loving craving wishing waiting

oooh i haven’t done of these in a long time.¬† here are some previous iterations: january, june, august, and april.bb insta1.pngbb insta3.pngloving . . .

my skincare and makeup routines are soooo down pat

the critical babe

broad city season 4

black jeans

cold weather, FINALLY!bb insta2.pngbb insta4.pngcraving . . .

hot apple cider

soup, all day every day (definitely achieving this one)

a really good shower (like fancy hotel good)

an intense yoga sessionbb insta5.pngbb insta6.pngwishing . . .

there were more hours in the day

i had more time to spend on my blog

my apartment wasn’t messy

my fridge wasn’t emptybb insta7.pngbb insta8.pngwaiting . . .

for it to be christmas-preparation-appropriate

for the sephora vib salebb insta9.pngcontent is my own, images from my instagram

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loving craving wishing waiting

glossier: a realistic review

i think it’s safe to say i’m a glossier og. ¬†i purchased the phase 1 set only a few months after their launch, mostly after watching emily weiss’ video with leandra medine. ¬†i’ve loved the brand since then and some of their products i just don’t think i could do my makeup or skincare routines without. ¬†however with the introduction of “glossier reps” and the insane marketing all over instagram, which truthfully has more to do with said reps than the brand itself, i feel far less enamored with glossier than i used to be. ¬†it is my honest opinion that the brand is insanely hyped up and not all of the products live up to that hype. ¬†the reps that i see all over instagram can be extremely obnoxious, especially when you have the knowledge of the rewards they get for selling a certain amount of product, including trips to new york. ¬†just feels like we are being used, you know? ¬†it is important to remember that glossier is also incredibly expensive when you consider the amount of product you actually get, especially in their sunscreen and powder, so that is a huge turn off to me as well.glossier review1.jpgbut anyways, because of all these reasons, i think i am a fairly good person to give you a brand review. ¬†like i said, some glossier products i really do adore, and some have missed the mark. ¬†i relate very strongly to the “skincare first, makeup second” and overall undone aesthetic, but strongly dislike the marketing ploys.

please note, i am in no way trying to rag on glossier as i really do love the brand and the majority of their products, but as always i want to be completely honestly with you. ¬†if we can’t discuss our likes and dislikes on our own blogs, what can we discuss?!

the original phase 1 //

perfecting skin tint // my all time favorite glossier product. ¬†i couldn’t have created a better base product in my wildest dreams. ¬†it’s glowy, lightweight perfection. ¬†it evens out the skin the littlest bit and makes it look slightly more perfected, but not like you are wearing anything. ¬†i typically wear this on it’s own but love to mix it with other tinted moisturizers that have a little more coverage or don’t have as much hydration. ¬†i wear medium in the summer and light with a few drops of medium in the winter.

priming moisturizer // another staple in my makeup bag. ¬†this is pretty exclusively my summertime moisturizer as it’s the perfect weight while not skipping out on hydration. ¬†in the winter i layer this over my skincare and daily moisturizer, usually putting it on right before doing my makeup if i did my skincare earlier in the day. ¬†it’s extremely lightweight and runny, but moisturizes and hydrates beautifully. ¬†adds that coveted glossier glow.

rosewater spray // i feel like this is the one glossier product that never gets mentioned anywhere.  this is a pretty basic rosewater but sadly burned my eyes.  if i was extra careful and left my eyes closed for enough time after spraying i was fine, so i finished the bottle, but not a repurchase in my opinion.

balm dotcom // i only had the original balm dotcom this one time, but it’s a pretty basic vaseline-type skin salve. ¬†nothing remarkable but somehow a necessity at the same time. ¬†i’ll mention the flavors a bit later. ¬†great size for throwing in your purse or backpack.glossier review2.jpgphase 2 //

boy brow // my shade is brown. ¬†it took me a really long time to admit to liking this product. ¬†and it only works for me if i wipe most of it off on a paper towel first. ¬†this is really a pomade type product, so it is thick and heavy. ¬†if i don’t take most of the product off, i hate how clumpy and thick feeling it is on my eyebrows. ¬†however, when lightly applied, it offers a great amount of tint and volume, as well as hold, to the brows.

