the concealer search

part of the fun of shopping, for me, is the search. ¬†the search for the best product, the best price, the best shopping experience. ¬†in fact, this is actually a defining¬†characteristic of many millennials,¬†research-backed buying¬†vs impulse buying. ¬†i learned this at a luncheon with refinery 29 while i was interning at elizabeth arden – how the methods of shopping of millennials effect retailers and how those retailers can persuade millennials to purchase in the moment or at least be a part of their research. ¬†ok wooooah tangent, let’s get back to the point of this post.
bb bare minerals concealer review 1.jpgi have been on the hunt for a pot concealer that i could wear as a pseudo-foundation – basically something ultra creamy that i could use to even out my skin but wouldn’t look or feel like i had anything on. ¬†i tried the w3ll people narcissist foundation stick first (obviously not a pot) and while i liked it a lot, the color match wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t exactly what i was looking for. ¬†it’s nice for brightening my face, but i don’t find myself reaching for it on a daily basis.

my next thought was the rms “un” cover-up, which is really the exact product i want, but none of the colors work for me. ¬†i’ve mentioned it a thousand times before, but my skin is very cool-toned, so the yellow-based shades of the “un” cover-up just do not work for me. ¬†glossier’s stretch concealer seems to have a more pink-based range, but to be honest i’m not that drawn to that brand anymore. ¬†i’m sooo tired of seeing all the marketing on every single instagram post that pops up on my feed and i’m just kind of over it, for now at least! ¬†some of their products are still staples for me (milky jelly cleanser,¬†moon mask, and coconut balm dotcom¬†are constants) so yes that concealer looks like it would be pretty perfect, but i’m going to pass on it for now.

then, very excitingly, nars came out with their new soft matte concealers. ¬†in pot form! ¬†pot form of my favorite concealer! – so i thought. ¬†but yes, as the name would suggest, these are more on the matte side. ¬†i tested them out at sephora and they are truly beautiful and creamy, while finishing to a matte or at least satin-matte formula. ¬†i just don’t think they would work on my drier skin and the coverage seems higher than what i’m looking for.

and finally, i remembered my old faithful – bare minerals. ¬†i actually owned the bare minerals correcting concealer quite a few years ago now, but i never really knew what to do with it so i got rid of it. ¬†i don’t typically wear concealer under my eyes and i wasn’t yet using any products like that on my face, so it went by the way side. ¬†but while browsing ulta the other day, this little pot of magic came back to me. ¬†bb bare minerals concealer review 2.jpgthis concealer is perfect for what i have been looking for. ¬†it’s creamy, glowy, and stays put all day. ¬†it can be sheered out for just a hint of coverage where needed, but is also perfect for spot concealing blemishes with a small brush. ¬†the color – light 1 of course – is the ideal mix of cool and warm tones, so it works to brighten while also matching my skin perfectly (it’s described as a light neutral cool). ¬†and truthfully, this does not budge. ¬†i find my nars radiant creamy concealer shifts around throughout the day, but i napped in the bare minerals and it still didn’t reveal the huge pimple i have on my chin. ¬†it doesn’t crease on my eyelids, nor under my eyes. ¬†i don’t wear undereye concealer, but it’s nice to know that i can with this and it will look totally natural and not like some kim k¬†triangle shit. ¬†also, it will be really easy for me to get another shade to match my tan in the summer because the shades are divided between warm and cool tones (though i get tan, i’m still cool-toned) – something that has always been difficult for me.

and since i’m sure you were wondering, this little baby has some pretty great ingredients. ¬†it scores a 2 on ewg, contains spf 20, and is free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, gmo’s, and triclosan. i do wish it didn’t contain phenoxyethanol, but that is not a¬†huge problem for me at the moment. ¬†i also got the full coverage concealer brush which was one of the only brushes i ever owned throughout high school and most of college, and it really is a good one. ¬†i used to use it in my bare minerals powder to cover up, but it’s a great match for the correcting concealer as well. ¬†you can use the tip of it to pinpoint conceal, and use the rest for bare minerals concealer review 4.jpgbb bare minerals concealer review 3.jpgmaybe it’s nostalgia, but i honestly love bare minerals and their products. ¬†they are always beautiful, effective, and great quality. ¬†some of my favorites are the original foundation, the flawless definition mascara (the only mascara i wore through high school and college¬†– i’m dying to get a fresh tube since i haven’t used it in a couple years), and the lip glosses (they¬†are discontinuing the marvelous moxie line but i have plans to get a couple of the gen nude buttercream glosses – they are stunning!). ¬†what’s your tried and true favorite brand?

