the mac groundwork dupe

bb groundwork vs creamy beige 1.jpgi have long sung the praises of the mac paint pots – specifically the shades groundwork and painterly. ¬†if you are not familiar, they are cream shadow pots in a wide variety of shades – groundwork being a warm midtone brown (described as neutral but i don’t find it to be) and painterly a pinky beige. ¬†i actually have a painterly dupe as well, but i got it in london and can’t find it in the us, so we will stick with groundwork today.

so here’s the amazing news about this dupe: it’s easier to find, it’s cheaper, it has better ingredients, and in my opinion, it’s a better color. ¬†what is this magical eye shadow you ask? ¬†it’s the maybelline color tattoo shadow in creamy beige. ¬†this is by no means a new product but it’s a new shade to me¬†and i’m pretty excited about groundwork vs creamy beige 2.jpgcreamy beige really isn’t a beigey color at all, but the perfect neutral brown. ¬†i find that creamy beige is slightly less warm than groundwork, so it doesn’t have the tendency to pull orange on my lids (i am very fair with cool toned skin). ¬†i like that the color is slightly more neutral so it will be perform better for skin tones that aren’t just warm-based. ¬†the formula is lighter than groundwork and a touch drier, so if you find the mac paint pots crease on you, i think you will be safer with these.

in terms of ingredients, the mac paint pots score a 4 on ewg while maybelline color tattoos score a 3. ¬†that’s not much of a difference, except the mac paint pots include the ingredient retinyl palmitate, or vitamin a palmitate, which scores a 9 and is a 100% in the high concern for developmental and reproductive toxicity category. ¬†ummm no thank you?!?!?!? ¬†even though all of the other ingredients score 1-3s, once i read that i just can’t forget ewg paint pot review.pngbb ewg color tattoo review.pngso yes, i will be giving away my mac groundwork and putting creamy beige into rotation instead. ¬†i will still keep painterly since it is my all time favorite cream eyeshadow, but if you do want to know about that dupe it’s another maybelline color tattoo called¬†creme de rose. ¬†it’s slightly darker in tone so i don’t find it quite as brightening on me, but i think¬†this will be a benefit for more skin tones that struggle with the lightness of painterly.

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winter lips: how to prevent them from falling off your face

4 of my winter best friends for preventing and treating chapped, sore lips…

korres lip butter in jasmine // this is a recent purchase but i already bought another one to keep in my purse. ¬†the korres lip butters are a cult item because they are such nice lip balms, but also the colors are so beautiful. ¬†jasmine looks quite peachy in the pot, but leaves a milky pink sheen on the lips. ¬†i like it when my lips look a little lighter than they usually do, so this is perfect. ¬†it’s lip balm, but it makes me feel like i have a little bit of something on my lips.

shea moisture coconut & shea butter lip balm // i picked this up at target because it was right by the checkout and looked really cute – full disclosure. ¬†and i actually love it because it is a balm but shows up quite glossy on the lips. ¬†it lasts for a long time and imparts a nice amount of moisture. ¬†and yes, it’s really cute!

nuxe reve de miel // i’ve had this one since last winter and am still making my way to the bottom of the pot! ¬†this is a love-it-or-hate-it item for a lot of people, but i’m on the love side. ¬†i like that it exfoliates while adding a sort of hydration mask to your lips. ¬†it shows up matte so i wear this during the day or at night, but mostly at night since i like to really layer it up. ¬†after my trip to london my lips were intolerably chapped and no amount of blistex could save them. ¬†unsurprisingly this helped over night, and i think it is because it both exfoliated and healed, and so that just reiterated my love and faith in this product.

glossier coconut balm dotcom // i got the coconut version of the cult balm dotcom last spring and enjoyed it, but it has really become a staple¬†over the past 2-3 months. ¬†like the nuxe, i really slap this on at night and let it soak in, but i like to apply it lightly during the day as well. ¬†i do feel that¬†the coconut is more moisturizing than the original and it has a little bit of a meltier consistency, like coconut oil does. ¬†i’m pretty sure these qualities¬†are¬†in my head as there aren’t any actual coconut ingredients in the formula, but it really does feel different!


