winter skin & keeping my glow

glowy skincare favorites: alllll about moisture, hydrating ingredients, and oilsbb glow1.jpgmy skincare routine typically stays the same step-wise, but i may switch out the products i’m using from time to time.  for me, it’s all about moisturizing layers sandwiched together, and this is true for my makeup too.  i always start with a hylaronic acid serum, and the one i’ve been loving for months is the jordan samuel hydrate serum.  he just released a 4 oz. size with about $50 in savings, so i’m going to pick that up soon as i’m starting to run out.  i let this soak in typically on damp skin, either from a witch hazel toner or a hydrating rosewater spray.  next i’ve been using the s.w. basics original cream, which is an oil-based moisturizer that feels like a balm at first.  i rub this on the back of my hand to get the oils to melt, then apply to the face.  the less the better for this product – you will still get the insanely moisturizing benefits don’t worry.  after letting this sink in, but while there is still a tiny amount of product sitting on the skin, i layer on an oil.  lately i’ve been using the indie lee squalane, of course, and everyday oil, which is a mixture of lots of goodies.  this is of course my night time routine as it is quite heavy duty – in the morning i go straight in with my makeup routine because my skin is still so hydrated.

as far as glowy masks go, my two favorites are the frank body glow mask and the bioderma sensibio mask, which is a newer one to me.  you’ve heard me go on about the frank one, but it really makes your skin deliciously glowy in just a matter of minutes.  the bioderma one is my replacement for my glossier moon mask – after years of using that one i just wanted to try something different.  i do think i prefer the bioderma one.  for me, it feels like it really makes a difference for days, not just the hours after like the glossier one seems too.  both are great options, glow5.jpgglowy makeup favorites: lightweight layers & basesbb glow2.jpglike i said, i typically go straight into my makeup routine in the morning.  i’ll spray my face with a hydrating spray like the tatcha luminous dewy skin mist, which i sadly finished up after taking these pictures.  i’ll then apply my sunscreen and let that sink in for about 10 minutes if i have time.  this is a firm favorite for me, and i love that it hydrates the skin and protects me from the sun at the same time.  after that, i will apply embryolisse and first aid beauty hello fab coconut primer, sometimes mixed together and sometimes separately.  i’m more likely to use a base product now that i am at my palest and need a little boost.  these include glossier skin tint in light, vapour beauty atmosphere luminous foundation stick in 110 (the EXACT color of my skin which is incredible), and nars radiant tinted moisturizer in terre neuve are my go-to’s.  and yes, i did repurchase the nars.  after having an allergic reaction to my ilia tinted moisturizer, i decided to go back to this old favorite even though it doesn’t have a great rating on ewg.  i use so little that i can justify it!bb glow4.jpgglossier stretch concealer in light is my go to concealer for under my nose, on my chin, and around my eyes.  it is so hydrating that it doesn’t make me look extra dry, which typically happens if i conceal these areas.  if i’m not feeling any other base, i will smush a little of this on any other areas of redness – it has a very similar effect to the vapour foundation stick.  blush is also a go-to in the winter, to amp up my already cold-flushed cheeks!  usually i go for a cream one like ilia in tenderly or pixi in baby petal, but i recently picked up this nars blush in bumpy ride and love the effect.  it’s very pigmented so i apply the teeniest bit and it just livens up my entire face.  this has a very subtle sheen to it, as glow3.jpg

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early morning makeup (for a minimalist)

i’ve started student teaching (EEEEEEEEEK), which requires me to commute over an hour at 6 am.  it’s truly not that bad, but it requires me to be very organized the night before and pretty quick in the morning.  after a little experimentation, i’ve got my makeup routine down pat, and i knew you would all want to see it 😉bb early am1.jpgas fall is thankfully making its presence known, i’ve gone back to my layering technique to keep my skin fresh and hydrated.  after using my clinique mineral sunscreen, i’ve been putting generous mix of embryolisse and first aid beauty coconut primer all over my face and neck.  i haven’t been using any base products cause i truly can’t be bothered, so i pop a little glossier stretch concealer in light on any areas that might be a little red or discolored.  sephora bright future concealer in meringue covers up the blemishes that somehow haven’t been too bad.