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the concealer search

on my person 02

the bag: vintage coach duffel in black via poshmark – check out ebay, etsy, poshmark, tradesy

babybohemian in my bag2.jpg

the hat: neff beanie

the gloves: walgreen’s fingerless gloves (comes with a grey full pair as well)

babybohemian in my bag1.jpg

the beauty stuff: mini nars radiant creamy concealer in vanilla

clean&clear blotting sheets

bare minerals pressed foundation in fairly medium (do they not make this anymore?)

sephora powder brush (discontinued)

soap&glory hand food

dr. bronner’s lavender hand sanitizer

korres lip butter in jasmine

mini bite beauty lip pencil in cafe Рleche is close

nivea lip balm

babybohemian in my bag3.jpg

the sunglasses: ray ban round metal, madewell

the wallet: a christmas gift from my sister!  i sadly got concealer on it, any recommendations for how to get that off?

the phone case: zero gravity available at urban outfitters or ascot&hart

babybohemian in my bag5.jpg

babybohemian in my bag4.jpg

check out my original on my person post

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on my person 02

makeup for a minimalist: a sephora order

baby bohemian new purchases 2.jpg

baby bohemian new purchases.jpg

hourglass illume sheer color¬†palette // for whatever reason, this palette popped into my head the other day and i could not relax until i bought it. ¬†thankfully it is still available! ¬†it’s a gorgeous palette of cream products – bronzer, blush, and highlighter. ¬†you guys know that i love cream bronzers and lately i have been all about the cream blushes as well. ¬†my sister told me my skin looked really pretty and glowy one day and i just about fainted because it was the best compliment ever – so cream products it is!

upon my first use, i am so impressed with how creamy and pigmented this palette is. ¬†i’m used to really warming up my cream products, especially the rms lip2cheek and tata harper volumizing lip&cheek tint, but you don’t need to do that with these creams. ¬†they apply beautifully and stay creamy and glossy, not quite setting down to a powder finish, which i’m really excited about. ¬†the bronzer is a great universal shade and the blush is a beautiful coral which is something i’m lacking in my makeup drawer. ¬†the only highlighter i own is the rms living luminizer which cannot be replaced, but it will be nice to have something a little more gold especially in the summer. ¬†all of the shades are subtle but very pigmented and creamy, and offer that gorgeous glow that i can’t resist on my skin. ¬†i’m mad this is a limited edition product!

marc jacobs under(cover) coconut primer // this winter has been all about thin layers of moisture to combat the cold, dry chicago air. ¬†and it has been working wonders! ¬†a few months ago i got a travel size version of the too faced hangover primer and that has been a daily addition to my makeup because of that extra layer of hydration it gives. ¬†since i’m almost done with it, i thought i would check out the marc jacobs primer as it is similar but a little more smoothing and moisturizing. ¬†i got a sample size from sephora (honestly the best thing to do when you want new makeup but can’t spend the money) and must say i like it so much. ¬†it just adds a little bit more everything than the too faced – more moisture, more glow, more dew, more slip – and is so fucking chic. ¬†it is also gorgeous when mixed with a little dollop of mac strobe cream or glossier priming moisturizer.

ALSO i was able to get 10% off this order because i renewed my vib status at sephora (their points system) Рi used this code: V436CB.  it will work for everyone who renews any status in the new year, which i learned about via temptalia.  bless her!

