critics, but if i can’t treat myself kindly and with gentleness and love, how can i expect others to?  this is a concept that i’ve been working on for years after my sweet therapist flat out told me to do so in those exact words.  i will keep trying, because i deserve it.

// weekend workouts // i’m sorry to mention a workout resolution, but it’s needed!  starting january 8th, i am student teaching full time, 5 days a week.  so with the 8+ hour school day and my 2+ hour commute, i know there is no way i will be working out through the week.  so weekends are my goal.  and that’s just two days – even i can manage that!  i’m desperate to get back into my yoga practice and even running.  i go in and out with my workout habits but i am actually looking forward to taking care of myself in this way again.  are you sensing a theme here?

// become a more experimental cook // or a cook at all!  i’m so bad with meal planning and prep, but i really really want to get better at it.  i’m going to try to be more forward-thinking when i go to the grocery store and have some go-to meals that i can make without too much effort.  actually, i make a great work lunch, but it’s the dinners that i struggle with.  it’s a serious problem when cereal is your favorite food!

// produce less waste // this is a really important one for me.  i’m good about carrying a water bottle and coffee thermos (this is the best one i’ve found) with me all the time, but i have other goals for my waste production.  some of them include: stop using cotton pads in my skincare routine (i’ve been using my hands for my witch hazel but still use cotton for makeup removal), using rags for cleaning instead of paper towels, using more reusable containers for work lunches (i’m looking at purchasing some lunchbots stainless containers), and making use of the bulk section at my grocery store and health food store.  i think these are super easy changes and i am looking forward to making them – now that’s the mark of a good resolution!

// be ok when i slip up // i say this in regards to these resolutions and so many other areas of my life.  like i said earlier, i can be so hard on myself, and as i am entering student teaching i already fear the daily mistakes i am going to make.  i am going to try my darnedest to accept my failures and respond to them accordingly, without getting upset or looking down on myself.  this is probably the hardest resolution i am going to work on, but it’s an important one.

do you have any resolutions for your new year?  happy happy and fresh starts to all!

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available skincare

while i used to love ordering skincare online or going to be more niche stores (sephora, beautylish, etc.), i am feeling quite over that at the moment*.  maybe because i’m back to being a broke student and maybe because i’m no longer living in an area where i have access to those stores.  for something like skincare that you go through so quickly, it doesn’t feel efficient to keep ordering online.  whatever the reason, i’m seeing some definite changes in my skincare routine specifically, and i have to say, i’m not mad about it. *with a couple exceptions of course!bb available skincare1.jpgmicellar water: i have gone through 2 big bottles of bioderma as a first cleanse/makeup remover over the past 6 months.  while i love the formula and honestly just the luxury of that product, i no longer want to have to order my makeup remover every time i need to restock.  i got a travel size of the garnier micellar water to compare and honestly i don’t see one bit of difference.  i just purchased the full size which is huge and will last probably the whole summer or more.  garnier micellar water is available at target and other drugstores.

face wash: i just finished both my glossier milky jelly cleanser and the first aid beauty cream cleanser, definitely prefer the latter over the former.  this is my third bottle of mjc but i’m just meh about it.  it’s hard to get and quite expensive and just not as remarkable as it should be.  the fab is a true cream consistency but fully removable with water and gets all of my makeup off, while the mjc doesn’t come close.  i was going to repurchase my old standby cetaphil when i saw the la roche posay tolerane hydrating gentle cleanser at my target and saw extremely solid reviews online.  this is creamy like the fab – really it feels like lotion – but is gentle on the skin and eyes and very hydrating.  i don’t feel that tight-face feeling after using this which i pretty much always get because of my dry skin.  i think this has been helping to clear up my skin along with some other products i’ll mention later (it contains niacinamide like the glossier super pure), so i’m quite impressed thus far.  this was a few dollars more than other drugstore cleansers ($15) but contains 13.5 ounces of product.  it might be harder to find if you don’t have a target or walgreen’s near you, but worth a try if you can find it.  plus it’s a really big size so cost efficient.  they also have a purifying version if you have normal to oily skin!

