october picks

my notes say “november picks.”¬† *eye roll.*¬† and yes i have notes!bb oct picks1.jpgbeauty

clinique mineral sunscreen spf 30 // i posted a quick review on this on instagram, and my opinions have not changed.¬† this is truly the best mineral sunscreen i have found.¬† it blends into my skin easily and quickly, leaves it hydrated and dewy but not greasy, and rates a 2 on ewg.¬† what could be better?¬† well honestly the price and/or size, but hey, i’ll make it work.bb instagram1.pngfirst aid beauty hello fab coconut primer // the illuminating moisturizer/primer i’ve been searching for.¬† you’ve heard me mention the tata harper illuminating moisturizer, and while that was good, this is far superior.¬† a little dollop of this after putting on sunscreen and before putting on makeup gives me the healthy, glowing skin i strive for.¬† it’s kind of like if mac strobe cream, tata harper illuminating moisturizer, and becca backlight priming filter all had a baby.¬† first aid beauty is truly one of my all time favorite brands and this product is another reason why.¬† i actually bought the full tube but haven’t had to use it yet since sephora had a mini version as a 100 point perk.¬† i asked for 2 heehee.

embryolisse // i mentioned this in detail here so i won’t go too in depth.¬† basically this is a beautiful moisturizer that works especially when mixed with the above!bb oct picks3.jpgsephora gel future concealer in meringue // again, you know i love this!¬† meringue is my winter shade (yes we are almost there…) and it’s just a touch lighter than nars vanilla, which has somehow started to oxidize on me, but with the same pink undertones.¬† great replacement if you ask me!

alima pure pressed foundation¬†in macadamia // ok this is getting repetitive.¬† let me just redirect you here and here.¬† i just got a couple more products from this line, mentioned here, and needless to say it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite beauty brands.¬† and i think you can tell how well loved this powder is.

vialed perfume in forest // i had a store credit to urban outfitters at the end of september so i treated myself to this little perfume that i wouldn’t have purchased otherwise.¬† call of the vialed is a rad perfumery that has unique sets but at a very high price point.¬† they released a collection of four unisex perfumes for urban outfitters, at just $20 each.¬† i couldn’t resist, so i chose the scent “forest.”¬† forest is described as a “green, earthy, and woodsy blend of neroli blossom, amyris tree sap, juniper berry, violet leaf, and rosewood, promoting stability + groundedness.”¬† this is the perfect description, and the aromatherapy benefits of this are real.¬† though the scent doesn’t last as long as other perfume oils (natural or not) i have, i appreciate this for those aromatherapy benefits and enjoy putting it on throughout the day.¬† i’ve been carrying it in the small makeup bag i keep in my purse or backpack and love having it on my person at all times.¬† it makes me feel clean and mindful, and i love the slightly herbaceous scent.

everyday coconut purely coconut hydrating shampoo and conditioner // i’ve been using this duo since mid-summer but never really mention hair products on here.¬† i got bulk sizes at my grocery store and i’m happy i did!¬† i prefer to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, one for the health benefits, and also because they work nicely with my wavy hair.¬† i feel like my hair is in its most healthy and natural state when i use these products, and my curls and texture really come out.¬† i’m pretty basic with my hair, so these are perfect for me.¬† also, a tip for those of you just trying out sulfate-free shampoo – wash your hair twice.¬† i know it sounds like everything you shouldn’t do, but sulfate-free shampoos are not drying, so don’t worry.¬† they require more work to get all the product and oils out of your hair, so one wash tackles that and the second wash actually cleans the hair.¬† trust me!¬† it makes a world of difference.¬† i don’t think i would say these are “hydrating” in the sense that they make your hair soft and limp – they are really just a basic shampoo and conditioner.bb oct picks2.jpgfashion and lifestyle

jag jeans camo jacket // i love a good army jacket (and have too many), but have never really gotten into camouflage.¬† until now that is!¬† my sister and i both got this jacket at the end of the summer and it is truly one of my favorite purchases ever.¬† it’s just the perfect camo in that it’s not too over-the-top and is slightly muted in color.¬† my other sister even said that it really suits me, which is always a nice thing to hear.¬† also this jacket is the perfect weight and ridiculously soft…when does that happen?!

