postcards from california

picture souvenirs from my recent trip to california... // brass tack, laguna beach //// laguna beach //// laguna beach // // bb's first playground adventure, corona del mar // // hobie surf shop, laguna beach //// newport beach //// rasta taco, laguna beach //// rasta taco, laguna beach //// dana point //// newport beach //// newport beach... Continue Reading →

fall resolutions

give my body what it needs // i have been absolutely terrible about going to yoga this summer.  it has been so hot and sticky out that the last thing i want to do is be in a 90 degree room getting sweatier and stickier.  i've been doing some flows by myself but it's just... Continue Reading →

soft focus

early, grey mornings were made for daydreams.  hot coffee, snuggling back into bed, knowing you have a couple hours before you really have to start the day.  a candle or two.  or three, if you're like me. in your daydreams, what does your day look like?  mine looks like these photos.  soft focus, light colors,... Continue Reading →

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