a sunday story

// on my agenda today //coffee for hours in bed, while: // binging on one of my favorite blogs, waiting for saturday.  they haven't posted in over a year, but i haven't browsed in a while, so even the old posts feel new.  still waiting for a return, however. // watching matilda's videos, for the... Continue Reading →

the real deal skincare routine

and by real deal i mean this is my totally perfected skincare routine that i have been doing for months without the need or desire to change anything at all.  oh and FINALLY, the post i've been promising forever!  because i don't have much counter space in my bathroom, i keep all my skincare under... Continue Reading →

the foolproof sunscreen combo

2017 has been the year of sunscreen searching for me.  it turns out finding a natural, mineral sunscreen for every day that isn't white or greasy or thick is quite the challenge.  a few months ago i splurged on the suntegrity 5-in-1 tinted sunscreen in light, which is great, albeit a little thick and a... Continue Reading →

catching the sunrise

i'm babysitting my boss's dog for the week, which is requiring some early morning potty runs.  at 6am to be exact.  normally i wouldn't be thrilled about being yanked out of bed this early, but right now i kinda really don't mind.  it's amazing how nice it can be to get outside just after rising,... Continue Reading →


i am a child of the moon.  i come alive when everyone else goes to sleep.  it's when i think, when i understand, when i grow.  i dream, but i'm still awake.  i envision what my world could be, i make plans, i make commitments to myself.  a late night, cozy in bed or going... Continue Reading →

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