stretch concealer // i originally bought this in shade medium but found it to be incredibly orange on me, even if the shade was correct for my summer skin. ¬†i gave that shade to my sister and i just bought light, so now that i am more pale this works better. ¬†i would much rather use the rms concealer to the glossier, but those shades are far too yellow for me and this has the right amount of pink. ¬†i don’t really conceal under my eyes, but i like this because it offers a little brightness without really hiding any darkness (i think that looks cool, ok?!). ¬†also nice around the face on any redness but definitely won’t conceal blemishes. ¬†i think this is a must have product for people that use concealers like this more than i do, but i am getting a lot of use out of it and i do like.

generation g // the second generation (he he) of these is far better than the first. ¬†the first ones were not as pigmented and a lot more drying. ¬†of the new generation i have zip, a beautiful poppy red, and cake, a peachy nude. ¬†i truly love both of these shades and wear them quite frequently. ¬†perfect for someone who loves a more blotted effect on the lips without the faff. ¬†i have had other shades in the past, but these are my favorite. ¬†i did a little comparison of the gen g’s with the colourpop blotted lips here. ¬†i didn’t own these two particular shades when i did that review, so they have slightly changed my opinion. ¬†i prefer the colourpop iteration but wish they had more wearable shades. ¬†glossier review4.jpgothers //

haloscope // my sister got me the shade quartz for my birthday. ¬†this is very comparable to my favorite rms living luminizer but with more oomph. ¬†i love the glossiness that this gives and the shade is perfect on my fair skin. ¬†i don’t apply it directly to my face as it does tug from the applicator, so i usually get a more subtle look. ¬†i’m not sure if i will repurchase this as the living luminizer is mostly what i reach for, but i really do like having it and am happy to have tried it out.

priming moisturizer rich // another birthday present from my sissy! ¬†isn’t she the best? ¬†honestly i liked this more as a hand cream than a face cream. ¬†the lavender scent was extremely overpowering and it felt very silicone-y on my skin. ¬†even as a dry skinned person i find the regular priming moisturizer to be a far superior product.

milky jelly cleanser // this is a great product and one that i went through about 3 containers of. ¬†however, even as a minimal makeup wearer, this is not an effective makeup remover. ¬†that isn’t the biggest deal as i usually remove my makeup with a micellar water before washing my face anyways, but i do think it should be mentioned. ¬†i have been drawn to more true cream cleanser lately, but i do think i will repurchase this again in the future. ¬†it’s a pretty basic cleanser that doesn’t dry out the skin, so that’s a pretty big plus in my book.

moisturizing moon mask // this is another one of my “holy grail” glossier products. ¬†it is so soothing on the skin and always feels cooling. ¬†it is a pain to get off, but so worth it. ¬†i apply this after any other mask that i use, as i always want to follow up with something hydrating after using something more drying or detoxifying. ¬†also makes a fab hand mask. ¬†glossier really nailed it here.

galaxy greens mask // this is a clay mask that i really do enjoy. ¬†it’s not the best detoxifying mask i’ve ever used, but it’s a solid product. ¬†this can be pretty intense so be careful and patch test first. ¬†i use this only where i need it and never for the entire length of time recommended. ¬†i’ve had my tub forever but probably won’t repurchase when i finally get through it.

flavored balm dotcoms // coconut is my everything! ¬†originally the scent was quite nauseating but now i can’t get enough. ¬†i like to put it on my lips, eyelids, and nostrils pretty much every night. ¬†i also have the mint which is super refreshing and not fake smelling at all. ¬†this is nice under the nose as well because you get the fresh scent and the tingle of the menthol. ¬†great for when you have a cold!

the supers // i bought all 3 super serums when they first launched and they were definitely my introduction into serums and skincare layering. ¬†i quickly realized, however, that they really weren’t doing much of anything. ¬†the only one that i continue to use and have repurchased is super pure. ¬†i apply that mostly to my chin where i have some hormonal breakouts and it really does help the redness and length of the activeness. ¬†i saw absolutely no changes or benefits from neither super bounce nor super glow. ¬†one thing to note: a product like super glow should be in a dark bottle with some sort of airtight pump because of the activeness of the ingredients, so the ingredients lose their potency far faster than you could ever use this all up. ¬†if you are interested in purchasing one of the serums, i recommend the pure.glossier review3.jpgwhat are you glossier favorites?

. . .

