resolutions for my 25th year

my birthday, fortunately and unfortunately, is in the first week of the new year.  while i always come up with new year's resolutions - and pretty immediately disregard them - this year i'm making resolutions for my new year.  life is pretty hectic and full of change these days, so with these resolutions i'm really... Continue Reading →

available skincare

while i used to love ordering skincare online or going to be more niche stores (sephora, beautylish, etc.), i am feeling quite over that at the moment*.  maybe because i'm back to being a broke student and maybe because i'm no longer living in an area where i have access to those stores.  for something... Continue Reading →

getting into a good skincare routine // i already posted about my skincare routine here, if you want to read more.  some standouts have been the previse hyaluronic acid and indie lee squalane oil - both incredibly hydrators.  i have to say i don't like the previse quite as much as the hylamide ha i was... Continue Reading →

ending with december

another month has arrived and so have a fresh set of goals to finish up the year.  check out the inspiration behind this post here.keep spending to a minimum // i have officially made it back to the real world.  and i am so excited.  for one thing, it means being surrounded by all the vices... Continue Reading →

all natural, all happy

when i first started reading beauty blogs and watching videos, i wanted to buy every single product these people were talking about.  no matter how expensive, i wanted it.  and i will say that i did buy more makeup than i ever had before. however, as i mentioned in this post, i don't wear a... Continue Reading →

day one

i feel like i'm always starting a new health plan.  i have these grand ideas of healthy eating and living, drinking lots of water, and exercising daily.  it rarely happens, and never for more than a week or two.  but as i grow older, the importance i place upon healthy living grows with me.  i... Continue Reading →

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