loving craving wishing waiting

oooh i haven’t done of these in a long time.  here are some previous iterations: january, june, august, and april.bb insta1.pngbb insta3.pngloving . . .

my skincare and makeup routines are soooo down pat

the critical babe

broad city season 4

black jeans

cold weather, FINALLY!bb insta2.pngbb insta4.pngcraving . . .

hot apple cider

soup, all day every day (definitely achieving this one)

a really good shower (like fancy hotel good)

an intense yoga sessionbb insta5.pngbb insta6.pngwishing . . .

there were more hours in the day

i had more time to spend on my blog

my apartment wasn’t messy

my fridge wasn’t emptybb insta7.pngbb insta8.pngwaiting . . .

for it to be christmas-preparation-appropriate

for the sephora vib salebb insta9.pngcontent is my own, images from my instagram

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loving craving wishing waiting // 1.16.17

loving . . .

my skincare routine

my humidifier

citizens of humanity liya jeans (on sale at shopbop!)

a gentleman in moscow

truman capote selected writings

craving . . .

a long swim in the ocean


chinese food

a good show that is kind of scary but not too much

wishing . . .

for warmer days

for winter to go quickly

to find my dream job

to get a response to my job applications

for someone to notice me and say hey you are amazing i want to hire you!

waiting . . .

for my boss to send me my last paycheck

for a sunny day to take blog photos

for the next step…

. . .

my image, please credit.



loving craving wishing waiting: june 9th


it’s been a while since i did one of these, but they are one of my favorite post styles that i do. they just encapsulate everything i’m feeling at any particular moment, and they are really fun to look back on as well //


getting up early – dressing up for work – reconnecting with summer friends – my recent new york purchases – sf girl by bay blog


a sweaty yoga session – a long beach day – a swim in the ocean


i was already tan – for salty skin


for my day off on saturday – for my next yoga class – for summer to be in full gear

image via sf girl by bay

loving craving wishing waiting: august 10th

IMG_1597 IMG_3066loving: 

relaxed days off at the beach with close friends

waking up early for coffee before work

tanned hands (kind of) and a mix of big and dainty rings

cat stevens, gordon lightfoot, pure prairie league, and other folk singers

my new phone! finally upgraded from my very cracked, very slow, very broken iphone 5

rewatching the first and second seasons of the rachel zoe project

insanely gorgeous sunsets every night


fruit! it’s all i want to eat

long, salty swims

more piercings


simultaneously for a longer summer and for fall clothes

for that perfect pair of booties (i recently ordered these – i hope they’re everything i think they’re going to be!)

for a sephora to pop into – i have a very long list of things i want to try

i was a mermaid


honestly, i’m not really waiting for anything.  i’m very at peace with where i am right now, this very minute.  and that is a beautiful, very satisfying, very unusual (for me) feeling.

+my images, please credit if taking.

loving craving wishing waiting: june 24th.


bare feet in the sand – having someone new to be excited about – freckles on my nose and cheeks – all black ray ban aviators – going to work every day (call me crazy) – summer nights with summer friends – sunset photography – binge watching orange is the new black – eating fresh fruit all the time


iced coffee – a long, sweaty run – a beach day + refreshing swim in the ocean – a better tan


the summer would slow down – my skin was behaving better – i didn’t have a cold


for my next pay day – for my new white jeans to come in the mail – for tonight.

i must say – i am definitely loving life right now.  and is there any better feeling in the world?

loving craving wishing waiting


preparing for graduation – the first real days of spring – 60 degree weather


summer sun – summer friends – summer weather – summer skin – summer mindset


for a million dollars to spend on free people clothes


for my yoga class tomorrow – for the feel of saltwater on my skin

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