on a dark desert highway

tumblr_inline_ngr2dsZfT11r1zr9qFullSizeRender.jpghow strange, to find in real life, the very things that inspire you.  this week, while spending time in palm springs, i drove by the building above.  hotel california.  months ago, i found this picture on a blog and immediately saved it.  hotel california is one of my favorite songs, as well as my sister’s, and california itself has always been a major part of my life.  how strange, it seems, to be driving along in a place i have not been for at least a decade, and see this building that i loved so much.  it could have been anywhere.  but there it was.  how strange, to find this place on the day the world should lose glenn frey, the very writer of the song.

“any time of year, you can find it here.”  like something deep within my soul, the hotel california made itself known to me.  part of its magic is the eeriness of the song, the building, the desert itself.

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looking forward

IMG_3326to a date in the city with my dad // breakfast and christmas shopping tomorrow

to finish working on my christmas presents // i’m handcrafting my sisters’ presents and will show you what i made after christmas!

to togetherness // my sisters and brothers will be home for the holidays

to learning more about calligraphy // i had my first class on wednesday and i really felt my creative juices flowing

to some travels in the coming months // i’m itching to head out to california, new york, and florida and maybe some other places if i can swing it

to making my way through a stack of books // my self imposed reading list plus more

to creating and setting my intentions for the new year // working and focusing on myself, my mind, my body, and my spirit

to getting back to work, friends, and the place where i feel most myself // 

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november favorites

IMG_3509klurskin rose and white tea glycolic cleanser

klurskin hyaluronic and vitamin c serum

ogx quenched sea mineral moisture shampoo and conditioner (not pictured)

vichy idealia bb cream, shade light

laura mercier oil free tinted moisturizer, shade cameo

glossier boy brow, shade brown

soap & glory hand food

mac 187 duo fiber brush, used for bronzer

gap booties (last year’s version of these)

pretty little liars on netflix

vanderpump rules on bravo

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thoughts on: coffee


what is it about coffee?  it is so much more than just a beverage.  for me, coffee evokes memories of my grandfather, who drank his coffee blacker than black and loved even the crappiest of cups.  it makes me think of my dad, who drinks coffee like it’s water.  it makes me think of cold mornings and warm mugs, snuggling with my mom and watching the today show.  it makes me think of dog walks and iced coffee runs in new york, of running to cvs for k cups in boston.

coffee makes me think of meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.  of frank sinatra and brazil.  kona coffee shops in hawaii.  starbucks cards that you can never seem to find.  making cappucinos for customers that just won’t leave you alone.  of 2.25 for hot and 3.50 for iced.  “two iced coffees!”

for me, a cup of coffee is like a cup of memories.  hot or cold, regular or decaf, hazelnut or french vanilla.  we are a culture of coffee drinkers.  no matter where you go, no matter the language, no matter the style, coffee in some form is on the menu.  we join each other over coffee and we move forward together, highly caffeinated and yet still exhausted.

my image, please credit if taking.