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glossier: a realistic review

the baby bohemian approach to feeling better

you might be sensing a bit of a theme here on baby bohemian these days – your girl is feeling low. ¬†like i said in this post, it’s just something that happens to me from time to time and i’m pretty good at self-soothing and letting myself revel in and then break free of the funk. ¬†besides lounging around and binging on books/movies/tv/youtube videos, i also find it extremely helpful to get out and get active. ¬†so here’s a real life account of how i made myself feel better last weekend. ¬†side note, all of my friends happened to be busy or away this particular weekend, so that’s why it was a very solitary one. ¬†usually i recommend dinner and/or drinks with friends; that almost always cheers me right up.Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 10.13.50 AM.png1 // work up a sweat. ¬†i can hear my mother now: you know you always feel better after you work out! ¬†eye rolls aside, this advice is absolutely true. ¬†even though i don’t always feel like endorphins work on me (anyone else feel worse about yourself after working out?!), when i’m feeling sad this really is the best pick me up. ¬†going to yoga class, running outside, or going to the gym is a quick fix that gets me dressed, out of the house, and moving my tush. ¬†plus i consider sweating basically a good cry for the body, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

2 // explore your neighborhood. ¬†taking pictures is one of my favorite hobbies. ¬†many years ago i invested in a ridiculously expensive camera (i clearly thought i was going to be the next diane arbus but i don’t have to tell you how that turned out) and i make an effort to use it whenever i can. ¬†i have considered selling it many times, but it’s just one of those things that’s nice to have once you have it. ¬†last weekend i walked around my sweet college town, just taking pictures of flowers and houses and anything else that caught my eye. ¬†it’s such an easy activity and don’t feel like you need a big ass camera to do it. ¬†i usually have a disposable camera hanging around and quite honestly those usually end up being my favorite pictures anyway. ¬†you can even fit in the aforementioned exercise at the same time! ¬†bb bloomington1.jpgbb bloomington4.jpgbb bloomington6.jpgbb bloomington2.jpgbb bloomington3.jpgbb bloomington5.jpg3 // find a street fair or farmer’s market. ¬†this is a harder one, but now that fall is coming i bet it will be easier than you think. ¬†i attended both my weekly farmer’s market and a labor day street fair last weekend and both lifted my spirits tremendously. ¬†i got a gorgeous bouquet of end of summer/fall flowers and two bulbs of fresh garlic at the farmer’s market, along with a farmer’s market tote that is huge and perfect for grocery shopping. ¬†i popped the flowers in a mason jar and they have already lifted my spirits and had a couple recipes that i wanted to attempt last week, so the garlic is being put to good use! ¬†i also stumbled upon a labor day street/art fair in my town this weekend. ¬†there were probably 50 artisan booths from all over the country. ¬†i picked up a gorgeous handmade mug with the most stunning colors – the artisan is from maine and told me he mixes all of his colors by hand. ¬†i am a huge mug collector and i couldn’t resist this beauty. ¬†sometimes all you need is to make your morning coffee that little bit more special. ¬†bb instagram1.JPGbb sunny mug.jpg4 // get ready for the week. ¬†sometimes it’s as simple as getting ready for the days ahead. ¬†i was babysitting my sisters dog last week so i wasn’t been at my own home very much, but when i was i made the most of my time. ¬†from cleaning and organizing to laundry and dishes, i made my space clean and fresh for the coming week. ¬†i also did some meal planning (new for me, sadly!!) and completed a very thorough grocery shop. ¬†trust me, preparing your space, clothes, and fridge will clear your mind and make you feel more organized and ready to start a new week.

5 // prep blog posts. ¬†now you might not have a blog, but any kind of creative project will do here. ¬†writing posts and taking pictures is one of the greatest creative joys i have, so it’s (usually) relaxing to spend time doing so. ¬†it can be stressful and sometimes sets me off on the wrong path, but typically i can relish in the creativity even if i’m not feeling as inspired as a i’d like to be. ¬†even spending time on pinterest can give me the motivation to make a collage or set up a flat lay, and creativity just can’t be discounted in my opinion. ¬†bb instagram2.JPG

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the baby bohemian approach to feeling better

the sunshine award

i am so honored to have been nominated for the sunshine award by student makeup struggles! ¬†basically georgia nominated me to answer the questions she prepared, and then i will nominate and pose my own questions to bloggers of my choice. ¬†i think this means i’m a real blogger now, right?!bb pf candle co1.jpgthe rules are as follows:

thank the person who nominated you

answer the questions

ask your own questions

nominate your own bloggers

. . .