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makeup for a minimalist: a sephora order

the bohemian-approved gift guide

i’ve seen a lot of holiday gift guides circling the internet, but most of them include extremely high end items. ¬†when it comes to gifting, i find that something small but thoughtful is always more effective than something expensive but random. ¬†so here’s my gift guide for any fellow financially challenged bohemians… ūüėČ
IMG_0002.jpgfor the plant parent //
is anything cuter¬†than a tiny succulent in an equally tiny¬†pot? ¬†this is kind of the same theme as the jewelry dishes, but it’s super easy to find cute, small pots that would fit a small succulent or cactus. ¬†i have found mine in various places, mainly garden shops and anthropologie, but thrift shops are also beacons for little ceramic items. ¬†this little pink one¬†($12) from anthropologie would be gorgeous with a small cactus. ¬†you can get really small succulents at any home and garden shop; i got my first ever cactus at home depot for $3!

for the jewelry lover // i am a huge collector of little dishes and bowls in which i can store jewelry. ¬†cute dishes can be found anywhere – anthropologie, urban outfitters, thrift shops – and are usually in the $5-$15 range. ¬†try to think about what your giftee might put in these dishes: if he/she wears a lot of rings, maybe go for something larger. ¬†if they wear teeny earrings, something small like this muji one¬†($4.50) is super cute and can be chosen in their favorite color. ¬†i’m also loving¬†this one¬†($14) from anthro (it’s actually a soap dish but i love it for jewels!) and this one¬†($15) from etsy.

for the¬†card carrier // i pretty much always use a small pouch instead of a regular wallet. ¬†they are amazing for switching into a small purse, having only the basics, and keeping yourself organized. ¬†when i have my big wallet it is filled with receipts and crap that i never look at and do not need. ¬†so why not gift a fun little pouch or cardcase to your friend that has it all and then some? ¬†my all time favorite pouch wallet is from a company called falconwright¬†that sadly went out of business. ¬†i try not to use it so much anymore since it’s getting pretty worn out and i love it so dearly. ¬†i got my little green pouch¬†($38 but used to be $25 unfortunately) from baggu last winter and it has been my constant companion – despite that fact that it makes things a little bit hard to find (my friend andrew used to always yell at me when i could never find my debit card hehe! ¬†but the pouch remains a firm favorite). ¬†my oldest sister swears by this pouch¬†($29.50) from madewell and i love it because it has card pockets inside for more organization. ¬†and if you really wanted to treat a loved one, i think it would be awesome to fill the pouch with one or a couple gift cards to their favorite places!

for the beauty junkie // it seems like most of the items i buy at sephora are miniature from their checkout/travel beauty section. ¬†they have some great hidden gems tucked in that aisle that i think get sadly ignored, esepcially when it comes to gift giving. ¬†while cosmetics can be tricky to buy for someone else unless mentioned specifically, i think it’s fun to get a couple cute treats¬†that everyone would love. ¬†some of my favorites at sephora right now are the too cool for school dinoplatz lip balm in various colors (i have spilled wine, $15), tarte tartelette tease palette ($21), clinique take the day off¬†makeup remover ($9.50), and sephora daily brush cleaner ($8.50). ¬†these are all minis that i have either given or received, and i think they would make great gifts for anyone, regardless of their makeup style or collection. ¬†you also can’t go wrong with some fun hair masks or hand lotions.

for the routine reader // with so many amazing coffee table books out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not buy any for yourself. ¬†i personally love the fashion and decor books we have been seeing on the market lately and think they make a great, personalized gift. ¬†know a parisian fashion fan? ¬†how to be parisian wherever you are¬†($14) and paris street style¬†($17) are no brainers. ¬†a design junkie? ¬†try design bloggers at home¬†($23) or home style by city¬†($20). ¬†a hardcore new yorker? ¬†tomboy style¬†($25) and brooklyn street style¬†($20)¬†are top notch. ¬†some books on my lust list are the new garconne: how to be a modern gentlewoman¬†($21) and urban jungle: living and styling with plants ($35), hint hint!

i hope you found this little gift guide helpful.  the holidays can be tough when you are on a budget but want to give meaningful and luxurious gifts to your loved ones, friends, and coworkers.  i think these smaller items are not only thoughtful, but precious, and can be tailored to the people you know best.  if you have a little more wiggle room, you could also combine a few of these categories for an incredible treat basket with a particular focus.  i would DIE over a potted succulent with a gift card to home depot and a plant book all together in one bundle.  happy gifting!