toner: toner is a new step for me.  usually i will use a facial spray here, but i decided to try out the thayer’s alcohol-free rose witch hazel when i saw a travel size version at target.  witch hazel’s are reportedly great for the skin (the alcohol-free kind!) and help to balance and tone the skin.  my skin feels healthier and more balanced after i use it, so i’m trying to be good about it morning and night.  i’m liking it so far and will pick up the full size.  available at target, drugstores, and health food available skincare3.jpgserum: deciem hylamide low molecular ha.  back to a tried and true favorite.  i mentioned here that i finished up my previous ha from purchased from beauty heroes and went back to hylamide when i was done.  it was a great decision and i don’t think i’ll be straying for quite a while.  available at cvs.  the other serum i’ve been using over the past month that is a bit of a cheat is the glossier super pure serum.  when i first got the serums, i was very disappointed.  i didn’t see any results and they felt too watery to be doing anything.  but i’ve recently gone back to the super pure and i can honestly say this is helping the stress acne i’ve been experiencing over the whole month of june.  it’s becoming my secret weapon – i apply it only on the acne on my chin before applying any other skincare.

oil: indie lee squalane.  now this one is a little bit special because it isn’t that readily available.  however, it is carried in some anthropologies and natural beauty stores, so i bet you can find this somewhere near you depending on where you live.  i found a natural beauty store about an hour away from me, so while i won’t be going there often, i will definitely return on my next shopping trip.  i am finishing up my first bottle of this and now have a backup which i am very happy about.

moisturizer: good ol’ cetaphil.  i like this thick version because it is so moisturizing and pulls all of my other products into my skin.  in the summer i use just a little bit, whereas in the winter i pile it on.  i do like their lotion version (versus the cream), but this works better for me.  the less readily available favorites are glossier priming moisturizer and first aid beauty ultra repair cream.  the glossier has been my daytime summer moisturizer of choice this year, it’s light and sinks in almost immediately but keeps my hydrated and glowing all day long.  the first aid beauty is more of my winter lotion, but i have 2 backups that i’ve been making my way through.  i interchange it with the cetaphil – they are pretty much the same but the fab is a little more moussey and lighter, but with the same hydrating results.  because of the texture it is also easier to use a little bit and spread it over my whole face, so i can use this during the summer without looking or feeling too greasy.

mask: i’m very picky when it comes to detox masks.  because i’m dry but acne-prone, i never want anything too harsh, but effective enough to make a difference.  my go to for years as been the feeling beautiful lemon and mint mask, but i no longer live near ulta and can’t seem to find that one anymore.  i tried the yes to tomatoes clear skin detoxifying charcoal mud mask and i LOVE it!  it’s very similar to the origins charcoal mask which i love but recently used up.  this is a salicylic mud mask that tightens and clears the skin, but doesn’t feel as tight as the origins.  i see better results with this mask than any of the high end clarifying masks i’ve used! bb available skincare2.jpgwhile i don’t always love my insatiable need for new things, i think that it is slowly showing me what products i actually like and want to keep buying.  lucky for me, in the case of skincare at least, my picks are relatively affordable and easy to find.  though i do get sad about all the money i have spent on selfcare in the past, i like this new direction i am going and i think it will continue for a long time to come.

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monthly picks: march

bb march picks 3.jpggetting into a good skincare routine // i already posted about my skincare routine here, if you want to read more.  some standouts have been the previse hyaluronic acid and indie lee squalane oil – both incredibly hydrators.  i have to say i don’t like the previse quite as much as the hylamide ha i was using, but it’s a close second.  and the indie lee oil is beautiful – so lightweight and quick to sink in.  i love applying these one after the other or mixed together if i’m in a hurry, morning and night.  i’ve also been loving the living libations all seeing eye cream, which smells amazing and is a great basic under-eye moisturizer.  i haven’t seen any drastic changes but i like using it and i think it’s a nice product.