so first of all, i want to say a big thank you to georgia of student makeup struggles for nominating me for this award! ¬†it’s so fun to be part of the community of bloggers all over the world and it is truly incredible to meet new people with common interests.

what’s your favorite thing to do in your down time? napping, hands down. ¬†in bed, on the couch, at the beach. ¬†i love to throw on a show or youtube video and close my eyes. ¬†i try to keep it short, but i just love to nap!

tell us about your favorite blog right now? my favorite blog of the moment (and pretty much always) is the australian beauty blog, the file. ¬†it’s sort of an into-the-gloss-but-better type site that shares interesting australian’s routines, go to products of the moment, reviews, etc. ¬†i just love reading about australia and the people there, as well as the popular products. ¬†it’s just fun! ¬†the images are amazing, i feature them a lot in my roundup posts, and i feel like it is a little bit more natural than other blogs in the same vain. ¬†it’s very cool and inspiring and perfectly¬†australian, even as cliche as that sounds.

how long have you been blogging for? i have been blogging since november 2014. ¬†i originally wanted the blog to be more about fashion, but it has evolved into more of a beauty space. ¬†i think that is true with my passions as well – there is something abut beauty, routines, products that has my heart more than fashion ever has. ¬†beauty is also more attainable to me in a way that fashion isn’t – i love reading a beauty blog and knowing that i can get the product in question if i want to (within reason of course), whereas sometimes reading fashion blogs is depressing because the looks are completely unachievable. ¬†maybe because beauty is way more personal and unique as well. ¬†my roundup posts are the most common posts on my blog, which i think is very true to my brain and what inspires me. ¬†sometimes i am really motivated to talk about what i am loving and doing, but other times i just want to consume, scroll, and read about others and look at pretty pictures. ¬†i like that my blog is a mish mash of both – it’s a space where i can share what i’m enjoying be it products, pieces, or pictures.

what’s your favorite thing about your home town? the proximity to the beach (lake michigan) and the neighborhood feel. ¬†it was extremely difficult to grow up in such a small town, but now that i have some distance i can appreciate it for what it is and was. ¬†my parents recently moved away from the house i grew up in, but i still count that little town as my home.

if you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  the first place that always enters my mind is paris.  i just love it there.  how can you not?!  but i think right now it would be australia or new zealand.  i would love to spend a summer traveling between the two, meeting people, working, and exploring.  i love the culture and the overall vibe and would love to be there in person.

. . .

ok, so now for the fun part! ¬†below are the questions that i pose to some of my favorite bloggers, kim and makeup¬†and emily petrie. ¬†can’t wait to read your responses, ladies!

when and why did you start your blog?

what is your favorite part about blogging?

what is one thing you want people to know about you?

what is your favorite instagram account of the moment?

do you have an all time favorite beauty or skincare product?  if so, what is it?

. . . 

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the sunshine award

finding home

haven home 1.jpglast summer, i met a sweet, sweet guy. ¬†he is different from almost anyone else i have ever met. ¬†we dated for a little bit and though things didn’t work out, i count him as a dear friend.

he is wild. ¬†he is free. ¬†he is natural. ¬†he finds solace in the simple things, like driving for hours when you really, really don’t know where you’re going. ¬†he is a climber, an adventurer, an athlete. ¬†he is brave and kind. ¬†he is shy, quiet,¬†intelligent, and so charming.

he stopped to see me a few days ago, while driving across the country.  we met for coffee just off i-90.  he had stopped in wisconsin the night before to crash with some people he had only recently met.  he is the kind of guy who does that, and whom people invite to do that.  he shared his recent adventures with me, from ditching guards at the grand canyon so that he could continue hiking without a reservation to, literally, chasing waterfalls.  he told me about the tough times of being so alone and he told me about the inexplicable beauty of living so close to nature.  he shared lines from his favorite author, what his sisters are doing, his next location.

