happy valentine’s day, my beautiful bohemians!  i hope that today and every day you are surrounded by love – be it from family, friends, a significant other, a pet, a plant, a beauty product, a favorite shirt, the sun, etc.  cheesy as it sounds, love really is all around us, you just have to keep an eye out for it.  big love from me to you!  xxooo


“you broke my heart”

it’s the opposite of the cliche.  not the heartbroken, but the heartbreaker.  let me tell you, it hurts just as much.  how do you sufficiently apologize to the person you hurt?  how do we rectify what we’ve done with the image we have of ourselves?  how can we forgive ourselves for being careless, for toying with someone’s emotions, for doing to someone else exactly what we try to protect our own selves from experiencing?  how do we forgive ourselves for hurting someone else so intensely?  how do you forgive yourself for breaking someone’s heart?  why is my concern in forgiving myself and not making it better for the other person?

this is why i don’t drink, people.  this is also why i don’t like to wake up at 5 am.

loving craving wishing waiting: june 24th.


bare feet in the sand – having someone new to be excited about – freckles on my nose and cheeks – all black ray ban aviators – going to work every day (call me crazy) – summer nights with summer friends – sunset photography – binge watching orange is the new black – eating fresh fruit all the time


iced coffee – a long, sweaty run – a beach day + refreshing swim in the ocean – a better tan


the summer would slow down – my skin was behaving better – i didn’t have a cold


for my next pay day – for my new white jeans to come in the mail – for tonight.

i must say – i am definitely loving life right now.  and is there any better feeling in the world?