weleda pomegranate regenerating hand cream // you all know i love weleda’s lotions and potions, and this is no different.  it’s a luscious lotion that is quick to absorb and hydrate my poor dry hands.  i actually have started doing something that my dad does – which is apply hand lotion immediately after washing my hands and then wiping off the excess with a towel.  it has made a drastic change in my hands – they are so much softer and more moisturized from my constant application, as well as using lotion when my hands are still slightly march picks 4.jpgrms swift shadow in tt-73 // again, i mentioned this in my california travel post, but it is officially my favorite eye shadow ever.  i have been wearing it almost every day, with other makeup or without.  it is the perfect brown, slightly shimmery and glowy shadow that is subtle but keeps me looking grungy and slightly undone.

drinking water // this month i have really started to focus on my body.  i’m exercising regularly and drinking a ton of water.  i read that we should be drinking half of our body weight in ounces (100 pounds = 50 ounces per day) and i have been attempting to stick to that ratio.  some days are harder than others, and frankly sometimes i just can’t be bothered with how often this much water makes me go to the bathroom, but for the most part i have been really good about it.  i feel more energized, i think my skin looks better, and i like knowing i’m doing what’s good for my body.  it’s the only one i have, you know?

going more natural // speaking of having one body, you may have noticed that over the past few months i’ve started transitioning into more natural beauty, skincare, haircare, and body care products.  like i mentioned here and even above, my body and taking care of myself is becoming more and more important to me.  using natural products is certainly not going to make or break me – if i’m going to get sick, i’m going to get sick, you know? – but it makes me feel so much better to be doing even this little bit of extra work to stay healthy.  my father has had cancer almost my whole life and is very stubborn about going to the doctor, eating foods that are good for him, and even drinking water.  he is truly a medical miracle since none of this seems to affect him too much, but for me it is comforting to know that i am doing what i can, almost for him in a way.  i know that green tea and kale and avoiding parabens are great little ways to protect ourselves a little bit more against cancer and other illnesses, so that’s a path i want to march picks 2.jpgfemale empowerment // more great books this month! while on vacation i finished another phryne fisher novel, the bookshop by penelope fitzgerald, and the house at the end of hope street by menna van praag.  currently i’m almost done with the summer before the war by helen simonson, which my mom picked out for me and i am head-over-heels in love with.  i highly recommend all of these novels.  they all have powerful female leads – which seems to be a theme in all of my favorite books! – as well as some slightly magical elements.  the house at the end of hope street was especially beautiful and i couldn’t have read it at a better time.  i’m so glad i’m back into my regular reading habits – it took a while after college for me to get back into read for fun.  reading has gotten me through so much in my life and has truly allowed me to travel the world from my little bed.  next in my reading queue is the storied life of aj fikry by gabrielle zevin, desert solitaire by edward abbey, and girl waits with a gun by amy stewart, and offshore by penelope fitzgerald.

spotify // i’ve been using spotify for the past few months after my sister introduced me to its magical powers.  this month i have been absolutely in love with a number of playlists – most of them 60s and 70s oriented.  i’m also having fun creating my own dream playlists – i’m at babybohemian if you want to follow along.  i’m working on a really good “california” set right now if you are interested.

samathome518 youtube // mercedes of l’amour et la musique mentions sam of samathome518 a ton, so i finally got the hint and checked out her videos.  she is the absolute cutest thing (and 100% reminds me of my mom’s best friend and my surrogate aunt) and i love her love of makeup.  she got into makeup more recently than most – which i totally relate to – and has an amazing eye for colors, textures, etc.  she is half a conventional makeup purchaser and half an eco makeup purchaser, so i love to see her picks and opinions.  truly a ray of sunshine and i highly recommend checking out her march picks 1.jpgand that’s it!  march has been a very stressful but rewarding month.  i finally feel like i have my head on straight and know what the future (or at least near future/ok next few months) will hold for me.  i’m so excited for this next phase of my life to begin – to be studying and learning again, to have my own home, to meet new people and make new friends – and i’m so excited to keep sharing my little life with you here on baby bohemian.  thanks for following along, for sharing the love, and for being my people.