this friend reaches a part of me that few people reach. ¬†he inspires me. ¬†he makes me want to do more and be more – to follow my heart wherever that may lead. ¬†he reminds me that life is not about achievements¬†or possessions, it is about finding home, even if it’s in a sleeping bag in the back of your car.haven home 2.jpga few days after seeing my friend, ¬†i was at anthropologie browsing the sale section, wasting time really. ¬†i came across an indie magazine that i had never seen before, called haven. ¬†perhaps serendipitously, the theme of this particular issue is home¬†and finding it – inside people, coffee shops, dorm rooms. ¬†finding it around a campfire, at the dinner table, in the back of a camper van.

for my whole life, home has meant where my parents are, where my family is, where i grew up. ¬†and this, i am certain, will always be the case. ¬†but in a few months, i will finally be able to create my own home. ¬†it certainly won’t be my forever home, but it will be my first home. ¬†it will be my own space to figure out what it really means to live. ¬†it will welcome me and it will welcome others. ¬†it will incorporate all the people that i have known, the things i have loved and learned, the experiences that make me who i am – as all homes do. ¬†it will remind me of my friend and the lessons he has taught me.haven home 3.jpg

. . . 

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finding home

sunday musings & the role of the artist

“perhaps the primary distinction of the artist is that he must actively cultivate that state which most men, necessarily, must avoid; the state of being alone. ¬†that all men are, when the chips are down, alone, is a banality – a banality because it is very frequently stated but very rarely, on the evidence, believed. ¬†most of us are not compelled to linger with the knowledge of our aloneness, for it is a knowledge that can paralyze all action in this world. ¬†there are, forever, swamps to be drained, cities to be created, mines to be exploited, children to be fed. ¬†none of these things can be done alone. ¬†but the conquest of the physical world is not man’s only duty. ¬†he is also enjoined to conquer the great wilderness of himself. the precise role of the artist, then, is to illuminate that darkness, blaze roads through that vast forest, so that we will not, in all our doing, lose sight of its purpose, which is, after all, to make the world a more human dwelling place.”

james baldwin, the creative process

. . . 

i came across this passage when studying for a recent exam, and it touched my very soul. ¬†now i am not inferring that i am an artist in any way, shape, or form, but baldwin’s words speak to me. ¬†i get what he is saying. ¬†i feel what he is saying. ¬†i am blessed to live in a home virtually surrounded by beautiful art and to have visited famous museums throughout the world. ¬†art is an incredible thing to me. ¬†the idea that so infrequently we are touched by a certain genius, and the physical manifestation of that genius. ¬†and then there is that other side to the genius, the side that is almost always unstable, alone, dark. ¬†this is not true for all artists, of course, but often these incredible individuals struggle with a madness that, in the end, allows them to produce such unspeakable beauties. ¬†and baldwin puts this into words in a way that i could never imagine – in showing that the artist manifests his own darkness and, perhaps unintentionally,¬†brightens the world not for himself, but for others.

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sunday musings & the role of the artist

ending with december

another month has arrived and so have a fresh set of goals to finish up the year. ¬†check out the inspiration behind this post here.IMG_0014.jpgkeep spending to a minimum //¬†i have officially made it back to the real world. ¬†and i am so excited. ¬†for one thing, it means being surrounded by all the vices that i¬†wasn’t surrounded by where i was previously living…aka sephora, ulta, madewell, nordstrom, zara, anthropologie, free people, urban outfitters, walgreen’s…you get the picture. ¬†within minutes of arriving home i basically wanted¬†to turn my wallet inside out, but for the sake of being a grown up and wanting to have money in the bank, i’m praying i can keep the shopping to a minimum and continue to save my pennies. ¬†wish me luck.

continue with yoga both in classes and at home // i have some serious goals when it comes to my yoga practice that i will maybe share in the future. ¬†but in the meantime, i am really committing to myself to get serious about both an at-home practice schedule and going to new classes. ¬†i’m hoping to find a studio that i really connect to and that inspires as much as my old one did and practice on my own daily.

don’t stress about the future // you guys. ¬†i don’t know if this is even possible to be honest. ¬†but i’m going to try my best to not worry about the future. ¬†i’m going to try to appreciate where i’m at, and that i won’t ever be back in this place – living with my parents, no real responsibilities, the freedom to figure out my job and living situation. ¬†it sounds like a dream, i know, but i’m a stressed-out worrier so it’s not very easy for me to just be in the moment and enjoy it. ¬†i¬†going to try my best to destress and enjoy the holidays with my family.

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ending with december