pendleton bathrobe // my mom got me this bathrobe last year for christmas, and i am sooo happy that it’s bathrobe season again.¬† and by that i mean that as soon as i get home, get out of the shower, wakeup, etc., this baby is on my body.¬† it’s huge and ridiculously soft and i love it!

fujifilm date 60af camera // i got this little camera at a thrift store for $2 (yes you read that right).¬† i was wanting a 35mm point and shoot camera and it was so excited when i stumbled upon this one.¬† i’m still on my first roll of film so i don’t know what the photographs will look like, but it seems like it’s in perfect working order to me.¬† i’ll keep you posted when i get the film developed!

burberry wallet // i have had this wallet for over 10 years!¬† my dad got it for me at harrod’s while on a special daddy-daughter trip to london.¬† i go in and out of using it, but this month it has been by my side every day.¬† you all know i usually use some sort of wallet pouch, but i’m enjoying the extra organization without any added bulk.bb oct picks4.jpgentertainment

harry styles’ first album // for whatever reason, i have completely fallen back in love with this album.¬† not that i felt out of love, but you know what i mean.¬† it is such a beautiful, unique, artistic collection of songs, each more vibrant than the next.¬† that man gives me the shivers every time.

alli cherry vlogtober // i love alli.¬† her spirit and mind, the aesthetic of her videos, her lifestyle.¬† she is such a pleasure to watch and her videos are always making me research or think about something new.¬† she’s a great influence for creating a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and i so appreciate that!¬† because i’m such a fan girl, i even purchased one of the totes that she and her husband released this month.¬† if they are still available, grab one!¬† the graphic was handmade by the couple and 10% of the proceeds go to the joshua tree national park association.¬† i’m dying to go to joshua tree (i know that’s not a surprise), so this got me a little bit closer!bb instagram2.png

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october picks

the real deal skincare routine

and by real deal i mean this is my totally perfected skincare routine that i have been doing for months without the need or desire to change anything at all.¬† oh and FINALLY, the post i’ve been promising forever!¬† because i don’t have much counter space in my bathroom, i keep all my skincare under the sink in this cute container from target.bb skincare1.jpgbb skincare2.jpgthe routine //

i always start by removing whatever makeup is left on my face with garnier micellar water.¬† i’ve spoken about my love of bioderma¬†before, and this is truly the same product but cheaper and easy to find.¬† ¬†i then wash my face with the la roche posay tolerane hydrating gentle cleanser or earth tu face hydrate and repair balm.¬† following that i spray the avene eau thermale all over my face and wipe it off with a cotton pad.¬† i’ve been doing this technique since realizing my apartment water was making me break out and this has totally taken that away.¬† i should also mention that most nights, and every time i use a balm or oil cleanser, i remove my cleanser with a warm and super soft baby wash cloth.¬† this is a nice way to a) remove everything from your face, b) keep moisture in more than washing away with water, and c) give a gentle exfoliation to the face.¬† i think this has made a big difference in the overall texture of my skin, and it’s also just a really nice ritual.bb skincare3.jpgi have been using the thayer’s alcohol-free rose petal witch hazel¬†on and off since about june, but got really serious about using it once or twice a day for the past few months.¬† i either use a cotton pad or just my hands by pressing it into the skin.¬† my skin has been so balanced and fresh since using this regularly and i am absolutely seeing the difference!¬† at night i will apply my aczone acne cream next and let that sink in completely before doing anything else.¬† i also pop on a little mad hippie eye cream at this time.¬† if my skin is particularly active, i will apply a small amount of glossier super pure serum before my acne cream, just on the areas where i need it.bb skincare4.jpgbb skincare5.jpga few minutes later, i go in with a hydrating serum.¬† the jordan samuel hydrate serum¬†has completely replaced my usual hylamide low molecular ha and the difference is very clear.¬† the hydration just seems more long-lasting than with the hylamide – i really think my skin is now more hydrated all the time vs just when i apply my serum.¬† even with drastic weather change these days.¬† the ingredient list boasts more hydrating ingredients like aloe and glycerin, and only for a few more dollars than hylamide.¬† next i’ll spray a little herbivore rose hibiscus coconut water¬†onto a small dollop of first aid beauty ultra repair cream and mix that little concoction together.¬† this has been so helpful in getting my lotion to sink in and, again, is keeping my skin hydrated all the time.¬† after another few minutes, i’ll spray a little more rosewater into whatever oil i’m in the mood for that night.¬† the two i’m rotating between are the pai bioregenerate and indie lee squalane.¬† for spot treatments i use the indie lee blemish lotion and the most old school adult acnomel.bb skincare7.jpgbb skincare8.jpgin the morning, if i take a shower, i repeat this process without the acne cream or oil.¬† if i don’t shower, i¬† go straight into sunscreen because my skin is still plump and hydrated from the night before.¬† it¬† might seem weird but i definitely don’t feel the need to wash my face in the morning, even with water.¬† because my skin is so dry, i take all the moisture i can get!¬† as we get into winter i will start mixing in a drop or two of oil with my moisturizer.