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winter lips: how to prevent them from falling off your face

the real real pt.3

part three: the lips. all matte, all the time.IMG_4402.jpgIMG_4405 (2).jpgwhen i just need a little moisture, i have to use the¬†weleda lip balm. ¬†it’s my absolute favorite lip balm as it’s unscented and unflavored, clear, slightly matte, and on the waxy side. ¬†it sinks in quickly but also coats the lips, so it’s not like it completely disappears a few minutes after you apply it. ¬†i have handful of these in different pockets and purses, so it’s always exciting when i come across one!

if i’m feeling something nude, i either use the¬†milk makeup lip color¬†in c.r.e.a.m. or the¬†milk makeup lip pigment in swear by. ¬†c.r.e.a.m. is a beautiful rosey-nude shade that is extremely similar to my natural lip color but with a little more oomph. ¬†i blot this on and it lasts for quite some time, while fading very evenly and naturally. ¬†swear by is more peachy-nude, which i don’t usually like, but this shade seems to be an exception. ¬†plus i like that i can just blot it in with my finger. ¬†the texture is sooo cool, almost marshmallow-y, and turns into a powder almost immediately so it’s super matte but not super drying.

if i want something a little darker and a little more grungy (when do i not?!),¬†nars velvet matte lip pencil in bahama is my go to. ¬†it’s a pinky brown that looks so good, again, blotted on and i even like mixing it with the c.r.e.a.m. ¬†it’s dark but not too dark by any means, and somehow it is similar to my lip color again, so it’s super natural but with a little extra. ¬†these matte pencils are my all time favorite lip formula and i have a ton, but this one leads the pack.

so now that you know what’s usually on my face, tell me what’s on yours?! my images, please credit if taking.

the real real pt.3

october picks

well that’s a little crazy to type out. ¬†i have to say, i’m loving fall though. ¬†i definitely¬†miss summer when it fades away, but i’m almost always ready for cooler days, cozy clothes, and all the beauty of the fresh start of fall.

this list almost feels unnecessary, because the real favorite of october and november was/is my trip to london with my dad.  having just arrived back in the states, i can honestly say this was the most wonderful trip and week of my life.  a few months ago, when my dad informed me he was planning a trip to london to visit the morgan car factory in malvern link, i was somehow able to convince him to let me tag along.  my dad is a pretty guarded man when it comes to his past and his thoughts, and i am honored by all the conversation and lessons we learned from each other this week.  i feel that i was able to share more of myself with him than i have before, mainly that i am really confused and a bit lost when it comes to where i am right now in my life and was honestly able to express this to him, and he shared with me stories that i had never heard before and the confidence he has in me that he has never really expressed.  honestly my dad is the most intelligent, gentle, caring, thoughtful man and i have loved spending one-on-one time with him this week.  thank you dad, for all the wisdom, love, and memories that i have collected over this week, and my entire life.

i hope that october was kind and gentle to all of you, and that you are looking forward to november and the end of 2016.  this time of year is always a little bit scary (the end of one year and the beginning of another), but also wonderful and refreshing at the same time.  cheers to november and to making it all that we want it to be!
IMG_4351.jpgold faithfuls //

bare minerals original foundation in fairly medium – i go in and out with this powder foundation and we are fully back together right now. ¬†it’s just such a beautiful, light weight powder that offers a hint of coverage and mattifying benefits, while still allowing your skin and oils and radiance show through. ¬†i also have the pressed version for on the go.

nars radiant creamy concealer in creme brulee – my all-time favorite concealer in a brand new shade. ¬†i wear vanilla when i’m at my most pale, but right now creme brulee is absolutely perfect. ¬†so happy they released so many new shades!

physician’s formula butter bronzer in bronzer – i stopped using this during the summer because i had a tan and it was not dark enough to show up, but with my skin becoming pale again i’m reaching for it more and more. ¬†it’s such a beautiful natural bronzer with a hint of sheen for a touch of life. ¬†it’s a lot lighter than, say, nars laguna which is another favorite, but that is so easy to overdo. ¬†this is nice and subtle.

nuxe reve de miel¬†– every winter i come back to this baby. ¬†it’s the absolute best. ¬†i really layer it on at night and let it soak in, and then put on just the littlest bit during the day. ¬†it’s matte, so it¬†smooths out¬†your lips just a little bit. ¬†it has some small granuals so it works as both a very gentle scrub and an intense moisturizer – almost masking the lips.