while letting all that moisture sink into the skin, i curl my lashes with the surratt curlers and apply a light coat of mascara – either pacifica stellar gaze (back to this love!) in supernova (black) or covergirl lash blast volume in black/brown.  then i brush up my brows with a spoolie and pop on a little maybelline clear mascara to keep them in place.

back to the face and here’s where it changes depending on my mood.  after applying a light layer of alima pure pressed powder foundation in macadamia – keeps my skin glowy but not shiny and offers the perfect amount of light coverage, i either go in with blush or bronzer.  for bronzer i’m still loving the hourglass diffused bronze light and for blush i’ve been reaching for the pixi multibalm in baby petal.  add a little rms living luminizer and the face is done!bb early am2.jpgfor lips it’s usually lip balm, but sometimes i’ll do a little bit of the burt’s bees lipstick in nile nude.  it’s the PERFECT neutral nude that lightens the lips up in a healthy, juicy way.  very moisturizing and even a minimalist like me can enjoy it daily.

so that’s that!  if i have an extra second i’ll spritz my face with some rosewater or some sort of hydrosol.  basically my aesthetic here is to be fresh-faced and put together, but simple and clean.  what’s your go-to work makeup routine?

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beauty @ mango

i was perusing the jewelry on the mango us site the other day and couldn’t get over how amazing the models look.  think healthy, glowing skin, upward brushed brows, curled lashes, and neutral lips, with the exception of that pop of red.  i love the simplicity, the lack of mascara, and how clean and bright the models look.  the simplicity of the makeup and color palette is juxtaposed beautifully against the intensity of the jewelry.Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.09.21 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.06.31 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.08.22 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.08.33 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.08.49 PM.pngimages via mango

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recent eco beauty buys

and crazy eco buys1.jpg100% pure cocoa butter lipstick in prickly pear // i picked up a couple products from 100% pure while  i was in new york and i have become a big fan of the company.  after seeing some of their instagram posts on this lipstick, i just couldn’t resist the color and the semi-matte formula.  i can honestly say that this is one of the only bold lipsticks i have ever felt confident enough to wear both during the day and out at night – the other one being nars damned.  the color is a stunning pinky coral and the finish is more matte than semi-matte, which i actually prefer.  it is so easy to apply even for a lipstick-nube like me and lasts forEVER.  when the actually lipstick wears off you get a stain on your lips that is pretty much identical to the original color.  if you have fair skin and don’t feel like you can pull off red that well but want a bold lip, check out prickly pear.  you won’t be disappointed!  i was concerned at first because the tube is smaller than a normal lipstick bullet, but the amount of product is the same as the bite beauty amuse bouche lipsticks and much greater than luxe ones like nars, urban decay, and ysl – .15 oz or 4.5 grams, and now i love that there is no excess packaging!

alima pure pressed foundation in macadamia // i was on a pressed powder foundation search and was leaning towards the mineral fusion one when i remembered how much alli cherry raves about this one from alima pure.  this was a few dollars more expensive from what i recall but worth the splurge, i promise.  the formula is perfect, giving you slight coverage and a subtle matte finish without looking cakey or even that matte.  the color is perfect for my summer skin and the great news is you can buy the refill pans for a discounted price when you need a new one – you never have to buy the compact again.  overall i’m very happy i decided to try this brand and this product and would recommend if you are looking for a reliable pressed powder with a nice shade range.

eminence mineral illuminator in chai berry glow // i am sooooooo happy i finally bought this.  i have wanted this product for the past 6 months – why are there some products we never get around to buying even though they aren’t any more expensive than other products we get without thinking twice?!! – after hearing sam raving about it on her channel.  this is a gorgeous pinky peach blush with a subtle glow (no visible shimmer).  it’s a perfect blush for lighter skin tones and i think it would be a beautiful highlighter for deeper ones as well.  it’s similar to my favorite rimmel santa rose blush but with more color and more glow.  the packaging is beautiful and so hippie luxe.  i can’t get enough!

