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blog spotlight: song of style

a few years ago, not quite when i first started reading fashion blogs but also not very recently, i happened upon song of style.  at the time aimee was an interior decorator/designer and part dj.  she was cute and cool and i loved her vibe.  after a while, the posts were mostly about trips and sponsors, and i moved on.  (side note: does this happen to anyone else with blogs they read?  i feel like i find a cool blogger and become a consistent reader, only to soon realize the bloggers have become famous and paid generously, no longer need their day jobs, and no longer seem genuine or realistic.  i feel like i’m constantly looking for new, independent, realistic bloggers to follow.  i don’t know, these blogs just get boring and are all the same.  hmph!)

woah woah woah, that was quite a rant there.  really the purpose of this post was to tell you that my relationship with song of style is back on and i’m digging the direction of the blog again.  she has great taste, wears distressed denim with pretty much everything, and the photography is incredible.  i like that her style is a little more sophisticated than the blogs that i usually look at; it’s a different kind of inspiration for me.  her fashion week posts are especially juicy.  check out some of my favorites below: aimee_song_of_style_chanel_purse_black_turtleneck.jpgaimee_song_of_style_zara_cardigan_vince_sweater.jpgaimee_song_of_style_freestate_coffee.jpgaimee_song_of_style_raye_sandals_chloe_bag_dior_sunglasses.jpgaimee_song_of_style_mint_sweater_frame_denim.jpgIMG_8018.jpgaimee_song_of_style_beige_cardigan_sabbine_jeans_bucket_bag.jpgaimee_song_of_style_tula_rosa_leopard_print_jimmy_choo_bag.jpgaimee_song_of_style_celine_heels_seven_for_all_mankind_jeans.jpgaimee_song_of_style_zimmermann_heels_chloe_bag.jpgAimee_song_of_style_denim_shirt_ripped_denim_jeans_christian_louboutin_pumps.jpg

ok, i think you get the distressed denim jist!  all images from