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the bohemian-approved gift guide

the real real pt.2

sorry, no black friday roundups over here! ¬†let’s get back to regular scheduled programming, shall we?

part two: the eyes. bring on the taupes!IMG_4398.jpgIMG_4400.jpg

when i want something shimmery: it’s all about these two creamy shadows. ¬†the¬†wander beauty exquisite eye liquid shadow in bronze is a super cooling, shimmery liquid shadow that gives you a little time to blend but then sets and won’t budge all day. ¬†it’s in between a bronze and a taupe and it sheers out nicely (it’s not as bronzey as it looks in the photos). ¬†to be honest, at first i thought this was burning my eyelids, but i realized that it’s just super cooling and that feeling goes away quite quickly. ¬†the¬†sephora colorful shadow&liner in taupe is my ideal cream shadow stick. ¬†it’s a light, cool-toned taupe that again doesn’t budge. ¬†i absolutely love these sephora shadow sticks and highly recommend! ¬†i think they’re a great alternative to the high-end ones on the market and this shade is my perfect taupe.

when i want something glossy:¬†rms eye polish in myth. ¬†in the pot, this looks a lot like the sephora shadow stick, but on the eyes the color is extremely sheer. ¬†the finish is super glossy but doesn’t crease and remains throughout the day. ¬†i love how sheer this is, giving the slightest wash of taupe color without being obvious that you have it on. ¬†the glossiness is editorial perfection.

when i want something matte:¬†mac paint pots in painterly and groundwork are second to none. ¬†i use painterly if i’m tired and want a little brightening on the lid, and groundwork when i’m feeling grungy and want something that’s there but also barely there. ¬†i love running groundwork on the lower lash line as well. ¬†and these are great eye shadow bases/primers as well, so kind of a 2-in-1! ¬†when i want to run something through the crease, all over the lid, and/or my lower lash line, it’s always the¬†jane iredale shadow in cappucino. ¬†it’s my perfect neutral-toned light brown shadow and i love it for some subtle, every day definition. ¬†it also works beautifully with other shimmery shadows. ¬†i think it’s similar to urban decay’s naked, but a little cooler toned and more subtle on my skin.

you might be wondering, where is mascara? ¬†truth be told, i hate mascara. ¬†i have a few that i like as much as i can like it, but day to day i don’t wear it. ¬†at night, i like it to perk my eyes up and look a little more spruced up, but otherwise i can’t be bothered. ¬†i have been liking curling my lashes though, so i usually do that during the day and to open the eyes. ¬†i have only ever tried the tarte eyelash curlers¬†and while they are definitely good, i really don’t like the handles (you don’t put your fingers inside, if that makes sense at all). ¬†so i placed a cheeky order for the shu uemura ones¬†since they are supposedly the best. ¬†i’ll let you know when they arrive!

stay tuned for part 3!  my images, please credit if taking.

the real real pt.2

the real real pt.1

you know me, i’m a simple girl at heart. ¬†i love makeup, i love cosmetics, but honestly? ¬†i always feel overdone when i actually do my makeup. ¬†when i’m going to work (the only time i put makeup on really), i just want to look fresh faced and pulled together. ¬†so here are the actual products that you can find on rotation. ¬†these are my staples, these are all i use, these are the real real.

part one: the face base.IMG_4392.jpgIMG_4395.jpgprimer: this is a new find!  i can no longer put on makeup without using my too faced hangover primer (i have the mini size).  it gives my dry skin a little more moisture and i really see a difference in the longevity of my makeup.  no more coming home, looking in the mirror, and questioning my existence and how long i actually looked like this

foundation: not that it can really be called that.  on most days, the glossier skin tint in light or medium, season-depending.  if i feel i need a little more coverage (ish), i mix in a little of the nars tinted moisturizer with the skin tint.  this is a winter product for me for the most part, cause it is my winter shade Рlight 0 terre neuve.

concealer: not pictured cause it is lost in my purse somewhere. ¬†but you know it’s the nars radiant creamy concealer. ¬†my summery/fall shade is creme brulee, but i’m quickly reintroducing vanilla. ¬†the pale face is heeeere (poltergeist voice).

bronzer: either matte – benefit hoola – or radiant – soap&glory solar powder. ¬†even if i’m not wearing anything else, i’m always wearing bronzer. ¬†just a little bit in the right places makes all the difference in my eyes. ¬†the solar powder is my new obsession and i don’t see myself putting it down anytime soon, while the hoola is something i’ve worn for years and years. ¬†i think it was my first bronzer besides the bare minerals warmth which just wasn’t pretty when i put it all over my face in high school.

extras: if there’s blush happening, which there really rarely is, it’s nars impassioned. ¬†this is my dream blush. ¬†just a hint of neutral flush that looks perfect on my pale cheeks. ¬†and if i need a little more glow, it’s the rms living luminizer. ¬†it’s the only product i use for highlighting and i love the extremely natural youthful glow. ¬†bare minerals original foundation¬†in fairly medium is always in my purse (again not pictured as i can’t seem to locate it) for when i’m a little too shiny and need some toning down, or just a little bit more coverage.

stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!  