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rt contour brush

before i begin this post, i want to apologize for my radio silence over here lately.  it might not seem that silent to you, but it certainly does to me!  moving and starting school has been extremely stressful and overwhelming, so the blog has been moved to the back burner unfortunately.  but i promise i will be back in action soon with a couple exciting things up my sleeve!  thanks, as always, for your continued support and love.  you all are my favorite bohemians ever ❤bb rt contour brush4.jpgyou probably know that i love love love cream products.  eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, concealers.  but when it comes to blushes and bronzers, i often struggle with application.  using my fingers is a little patchy, and my small stipple brush is a little too concentrated.  enter the new love of my youtube life – karima mckimmie.  i saw karima using the real techniques contour brush to apply cream blush and i was like WAIT i own that brush!!  truth be told, i have never used it before and it was in the very back of my bathroom cabinet.  buuuuuuut everything changed immediately.  bb rt contour brush1.jpgi swirl the brush in the cream product and then on the back of my hand, making sure the product is well distributed.  then i just blend on to my cheeks or hairline, etc, wherever i am putting the product.  and it’s flawless!  i am able to get the exact right amount of product and perfect application every time.  i’m especially excited about using the contour brush with my rms buriti bronzer, which i love but have been discouraged by because application just hasn’t been the easiest.  bb rt contour brush3.jpgi really do love cream products – the finish is so natural and youthful, and they are also easier to apply when you have the right tools.  so if you’ve been struggling with finding said right tool, i recommend you check out the real techniques contour brush.  unfortunately it is only part of a set, but i promise you will make use of the other brushes as well.  sometimes you just have to be creative and go off script, so to speak!bb rt contour brush2.jpgproducts shown include rms buriti bronzer, tata harper volumizing lip and cheek in very nice and very charming, ilia multi-stick in a fine romance, and colourpop super shock cheek in aphrodisiac

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talkin’ trash 02

bb empties02 7.jpgbiiiiiig empties today!  i don’t know how people keep their empties for a full year to review – only a few months and it’s driving me crazy to have this huge bag under my sink taking up space.  anyways…bb empties02 2.jpgnars radiant creamy concealer in vanilla // ooooh my love.  i just love this concealer.  i did notice that it was starting to oxidize on my skin towards the end of the tube, but that isn’t an issue that i have dealt with before.  i have a travel size tube of this in my purse at all times – i just adore this concealer and have been through quite a few.

desert essence tea tree whitening plus mouthwash // twice a day, every day, baby!  again, i mentioned this in a monthly picks post, so i won’t bore you about my love for this mouthwash.  but yeah it’s great!

trilogy makeup be gone cleansing balm // i got this trilogy kit at whole foods a few months ago and it has made me fall in love with the brand.  i have only tried one or two, but this is my favorite cleansing balm i’ve tried – i’m also making my way through a full size.  i like it because the texture changes completely into an oil, so it is easy to remove and takes off all my makeup (or what remains after bioderma).  i kept this mini for travel and it has really come in handy.  when i finish my full size i will definitely repurchase. bb empties02 3.jpggo-to face hero // i am so impressed with how quickly i went through this!  it was so good to my skin this winter and the first oil besides jojoba that i have used consistently with my moisturizer.  i will definitely repurchase this, but i think i’ll wait until next winter as it’s quite a heavy oil.  great product and i really enjoyed using it.  my only con is that the opaque packaging doesn’t let you see how much product you have left, so i was really surprised when i finished this up mid-skincare routine!

trilogy hydrating mist toner sample // i brought this to california with me while on vacation and it was love at first use.  i was by the pool every day for a week so my skin was a little parched from swimming and being in the sun, but this brought the moisture back.  the mix of rose, geranium, and lavender is great for the skin and the senses – i love the aromatherapy benefits that come along with this.  when i finish up a couple facial sprays (honestly i have so many on the go at all times), i am going to pick this up in full size.  trilogy is definitely becoming one of my favorite natural brands that is easy to find and a good price point.