the extras //

my favorite masks to use are typically on the hydrating or glow-inducing side, but i also spot treat with a clay mask.¬† my all-time favorite mask right now is the frank body glow mask.¬† it gives the skin a glow and light exfoliation, but also has intense hydrating properties.¬† other masks that give my skin that beautiful glow are the tata harper resurfacing mask and fresh vitamin nectar vibrancy-boosting mask.¬† i love both of these and just continue to get deluxe samples at sephora!bb skincare9.jpgclay masks that i love are the glossier mega greens galaxy mask and freeman’s feeling beautiful mint and lemon clay mask.¬† i’ve been using the glossier forever and probably won’t repurchase as the freeman’s does everything i need it to do.¬† it’s an excellent spot treatment as well; i rarely put this on my whole face.

i always follow a clay mask with a hydrating one, and the ones i keep going back to are the glossier moisturizing moon mask and dr. haushka hydrating mask¬†(linked is the new reformulation).¬† i found the dr. haushka one at tj maxx, and while it’s a great product, i won’t be repurchasing at the full price.¬† the glossier one is an old standby that i always have on hand.¬† besides the clay masks, i remove all of these with the same gentle baby wash cloth that i mentioned earlier.

i think the major notes to take away here, and the major differences, are the avene eau thermale, thayer’s witch hazel, jordan samuel hydrate, and spraying rosewater or any hydrosol into moisturizer and face oil.¬† this is actually one of the main purposes for hydrosols – to assist your skin in soaking up the most moisture from the products you put on it.¬† it also helps to thin out any creams or oils that might be harder for your skin to absorb.¬† neat trick!bb skincare6.jpgi know this seems like a lot of steps, but truly i can do this routine in under 10 minutes.¬† these products have made a major difference in my dry skin and i don’t see myself changing anything up for quite some time!

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the real deal skincare routine

makeup for a minimalist: the vanity

bb vanity1.jpgaka my desk. ¬†everything i keep out for daily use and easy access…

bb vanity3.jpgtop drawer: base // 

becca backlight priming filter

ilia sheer vivid tinted moisturizer in t2, usually mixed with glossier perfecting skin tint in medium

tarte shape tape in fair beige – glossier stretch concealer in light

hourglass ambient lighting bronzer in diffused bronze light

rms unpowder sample in 0-1 Рglossier haloscope in quartzbb vanity4.jpgmiddle drawer: cheeks and eyes // 

clinique cheek pop blush in melon pop

ilia multistick in tenderly – rms lip2cheek in vogue rose

nars matte multiple in altai (used for bronzer or eye shadow)

nars pro prime eyeshadow base

neutrogena nourishing eyeliner in spiced chocolate (foam eye shadow applicator for smudging)

