i lied…

there's more fashion week street style, including the end of new york, london, and a couple milan.  surprise!where can i get pink, flared cords though?!?!?!all from collage vintage, truly the best place for fashion week street style coverage follow me: instagram // pinterest // bloglovin’

an impromptu new york trip

when you get the chance to take a quick trip to new york city, you do it.  ditch your boss, ditch your boyfriend, ditch real life and goooooo!  and no trip to new york is complete without some serious buyer's remorse and an empty wallet, so here are the things that i picked up while there...and... Continue Reading →

nyfw street style // part 1

let's be honest, most of these women look like they are just out running errands.  let's be honest again, i absolute love the casual nature of fashion right now.  it's all about classic jeans, loafers and slides, with some silk and vintage thrown in.  actually achievable, people!all images via collage vintage // the best fashion... Continue Reading →

blog spotlight: waiting for saturday

waiting for saturday is one of my long time favorite blogs.  i stopped reading it for a few months unintentionally, but now we are back on in full force.  i even tried to work there last year (they were too small to take me on but i had a great conversation with the founders).  it is... Continue Reading →

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