dr. haushka toner // i am so disappointed in this toner.  i got it in the hello beauty whole foods bag (thank goodness i didn’t spend too much money to buy it), and i only used it a few times before it got moldy?!?!?!  i honestly didn’t see any difference with this toner and with the 2 week expiration, i will not repurchase this.  meh! bb empties02 4glossier priming moisturizer rich // thank you to my beautiful sister (WHO IS NOW A MOMMY) for sending this to me for my birthday!  i honestly disliked this product.  for one thing, the lavender smell is extremely overpowering and even though it is natural smelling, it’s just too much.  also i just like the original priming moisturizer so much better.  and i think that i just prefer my fab ultra repair cream and this is pretty similar to that.  plus at the time this came out i was at a breaking point with all the hype and over-promotion of glossier, so i think that affected my opinion as well.  anyways i am so glad i got to try it, but i think i liked it better for my hands than i did for my face.

derma-e hydrating night cream // this was another product included in the whole foods hello beauty bag and i adored this!  i went through it so quickly because it was just so nice.  it’s a rich cream with hyaluronic acid that smells beautifully fruity, so it was definitely up my alley.  i used this both day and night, i didn’t feel it was too thick for the day but again, dry skin.  it does rate a 5 on ewg, but from what i can tell it’s from the fragrance and the inclusion of vitamin a palmitate.  for these reasons i won’t repurchase, but i really did enjoy this product.  but seriously it smells like heaven. bb empties02 6.jpgfirst aid beauty ultra repair cream // i touched on this in may picks, so i won’t wax too poetic.  i love this!  so much!  this is the first tube i bought and i am already almost done with the second.  so lovely for dry skin, inexpensive, gets a 1 on ewg.  also really great for sensitive skin because of the oatmeal.  yay!

mac fix+ // oooooh magical unicorn water!  mac fix+ is such a cult product and i absolutely understand why.  it smells amazing, adds a boost of moisture to the skin, gives you that gloooow, and sets the makeup.  beauteous.  it’s expensive so i’m not sure if i will repurchase right away but at some point, oh yeah.

captain blankenship mermaid sea salt spray // you might remember be loving this up last summer.  and then one day, i just couldn’t use it anymore.  the smell is really peppery and strong, and i didn’t think it did enough to my hair to merit the cost.  so i used it up but i am going to stick to my plantfolk apothecary messy hair instead – i just reordered this because i finished this up, i can’t wait to get it!!  i won’t repurchase this but i love the brand! bb empties02 5.jpgouai wave spray // another day, another salt spray.  like the captain blankenship, i loved this at first and then fell out of love.  this guy is frustrating because it will sometimes get really sticky and clumpy, even if you haven’t used any more than usual.  i actually purchased a full size and then returned it unopened.  this is nice but meh.  it does smell soooo lovely though.

glossier coconut balm dotcom // i think this is my favorite glossier product.  the coconut smell was very strong for me at first, but now i can’t get enough.  i use this daily and i think i will pretty much always have a tube around.  delicious hydration all day every day.

2 weleda lip balms // ok now this is a bit of a cheat because i finished one and the other completely melted in my car.  but this is my favorite lip balm to date and i am already on a fresh tube.  great product, little to no scent, matte finish which is key.  will purchase probably forever!

too faced better than sex mascara // ok i absolutely did not finish this up completely, but i have had it open since november so it was time for it go.  this is such a fun mascara, but it wasn’t practical for me to buy a full size.  it’s just too much product!!  i will buy a travel size in the future for nights out or dressing up, but i don’t use it day to day.  i’m interested in trying the new l’oreal lash paradise mascara that looks like a dupe for the better than sex, but for a far better price!

honorable mentions // products that aren’t quite used up, but i’m moving and i can’t keep hoarding these empties!bb empties02 1.jpgbioderma 250 ml // since first buying bioderma in the late fall while in london, it has become an integral part of my daily routine.  i got this big size early in the new year via beautylish, so i think that i’ve gone through it quite quickly actually!  i use it every night to take my makeup off before washing my face, through the day if i want to take my eye makeup off, or if i’ve been having a swatch-fest.  it is gentle even on my extremely sensitive eyes and i don’t think i could live without it!  i am going to wait to repurchase because i have a deluxe sample of a ____ micellar water to try out, but i will absolutely restock my bioderma at some point in the future.