covergirl lashblast volume mascara in black/brown

mac extended play gigablack lash mascara

glossier boy brow in brown

maybelline eye shadow in earthly taupe (discontinued)

nars eyeshadow in lhasa (discontinued) – mac duo in wedge and corkbb vanity5.jpgbottom drawer: lips //

kosas lipstick in stardust – glossier coconut balm dotcom

nars pure matte lipsticks in madere and montego bay

bite beauty lip gloss in rambutan

glossier generation g’s in zip and cake

osmia lip doctor – burt’s bees lipstick in nile nude

bite beauty luminous creme lipstick in retsina (discontinued but found at tj maxx)

bite beauty lip pencil in 008bb vanity6.jpgtools // 

nude beauty blender // on perfume tray

bobbi brown full coverage face brush // foundation

real techniques deluxe crease brush // concealer

real techniques setting brush // glossier concealer and/or powder

it cosmetics heavenly luxe wand ball powder brush no 8 // bronzer

real techniques multitask brush // blush and/or powder

target kabuki brush // densely packed for sheer blushes

mac 239, 242, 217 // various eye shadow purposes

sephora crease shadow brush // crease blending (discontinued)

surratt eye lash curler Рtweezerman tweezers Рrevlon eyebrow spooliebb vanity7.jpgperfume // 

estee lauder bronze goddess (will be put away soon until next summer)

aura blends desert night oil – le labo santal 33

maison louis marie no4 bois de balincourt oil

elizabeth and james nirvana black oil

etc. //

marc jacobs coconut primer (i’m teaching now and this keeps my makeup fresh all day; while i mentioned it here it is serving more of a purpose now!)

tatcha luminous dewy skin mist // thank you sephora for this travel size and start to an addiction ūüė¶

j.hannah nail polishes in ghost ranch, watermelon, irisbb vanity2.jpgmirror: daiso via ebay

wooden tray: container store

drawers: homegoods

sorry ya’ll, links just weren’t gonna happen for this one…

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makeup for a minimalist: the vanity

backpack beauty

as a student again, i find myself in class, at the library, or at a coffee shop studying and working pretty much every day.  and this requires some supplies, right?bb backpack beauty.jpgthe essentials:

wallet // my 21st birthday present

sunglasses // my sister gave me these, no clue as to details!

keys on a baggu strap

jao natural hand sanitizer

schmidt’s deoderant in rose + vanilla // if you’re looking for a natural deo, try this! ¬†they have it at tj maxx for cheap

eye brow spoolie

sephora mirror // glossier & milk makeup stickers cause i’m 12

mini nars concealer in vanilla

alima pure pressed foundation in macadamia

osmia lip doctor

bite beauty multistick in mascarpone // a soft sunburned look on the cheeks and a hint of color on the lips

pacifica lip tint in vanilla hibiscus // a super hydrating light pink

various hair clips
bb purse products1.jpgwhat are your daily essentials?

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backpack beauty

available skincare

while i used to love ordering skincare online or going to be more niche stores (sephora, beautylish, etc.), i am feeling quite over that at the moment*. ¬†maybe because i’m back to being a broke student and maybe because i’m no longer living in an area where i have access to those stores. ¬†for something like skincare that you go through so quickly, it doesn’t feel efficient to keep ordering online. ¬†whatever the reason, i’m seeing some definite changes in my skincare routine specifically, and i have to say, i’m not mad about it. *with a couple exceptions of course!bb available skincare1.jpgmicellar water: i have gone through 2 big bottles of bioderma as a first cleanse/makeup remover over the past 6 months. ¬†while i love the formula and honestly just the luxury of that product, i no longer want to have to order my makeup remover every time i need to restock. ¬†i got a travel size of the garnier micellar water to compare and honestly i don’t see one bit of difference. ¬†i just purchased the full size which is huge and will last probably the whole summer or more. ¬†garnier micellar water is available at target and other drugstores.

