trying not to miss you

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july style // favorites


a collection of dainty rings –
various designers including claire kinder studio and drift/riot

simple black bikinis – mostly old navy (did you know they make the best suits?!)

flow-y, open weave sweaters – brandy melville and loft

the softest jean jacket of all time – madewell jean jacket in ellery wash (i sized up one size)

salty beach hair – i’ve taken to not washing it after swimming in the ocean (at least not until the next day)

soft, fitted tees with baggy denim shorts – it’s a little unusual for me to wear tight tee shirts, but hey, sometimes a girl wants to have a body

covergirl lash blast length mascara in very black – i got this drugstore mascara a few weeks ago and i absolutely love it.  it’s very much like the bare minerals flawless definition mascara that you all know is my favorite, and a little bit lighter in formula than the l’oreal telescopic.  it is really really natural and just gives your lashes a bit of oomph in color and length without any clumping whatsoever

+my images, please credit if taking.