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ending with december

another month has arrived and so have a fresh set of goals to finish up the year.  check out the inspiration behind this post here.IMG_0014.jpgkeep spending to a minimum // i have officially made it back to the real world.  and i am so excited.  for one thing, it means being surrounded by all the vices that i wasn’t surrounded by where i was previously living…aka sephora, ulta, madewell, nordstrom, zara, anthropologie, free people, urban outfitters, walgreen’s…you get the picture.  within minutes of arriving home i basically wanted to turn my wallet inside out, but for the sake of being a grown up and wanting to have money in the bank, i’m praying i can keep the shopping to a minimum and continue to save my pennies.  wish me luck.

continue with yoga both in classes and at home // i have some serious goals when it comes to my yoga practice that i will maybe share in the future.  but in the meantime, i am really committing to myself to get serious about both an at-home practice schedule and going to new classes.  i’m hoping to find a studio that i really connect to and that inspires as much as my old one did and practice on my own daily.

don’t stress about the future // you guys.  i don’t know if this is even possible to be honest.  but i’m going to try my best to not worry about the future.  i’m going to try to appreciate where i’m at, and that i won’t ever be back in this place – living with my parents, no real responsibilities, the freedom to figure out my job and living situation.  it sounds like a dream, i know, but i’m a stressed-out worrier so it’s not very easy for me to just be in the moment and enjoy it.  i going to try my best to destress and enjoy the holidays with my family.

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all natural, all happy

IMG_3969 (1).jpg

when i first started reading beauty blogs and watching videos, i wanted to buy every single product these people were talking about.  no matter how expensive, i wanted it.  and i will say that i did buy more makeup than i ever had before.

however, as i mentioned in this post, i don’t wear a lot of makeup!  so over the past few months, i’ve stopped buying beauty products that i don’t need and will never wear, and i’ve really been focusing on the products that i love and that i really want to use.  in doing so, i have realized that many of my favorite beauty products are all natural.  i’ve been making more of a conscious effort to really research the products that i use and want to use.  i am also only buying cruelty free products, but that is another post entirely!

i entered the realm of all natural beauty a long time ago, but was not as fully interested in it as i am now.  i mentioned my foray into natural products here, and as i get older i really am trying to do what’s best for my body – including what goes into it and what goes on it (that is a really weird sentence, i’m sorry).

ok, long winded intro over, here are some of my favorite all natural products that i have been using and loving for a long time:

weleda lip balm – my favorite.  i have too many tubes of this all over my house.

heritage store rose spray – a solid facial spray at a solid price, nice and simple!  they also have a rose and glycerin version for added skin benefits, aka moisture (can someone remind me to take this out of my car?  even though that’s really a perfect place for it?).

heritage store lavender spray – i use this mainly at bedtime, on my pillows and sheets.

evan healy lavender hydrosoul – not pictured because i left this at home and a new one is in the mail – i didn’t realize how incredible this product was until i was no longer using it.  the amount of moisture, glow, and life it brings back to the skin is incredible.  it smells like absolute poop – seriously i thought mine was rancid – but i guess that’s just because of the uber natural and fresh ingredients?  expensive ($25 for 4 ounces) but i am realizing that i really love this guy.

mountain ocean skin trip coconut moisturizer – just the best body lotion EVER.  seriously, ever.

rms living luminizer – i wasn’t using this as much after summer was over, but i pulled it out again and i don’t know how i went a day without it.  it gives similar results to putting something like the glossier balm dotcom on the cheeks – just a glow that’s coming from you, not from some crazy highlighting powder.

plantfolk apothecary messy hair – my go to salt spray/beach spray/hair product – you guys know i love this.