face wash: i just finished both my glossier milky jelly cleanser and the first aid beauty cream cleanser, definitely prefer the latter over the former. ¬†this is my third bottle of mjc but i’m just meh about it. ¬†it’s hard to get and quite expensive and just not as remarkable as it should be. ¬†the fab is a true cream consistency but fully removable with water and gets all of my makeup off, while the mjc doesn’t come close. ¬†i was going to repurchase my old standby cetaphil when i saw the la roche posay tolerane hydrating gentle cleanser at my target and saw extremely solid reviews online. ¬†this is creamy like the fab – really it feels like lotion – but is gentle on the skin and eyes and very hydrating. ¬†i don’t feel that tight-face feeling after using this which i pretty much always get because of my dry skin. ¬†i think this has been helping to clear up my skin along with some other products i’ll mention later (it contains niacinamide like the glossier super pure), so i’m quite impressed thus far. ¬†this was a few dollars more than other drugstore cleansers ($15) but contains 13.5 ounces of product. ¬†it might be harder to find if you don’t have a target or walgreen’s near you, but worth a try if you can find it. ¬†plus it’s a really big size so cost efficient. ¬†they also have a purifying version if you have normal to oily skin!

toner: toner is a new step for me. ¬†usually i will use a facial spray here, but i decided to try out the thayer’s alcohol-free rose witch hazel when i saw a travel size version at target. ¬†witch hazel’s are reportedly great for the skin (the alcohol-free kind!) and help to balance and tone the skin. ¬†my skin feels healthier and more balanced after i use it, so i’m trying to be good about it morning and night. ¬†i’m liking it so far and will pick up the full size. ¬†available at target, drugstores, and health food stores.bb available skincare3.jpgserum: deciem hylamide low molecular ha. ¬†back to a tried and true favorite. ¬†i mentioned here that i finished up my previous ha from purchased from beauty heroes and went back to hylamide when i was done. ¬†it was a great decision and i don’t think i’ll be straying for quite a while. ¬†available at cvs. ¬†the other serum i’ve been using over the past month that is a bit of a cheat is the glossier super pure serum. ¬†when i first got the serums, i was very disappointed. ¬†i didn’t see any results and they felt too watery to be doing anything. ¬†but i’ve recently gone back to the super pure and i can honestly say this is helping the stress acne i’ve been experiencing over the whole month of june. ¬†it’s becoming my secret weapon – i apply it only on the acne on my chin before applying any other skincare.

oil: indie lee squalane. ¬†now this one is a little bit special because it isn’t that readily available. ¬†however, it is carried in some anthropologies and natural beauty stores, so i bet you can find this somewhere near you depending on where you live. ¬†i found a natural beauty store about an hour away from me, so while i won’t be going there often, i will definitely return on my next shopping trip. ¬†i am finishing up my first bottle of this and now have a backup which i am very happy about.

moisturizer:¬†good ol’ cetaphil. ¬†i like this thick version because it is so moisturizing and pulls all of my other products into my skin. ¬†in the summer i use just a little bit, whereas in the winter i pile it on. ¬†i do like their lotion version (versus the cream), but this works better for me. ¬†the less readily available favorites are glossier priming moisturizer and first aid beauty ultra repair cream. ¬†the glossier has been my daytime summer moisturizer of choice this year, it’s light and sinks in almost immediately but keeps my hydrated and glowing all day long. ¬†the first aid beauty is more of my winter lotion, but i have 2 backups that i’ve been making my way through. ¬†i interchange it with the cetaphil – they are pretty much the same but the fab is a little more moussey and lighter, but with the same hydrating results. ¬†because of the texture it is also easier to use a little bit and spread it over my whole face, so i can use this during the summer without looking or feeling too greasy.