botanics rosewater spray // botanics is actually a really cool company that i just found out about.  it’s available at places like target and ulta, and i would say half or so of their product lineup is organic and natural.  one such item is the toning spritz made up of 100% rosewater.  this a great rosewater spray at a great price point ($10), and my skin has loved it.  i did decant the product into a glass container because my bottle was defunct, but i recommend this to anyone looking for a simple toner or facial spray for not too much money.  i think i am going to get the aforementioned trilogy toner instead of this, but i may pick it up again in the future.

trilogy rosehip antioxidant + // ok you can tell i really enjoyed this whole trilogy trial kit i got.  this rosehip based oil also includes tomato seed oil, cranberry seed oil, acai fruit oil, and more.  it is hydrating and gives you a boost of antioxidant protection against free radicals.  it is very lightweight and sinks it quickly, so it’s perfect for warmer months.  i am considering purchasing a full size of this instead of repurchasing my indie lee squalane oil when i finish that up – but truth be told i will probably get both!  great product all around.

oh, and a million things of dr. bronner’s.  always.

and to make you all smile – here are my dogs max and buddy helping me with my photo taking.  i’m thinking about throwing them out with these empty products 😉bb empties02 buddy.jpgbb empties02 max.jpg

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glossier vs. colourpop

the battle of the matte, sheer colourpop glossier2.jpgwhen visiting the house i was living in for the past few years, i found a couple brand new glossier products that i had left behind.  2 of which were the generation g lip tints, in like and jam.  like is basically the color of my lips but slightly pinker, while jam is a sheer purple.  i don’t like jam that much on me, but i love like, mainly because i feel like i have makeup on without looking like i do.  the dream, eh?  important to note that these are the old formula, the new iteration is slightly more pigmented from what i can tell.

a few days before i found my secret glossier treasure trove, i placed an order with colourpop for a couple of their blotted lip stains.  i haven’t heard or seen anyone talking about these, but they are essentially a lightly pigmented lipstick, so giving that blotted effect instead of full on lipstick lips.  i chose 3 colors – brain freeze, a cool toned pink, ice cube, a berry, and on a stick, a soft coral.  i’m in love with the coral and berry shades especially, and am so-so about the light pink (it’s brighter and more barbie-esque than i anticipated).  it was purely coincidental that i ordered 2 matching shades to the 2 gen g’s i had stored away.  sooo how do they compare?bb colourpop glossier4.jpgthe colourpop option is definitely more pigmented, and really feels like a matte lipstick.  they are just as matte and comfortable as the glossier gen g’s.  these stand closer to a regular lipstick and can be built up as such, but applied just once they have the sheer finish that i want.

the gen g’s are absolutely more sheer and feel like a balm, as marketed.  when initially applied onto the lips they are barely noticeable, so i do 2 layers or so.  i love the like shade, but don’t have any interest in the others.  it seems that they are just too sheer, and need to be built up multiple times vs the one swipe and perfect amount of color that i get from the colourpop.  but again, i think the new formula of the generation g’s has more pigmentation.  the balm texture of these was especially noticeable when swatched next to the colourpop, but i think for me i would rather just wear a balm and be nourished or wear a matte lipstick and not be.  you know?bb colourpop glossier5.jpgi like that colourpop’s blotted lips have some fun color options, so they are understated but still bright.  plus the price point is just unbeatable.  for $5 a piece, i absolutely recommend going with colourpop.  there’s more variety in the colors and though you do get half the product, it’s less than 1/3 the price of glossier.  these are really a perfect product for someone who likes to be quite minimal with colourpop glossier3.jpgsome quick facts:

colourpop blotted lip: $5, 1 gram (.035 oz), 3 on ewg, more color

glossier gen g: $18, 2 grams (.07 oz), 5 on ewg, less color

(both contain bht)Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.27.52 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.27.35 PM.png

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