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the real real pt.1

sephora vib sale & other recent buys

while i didn’t need any darn thing in the makeup category, i couldn’t resist making a sneaky order with the sephora vib sale (20% off)! ¬†it’s too tempting. ¬†buuuuut i will¬†say i think i was pretty reserved and only got things that i have been wanting for a while, and did thorough research on for a long time – minus the blush i got. ¬†when i was home a few weeks ago i also stopped into ulta (my happy place) and picked up two items that, again, i’ve been wanting to try for a long time.

ugh.  someone take my wallet away.

sephora //¬†img_4366img_4368nars x sarah moon blush in isadora // this was a very random purchase for me. ¬†it’s a pretty crazy color for my minimalist approach to makeup, but i couldn’t resist when i saw that it was available at sephora. ¬†it’s actually beautiful!! ¬†it’s such a natural flush of color with a hint of shimmer, and the plummy tones really work well with my cool toned, fair skin. ¬†win!

first aid beauty ultra repair hydrating serum // with the changing of the seasons, my skin has gone back to it’s pretty dry self and i miss the summer sheen/glow/grease that i usually have a layer of. ¬†i have been reading up on serums and can’t seem to find anything that fits my skincare needs, until this! ¬†it has hyaluronic acid and anti-aging peptides, as well as other repairing ingredients like oatmeal and aloe leaf (these ingredients are standard in first aid beauty’s ultra repair products). ¬†i’ve used it a few times at night only, and maybe it’s a placebo effect but i think i’m seeing some nice hydrating benefits and it works nicely with my mario badescu rosehip oil. ¬†again, i’ll let you know how this performs over time!

bobbi brown bronzer brush¬†// i have wanted this brush absolutely forever. ¬†it’s such a high price point that i made myself swear i would only buy it if i could find it on sale. ¬†sooooo! ¬†i am apparently always on the hunt for the perfect bronzer/powder brush and i keep purchasing them but am never satisfied (or i like them for a little while and then change my mind). ¬†would you guys like a brush review? ¬†anyways, i love this brush and i think that it’s exactly what i’ve been searching for. ¬†it’s not as densely packed as others (i’m looking at you bare minerals blender brush) so it applies the perfect amount of bronzer and blends it out so naturally. ¬†i know the reviews on this aren’t the best, and while it does shed a little bit, i’m putting that on the fact that it’s new and hasn’t been washed yet (oops). ¬†we’ll see!

ulta //¬†IMG_4370.jpgtoo faced better than sex mascara // i have resisted purchasing this for so long. ¬†it just looks so scary if i’m honest! ¬†but i thought i would splurge on it since the sale was happening. ¬†i’m sooo glad that i did! ¬†when applied the way i apply mascara, it actually appears pretty subtle and natural, but with the amazing volume that i have been missing in my more natural looking mascaras. ¬†i haven’t experienced too much flaking or smudging as some people mention in reviews, only at the very very end of the day when i’m about to take my makeup off anyways.

too faced hangover primer travel size // i’ve been wanting to try this primer for a while but didn’t want to commit to buying the whole tube. ¬†when i saw this travel size version at ulta i knew it was exactly what i was waiting for! ¬†and now i’m wondering why i didn’t buy the whole thing. ¬†i’ve used this every day since purchasing it and i can’t tell you how amazing it is. ¬†i wear very little makeup, so i never really noticed if it has faded or not during the day, but this stuff makes my makeup last from morning to night and now i can see the difference. ¬†my blush, my bronzer is all staying put and i look as fresh as i did when i woke up in the morning. ¬†it adds that little bit of extra glow and moisture to my skin that i’m dreaming of. ¬†plus it doesn’t have silicone in it, so that’s a big plus from me as it doesn’t feel like it’s clogging my pores or filling my skin.

did you do any purchases during the sale? ¬†let me know so i don’t feel so bad!

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sephora vib sale & other recent buys