january 2, 2018

sometimes only coming home has the power to heal all our wounds. when i left my apartment on december 14, 2017, my heart was raw and my eyes swollen from the previous night's tears.  ending relationships is always hard, but ending one that you weren't even able to fully begin is harder. through three weeks... Continue Reading →

resolutions for my 25th year

my birthday, fortunately and unfortunately, is in the first week of the new year.  while i always come up with new year's resolutions - and pretty immediately disregard them - this year i'm making resolutions for my new year.  life is pretty hectic and full of change these days, so with these resolutions i'm really... Continue Reading →

a note to my neighbor

i don't like you. i don't like that i have to listen to you have sex at bizarre hours (6 am?!).  i don't like that i have to listen to your music thumping.  i don't like that i have to walk by your gross trash and the stains outside your door.  i don't like that... Continue Reading →

the mean reds, again

sometimes blue just doesn't cut it.  perhaps one of my favorite parts of breakfast at tiffany's, both the book and the movie, is holly's spot-on description of the mean reds.  not quite the blues, not quite anxiety, but something more... the mean reds are described two ways.  in the movie: "the blues are because you're... Continue Reading →

be the contradiction.

it is right to be a contradiction.  to have the loftiest of goals and the furthest of pipe dreams.  we are not made to live inside a pigeon hole, to only like certain things and never stray from our upbringing or what is expected of us.  it is ok to like white walls with mismatched rugs... Continue Reading →

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