dangly earrings – i really go in and out with earrings. ¬†i always have really dainty, small hoops in my various piercings, with a small stud or nothing in my regular earlobe piercings. ¬†but lately i’ve really been enjoying my collection of bigger earrings and the effect they have on an outfit. ¬†i hate feeling too put together, which is usually how earrings make me feel, but right now i’m feeling a little bit more me with them on.

the lost art of keeping secrets by eva rice – my second all time favorite book. ¬†ALL TIME. ¬†i read it once every couple months, but with my upcoming trip to london it seemed like the perfect time for a refresh. this is a british book (i’m not sure if it was released in the states) so just a quick overview: penelope’s life is completely changed when she goes to tea with charlotte, soon to be her best friend and partner-in-crime. ¬†the book is about the adventures and calamities that ensure. ¬†it’s perfectly british and somehow totally modern even though it takes place in the 50s (which is so delicious!). ¬†i can’t wait to get to london and have my favorite friends in mind throughout my days. ¬†on my first trip to london when i was 14, i picked this book out in the airport for my sister, but she never read it and i quickly stole it. ¬†i’m so glad i did!

jane austen – i am a huge, HUGE, jane austen fan. ¬†i have read almost all of her major works, and love finding new short stories and unknown works that i haven’t read before. ¬†as i was on my way to london at the end of october, i had to bring her along. ¬†i brought the watson’s with me, which was a newer find and thus unread, and picked up the beautiful cassandra and lady susan¬†while on a day trip to oxford (i couldn’t contain my excitement when i found these “penguin little black classics” priced between 1-3 pounds! ¬†what a bargain!!). ¬†i think jane has the reputation to be really hard to read and get through, but i find her language easy to understand and get sucked in to. ¬†i recommend starting with northanger abbey if you haven’t read any jane austen before; it’s my favorite and the one that i started with! ¬†i think it shows the range of her talents and makes you want to read more. ¬†let me know what you think!

new favorites //

puma classic suede sneakers these are the. most. comfortable. sneakers. ¬†i got these a couple weeks ago, and then brought them to new york with me last week. ¬†for some reason i always think it’s a good idea to break in new shoes when i go to new york and am walking around nonstop. ¬†however, this time it was! ¬†these are incredibly comfortable and have a cushion for the back heels where blisters are pretty much inevitable. ¬†i have had no blisters, no soreness, no break in time whatsoever. ¬†plus they’re fucking cool if you ask me. ¬†i much prefer them to the adidas campus’ which are what i really wanted over the summer. ¬†i’m a true 8 but wear a 7.5 in supergas and converse, but i went with an 8 in these and they are perfect.

mac strobe cream¬†– i got this as a little sample with a nordstrom purchase in the summer, and forgot about it really until this past month. ¬†i haven’t gone a day without it! ¬†i use a very very little amount all over the face before i put on my concealer and bare minerals, and it gives me the most beautiful glow. ¬†not shimmering or pigmented, just a glow from within. ¬†i am definitely going to purchase the travel size when this little guy runs out (though i don’t think that will be any time soon)! ¬†except the smell is truly disgusting to me for the first few minutes until it dissipates!

j.crew lookout high rise cords¬†– i’m always on the hunt for a good pair of high-waisted corduroy pants. ¬†surprisingly, cords of the high waisted variety are rather hard to find, and can usually run really tight and small. ¬†on a whim i ordered 2 pairs of these from j.crew (fatigue green and black) as they were having a 30% off fall items sale, and they are perfect. ¬†seriously perfect. ¬†i am a 26 or 27 in jeans, and went with a 27 in these. ¬†i probably could have used the smaller size, but i like that the 27 is not super skin tight and i have extra room in the waist. ¬†plus the price point is pretty impressive for j.crew, in my opinion.

ouai wave spray¬†– i decided to stray away from my collection of salt sprays to try out the wave spray from jen atkin’s relatively new haircare line. ¬†i got the travel size from sephora, and i wish i had just gotten the full size! ¬†i absolutely love this and have used it almost every day since purchasing (almost every day i’ve washed my hair that is). ¬†basically it does what a salt spray does, but without the crunch and without the actually drying out of the hair that sea salt causes. ¬†i¬†brought it with me on my trip and it actually undid the ill effects of hotel shampoo/conditioner/weird water. ¬†is there a bigger feat in the world? ¬†yes, but hotel hair is high up on the list. ¬†i will¬†definitely pick up the full size when i finish this guy.

