early morning makeup, pt 2

i posted about my early morning makeup routine just a few months ago, but since then it has become faster and far more refined.  at the time of part 1, i was student teaching just 2 days a week, and now i am student teaching full time.  sooo early mornings every day means less fuss... Continue Reading →

august picks

oh august, the sunday of summer...elizabeth arden 8 hour cream // something you may not know about me is that i interned at elizabeth arden when i was in college.  i can honestly say it's where my love of beauty came from, and i look back on that experience fondly (for the most part).  i... Continue Reading →

blog spotlight: lolita says so

emma hoareau is the stunning parisian brit behind the blog lolita says so.  i first discovered emma when she was featured on into the gloss' first #itgtopshelfie, or their version of the top shelf for us regular people!  emma is a photographer, writer, and editor with an extremely impressive resume, but what i love most is... Continue Reading →

the real real pt.3

part three: the lips. all matte, all the time.when i just need a little moisture, i have to use the weleda lip balm.  it's my absolute favorite lip balm as it's unscented and unflavored, clear, slightly matte, and on the waxy side.  it sinks in quickly but also coats the lips, so it's not like it... Continue Reading →

travel tips // the makeup bag

when it comes to traveling, i find it's always best to pack simply, whether it be your wardrobe, jewelry, makeup, etc.  it's easy to say that "new city, new me" mantra and throw in those items that we own but never wear, but let's face it, when we're not at home we try to make... Continue Reading →

a purge & a makeup bag

as someone who really doesn't wear very much makeup (hence the whole makeup for a minimalist thing) i have started to collect way too many products.  because i read so many beauty blogs and watch so many beauty videos, it's too easy to convince myself that i need every single thing these gurus are mentioning.  however, i've... Continue Reading →

makeup for a minimalist: lately

currently on my face, every day: nars sheer glow in mont blanc // was super sneaky and got another sample.  i am going to buy the full size but am putting it off because the samples last so long! nars radiant creamy concealer in vanilla // duh! bobbi brown bronzer in golden light (1) // a... Continue Reading →

blog spotlight: cocochic

i have been watching stephanie toms on youtube for a while, but admittedly it took me a while to get into her blog.  her most recent posts are all about blogging and making your blog popular etc., which isn't quite what i was hoping for.  however, after scrolling through her archives i realized just how... Continue Reading →

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