lavanila sport deodorant – a few months ago, i freaked out about deodorants/antipersperants and their effects on women’s breasts.  after recently dealing with a breast health issue of my own, i went out in search of a deodorant that would be effective but not harmful to my body.  i tried crystal deodorant (not my thing) and tom’s (meh) before trying out the lavanila sport deodorant from sephora.  this is a bummer because it is expensive compared to a drugstore deodorant ($16 for 1.8 ounces), but this really works!  it’s a very generous size tube, smells amazing, and is actually an effective deodorant.  yay!

goldie’s amber coconut leave-in conditioner – i got this last summer and it is the best leave in conditioner i’ve ever used (i haven’t used many but you get it).  it smells absolutely incredible and really really works.  i’m in need of another one soon actually.

kuumba made amber & sandalwood fragrance oil – try as i might, perfume really makes me nauseous.  but i absolutely love sandalwood and really musky, natural, woodsy scents like that.  this fragrance oil is dope.  it lasts forever, offers just a hint of scent (depending on how you apply) and makes me feel so sexy and bohemian and free.  i love this.

pacifica stellar gaze mascara in supernova (black) – this is a newer purchase that i got at my local whole foods a couple months ago.  i mentioned before that i haven’t been able to find a mascara that i like, but i really love this guy!  it’s very natural but can be built up if you want it to be more obvious, plus i feel like it’s actually doing good stuff for my eye lashes.  so on the rare occasion that i’m wearing mascara these days, it’s always this.


also, since i mentioned cruelty-free products, i will go a little more in depth here.  it’s important to note that all natural products are not necessarily cruelty free.  and cruelty free products are not necessarily all natural!  however, the more i research, the more i realize that that are quite a few main stream, popular, and/or high end brands that are cruelty free which is incredible.  and, almost all of the products that i already use are cruelty free.  that being said, i am trying to phase out the ones that are not cruelty free, and find new alternatives (which is really fun!).

it’s important to keep in mind that there are many different levels in the cruelty free world.  while many brands are cruelty free, their parent companies may not be. for example, nars, bare minerals, and buxom are all cruelty free brands.  however, they are owned by the parent company shiseido, which is not cruelty free.  companies that are sold in china, where animal testing is required, cannot be considered cruelty free.  if you’re not sure if something is cruelty free or not, look for the leaping bunny on the packaging or the words “not tested on animals” – many products will tell you if they are cruelty free or not.

for me, i am ok as long as the brand itself is cruelty free, but for many this is still unacceptable. it all depends on your own feelings on this issue.  all i can say is that the more you do your research, the better you feel with your choices and your impact on these issues.  by no means are all the products i use all natural or cruelty free, but as i move forward, i am making my purchases more wisely.

day one

i feel like i’m always starting a new health plan.  i have these grand ideas of healthy eating and living, drinking lots of water, and exercising daily.  it rarely happens, and never for more than a week or two.  but as i grow older, the importance i place upon healthy living grows with me.  i went for my first run today in a little while and it felt amazing.  i run around all day at work, but it’s not the same as actually dedicating 30 minutes to an hour just to exercise my body.  it was tough to get going and i’m definitely out of shape, but i felt like i was doing something wonderful for myself.  and that cold shower i took afterwards?  that was the best part.

i’m no fitness or diet guru, let’s get that straight right now.  i eat candy like a machine, i love an ice cold coke, and bread is probably my main food group.  but i really would like to change these habits.  so here are some things i’m going to try to incorporate into my life.  because what better time to improve your physical health than the summer time?

1. run 3 times a week

2. start practicing yoga again, 1-2 times per week

3. water over any other beverage!

4. incorporate more fruits and vegetables

5. cut back on sugar

these seem like tall orders as i’m writing them down, especially as i’m plowing through a bag of candy at this very moment, but i’m going to try my best to nourish my body and mind in a healthier way.  i’m realizing more and more that my body is my vehicle, and without a healthy body, i can’t have a healthy life.  so here’s to day one!  and guess what – i just threw away that bag of candy.