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october picks

the glowy products you need

IMG_4220.jpgIMG_4221.jpgIMG_4234.jpgok you don’t actually need them, but you are going to feel like you do. ¬†by the way, none of these products leave my face feeling like i have a much of creams on it. ¬†they sink in within minutes and stay all day, especially with a little rosewater or hydrosol on top! ¬†you could even dust the littlest bit of powder to set but not take away all the glow – which i definitely do during the summer months. ¬†anyway:

glossier perfecting skin tint // i’ve mentioned it a hundred times, along with everyone else on the internet. ¬†just the perfect skin product, seriously. ¬†it makes my¬†skin look better, makes me feel better. ¬†just perfects the skin the littlest bit while looking 100% natural. ¬†the perfect base even if you have to conceal a lot on top of it. ¬†i apply it either with my hands or a damp beauty blender. ¬†i use¬†the¬†medium shade in the summer.

tata harper very bronzing // the cream bronzer that dreams are made of. ¬†i picked this up on a whim because i was going to purchase the rms buriti bronzer but i’m glad i got this instead! ¬†it’s completely matte and seriously the perfect bronzing shade. ¬†it’s also meant to be used as contour, but i don’t really do that so i just put it the places i would put bronzer. ¬†i apply it with my fingers and then buff it out a little bit with a brush. ¬†i’m totally converted and leaving my powder bronzers in the…dust hehe.

tata harper lip and cheek in very charming // you might remember i bought this on my most recent new york trip.  very charming is a blue-toned pink shade that looks pretty deep when you first put it on but blends out to the perfect little flush of color.  like the very bronzing it is completely matte and blends out easily and beautifully, leaving just a hint of dew.

rms living luminizer // my first and only highlighting product.  the living luminizer is a beautiful icy shimmer that transforms into pure dew and light onto the skin.  very subtle and just makes me feel a little glowier.  tata harper also does a similar product called very luminizing which i might have to try when i finish this one up (or sooner since this pot will probably last me for years).

tell me, what are your glowy skin staples?

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the glowy products you need

i bought a lot of things that i really didn’t need // new york edition

and actually some things that i did need!IMG_4089.jpgIMG_4083.jpgIMG_4086.jpg

bare minerals pressed foundation in fairly medium //

nars radiant creamy concealer in vanilla //

tata harper lip & cheek tint in very charming //

milani baked blush in luminoso //

zara midi dress //

zara military shirt in forest green //

mango double layer midi dress // couldn’t find online, sorry!

madewell diamond shaped earrings //

rose gold horseshoe bracelet // from a street market in soho

// my images, please credit if taking.

i bought a lot of things that i really didn’t need // new york edition

february picks

IMG_4076-1 (1).jpg

old faithfuls //

body shop hemp hand protector¬†– so hard for me to find so i’m glad i have a big tube

bonnie bracelets Рpretty much always on my person, as evidenced my their weird shapes

fossil crossbody bag – going strong for 3+ years, similar

citizens of humanity rockets in crispy wash –¬†i’m extremely afraid that these are no longer available, similar

mac paint pot in groundwork – makes me look like a grungy druggy, what’s not to love?

fashion week roundups Рwoah do i love fashion month.  the documentation on collage vintage is too good to be true.

new favorites //

vans suede moc sneakers in black – so good.¬†¬†i slipped in some dr scholl’s pads cause i’m an old woman.

baggu small flat pouch in pine – perfect little wallet pouch, upgrade from my falconwright pouch which is getting a little ew-ie. ¬†i can’t find the green for you but i like the other ones too.

glossier balm dotcom &¬†coconut balm dotcom –¬†the best! ¬†the coconut scent is full on but you get used to it.

caudalie makeup removing cleansing water – great eye/lip makeup remover and can also be used to cleanse the face (i don’t do this but you know about my skin situation). UPDATE: after finishing this and being without for a bit, i believe this is the culprit for my extremely irritated eyes. ¬†it could be a mix of my acne medications as well, but sensitive skinners be warned!

opi nail envy matte –¬†i love the original¬†but this has a natural finish when you wear it alone on the nails (i hate what clear polish looks like). ¬†not¬†a true matte¬†but extremely natural.

february picks