mask:¬†i’m very picky when it comes to detox masks. ¬†because i’m dry but acne-prone, i never want anything too harsh, but effective enough to make a difference. ¬†my go to for years as been the feeling beautiful lemon and mint mask, but i no longer live near ulta and can’t seem to find that one anymore. ¬†i tried the yes to tomatoes clear skin detoxifying charcoal mud mask and i LOVE it! ¬†it’s very similar to the origins charcoal mask which i love but recently used up. ¬†this is a salicylic mud mask that tightens and clears the skin, but doesn’t feel as tight as the origins. ¬†i see better results with this mask than any of the high end clarifying masks i’ve used!¬†bb available skincare2.jpgwhile i don’t always love my insatiable need for new things, i think that it is slowly showing me what products i actually like and want to keep buying. ¬†lucky for me, in the case of skincare at least, my picks are relatively affordable and easy to find. ¬†though i do get sad about all the money i have spent on selfcare in the past, i like this new direction i am going and i think it will continue for a long time to come.

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available skincare

sephora vib sale roundup

ok soooo i went a little crazy this year at the vib sale, but i am so amped on my purchases.bb sephora vib purchases 2017.jpgbite beauty lip pencil in 08 and 012 // i am not a lip pencil girl. ¬†i owned a couple mac lip liners at one point but those suckers are dry and scary, in my opinion. ¬†i’m also not one to line my lips before putting on another lip product, so i went into the bite beauty lip pencils wanting to wear¬†them as is, as my matte lip. ¬†and these are incredible for that! the shade 08 is the perfect peachy nude – i don’t always think peach looks good on me but i’m pleased with how this mixes with my skin tone and natural lip color. ¬†012 is a cool light pink, very close to my natural lip color but a little more mauve. ¬†they are deliciously creamy and pigmented, and incredibly comfortable on the lips. ¬†i was planning on only getting 012, but i’m pretty stoked that i got 08 as well. ¬†i don’t think i’ll get any other shades¬†but they are launching more next week…bite just kills it – between my new purchases and the products¬†i already have, they are pretty much all i use on my lips these days.

beauty blender nude // i used to have a beauty blender, then got into the real techniques sponge. ¬†i like both. ¬†neither is totally necessary for my usual routine, but i think it’s a nice tool to have if you are taking more time on your makeup or just in the mood for a super flawless face. ¬†when my rt sponge crapped out, i added the nude beauty blender to my list. ¬†i don’t love the super bright pink one and liked how natural this one looked so that’s basically my reasoning for this purchase ūüėČ

biossance squalane and antioxidant cleansing oil // i mentioned in my april picks that i am really enjoying oil cleansing right now. ¬†i saw the brand biossance was launched at sephora and, ¬†having never heard of them, started to research what they were all about. ¬†they are pretty awesome brand – all natural, plant based, good price point, innovative concept. ¬†so yeah i’m all in. ¬†i saw they had this cleansing oil so i decided that would be the full size cleansing oil that i use after i finish my travel size of the little barn apothecary blue yarrow and geranium cleansing oil. ¬†my favorite part about this cleanser is that it rinses clean – usually with a heavy oil cleanser you need a face cloth to wash it away (water and oil don’t mix remember?!), but this is very light and very easy to wash off. ¬†i’ve only used it once because i want to finish my other one first but i’m pretty pleased with my first impression. ¬†plus i’m all aboard the squalane train at the moment.

tata harper illuminating moisturizer // so i did decide to splurge on this product (i talked about it in this instagram post). ¬†i had been looking for a clean product to replace my beloved mac strobe cream, as well as one of tata’s skincare products to try. ¬†i went through a whole sample¬†of this from sephora, so i knew i wanted to get it by the time the sale came around. ¬†while i wouldn’t use this as my¬†only moisturizer, it is the perfect in between step before makeup and after lotion/oil. ¬†it’s a peachy pink color that adds a subtle warmth to the face, and has actual diamond powder that creates the most stunning glow. ¬†i feel healthy and fresh when i wear this, and i know the ingredients are doing great things for my skin at the same time. ¬†pricey, but i think it will last me a while and the ingredients are worth it.

