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livin’ it easy

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cold weather staples



a good army jacket // i’m loving mine from fjallraven

a wool coat // preferably in black, charcoal, or navy

a good, slouchy beanie

a black or brown flat brimmed hat // i’m still on the look out for one that fits me

a scarf that doubles as a cape, sweater, and blanket


short booties in black or brown leather

sneakers // think vans, converse, supergas and don’t forget socks!

some sort of winter shoe // llbean boots, uggs (i know, i know, horrifying), etc.

the outfit essentials

jeans // i like medium washes, grey, and black jeans for winter

chunky sweaters // double points if they’re men’s and once belonged to your father, boyfriend, or best friend

big flannels // good as pajamas, cardigans, an extra layer under a coat, an extra layer over a coat (i did this the other night and it was excellent)

thick leggings // perfect under a huge sweater and flannel combination (obviously to show that you have a body and are not a man)

the extras

neutral nail polish // think reds, greys, dark purples

gloves! // i honestly just like the cotton ones from the drugstore and fingerless ones, but they make all the difference

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+images via pinterest and free people