loving craving wishing waiting

oooh i haven't done of these in a long time.  here are some previous iterations: january, june, august, and april.loving . . . my skincare and makeup routines are soooo down pat the critical babe broad city season 4 black jeans cold weather, FINALLY!craving . . . hot apple cider soup, all day every day... Continue Reading →

loving craving wishing waiting: august 10th

loving:  relaxed days off at the beach with close friends waking up early for coffee before work tanned hands (kind of) and a mix of big and dainty rings cat stevens, gordon lightfoot, pure prairie league, and other folk singers my new phone! finally upgraded from my very cracked, very slow, very broken iphone 5 rewatching the... Continue Reading →

loving craving wishing waiting

loving: preparing for graduation - the first real days of spring - 60 degree weather craving: summer sun - summer friends - summer weather - summer skin - summer mindset wishing: for a million dollars to spend on free people clothes waiting: for my yoga class tomorrow - for the feel of saltwater on my... Continue Reading →

loving craving wishing waiting

loving: adding to my turquoise collection - finding new etsy shops - southern cal style blogs craving: cut off shorts - toned arms - salty skin wishing: my room was clean - my laundry was done waiting: for warmer weather - for my hair to grow 4 more inches

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