surratt relevee eyelash curler¬†// i’ve had my eyes on this lash curler since it came out. ¬†i had just gotten my shu uemera curlers¬†at that point, so i put the surratt curlers in the back of my mind. ¬†truth be told, while i at first thought they were amazing, i have not been happy with the shu uemera’s. ¬†they don’t fit my eye shape well, so i end up getting my lashes either half curled, half straight or just completely wonky and somewhat painful. ¬†i keep hearing great reviews of this beauty, so i figured i would try it out during the sale and return it if i didn’t like it. ¬†and from the very first use, i knew it was my perfect curler. ¬†it opens extremely wide so you have room to get your lashes inside and the shape is somewhat straight, which apparently fits my eye shape the best. ¬†the curl i get is curled but very gradual, so my lashes don’t look like they are sticky straight up but rather curling naturally. ¬†i’m so impressed with this little contraption, and since curling my eyelashes is one of my favorite looks right now, this guy is a total winner.

what did you pick up during the sale?

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sephora vib sale roundup

dope taupe

bb the taupes1.jpgthere’s just something about a taupe eye shadow, you know? ¬†it’s such a beautifully subtle, natural color, giving any eye color a nice little pop. ¬†it’s suitable for every day use as well as a heavier makeup look, while being grungy enough to not look overdone. ¬†for me, my taupes are old reliables.

sephora shadow and liner in 04 taupe // the creamiest (obviously) and most pigmented of the bunch. ¬†taupe is really the perfect cool-toned taupe, with flashes of lavender or silver depending on the light. ¬†it’s described as a shimmer but i would say it’s more on the metallic end. ¬†it reminds me somewhat of laura mercier amethyst but still a true taupe. ¬†i highly recommend checking out these shadow sticks, they are the best on the market in my opinion.

rms beauty eye polish in myth // my other favorite cream taupe. ¬†i’ve mentioned this shadow a million and one times, but it’s just that good. ¬†it’s a sheer wash of glowy goodness; a cool-toned taupe with hint of minkiness. ¬†i would say this can be hit or miss product depending on your shadow/lasting power/creasing preferences, but i love the messy, sheeny look it imparts.

colourpop super shock shadow in mixed tape // this is a new purchase but i’ve already worn it 3 times so that’s really saying something. ¬†this is like the cream to powder, more pigmented version of myth. ¬†it has those purple cool tones, but this time with subtle silver shimmers. ¬†it looks extra cool on me, definitely on the silver side, which i love. ¬†if you haven’t tried these shadows – and it took me forever to – they are just the coolest things. ¬†they are a marshmallow consistency that’s impossible to describe, but they are a cream/powder crossover. ¬†gorgeous.

l’oreal colour riche shadow in 201 // this is another very sheer and shimmery formula. ¬†it’s a lot sheerer than i expected or would like it to be, but it’s beautiful either way. ¬†sitting next to mixed tape you can really see the silver tones, so i would say this doesn’t contain as much purple as the others. ¬†the shimmers are more noticeable than any of the other shadows i’ve mentioned, but still not in an obvious or tacky way. ¬†i don’t know if i would repurchase this shadow just because of the lack of pigmentation, but i’m enjoying it in the mean time (i purchased this in london but the us shade pain au chocolat is identical).

gabriel cosmetics eyeshadow in sable // the only matte taupe i have, but the only one i need. ¬†i absolutely adore this eye shadow, it’s the right amount of browny purpley pink without making me look sick or weird. ¬†this is a really nice staple shadow that’s easy to wear and blend, but is a slight departure from a regular brown. ¬†this also looks great when blended with the powdered shadows mentioned above.

sephora contour eye pencil in 15 flirting game // this is an honorable mention as it’s a liner and not a shadow. ¬†this is a darker taupe than the sephora shadow stick, but still a true taupe and not a brown. ¬†it has fine silver shimmers that i don’t find noticeable when i have it actually lining my eyes. ¬†i’m really not an eyeliner person, but sometimes i want that definition, so i love this color to give me the eyeliner look without being nearly as harsh as black or brown. ¬†i don’t reach for this often, but i think this is a product¬†to check out –¬†creamy, blendable, and long lasting.bb the taupes2.jpgbb the taupes3.jpg

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