a brief note & insta roundup

my bohemians!  i'm sorry i have been so absent on the blog and instagram.  a brief explanation...i'm back in summer school after only 3 days off, i moved out of my apartment and am living with my sister, brother-in-law, and their dog baby, my long distance lover is back in town, and i can't find... Continue Reading →


big news!  i just created an instagram for this little blog!  check me out @babybohemian.  if the user name is available, why not take it yeah?  ok i've had too much coffee.

thoughts on: reflection

sitting on the den floor, drinking gatorade, and keeping track of three dogs appears to be my new year's eve plan.  yep, i'm sick.  i tearfully and reluctantly watched my family leave me a little bit earlier - truth be told i thought they were being mean to me, hence the tears.  except for that... Continue Reading →

day five

in case you're curious, i'm back with a little update on my newly imposed health plan.  i've been doing really well with the exercising portion, but no so well with the healthy eating.  i'm trying to cut back on portions which is going fine, but i cannot cut back on the sugar!  trying so hard... Continue Reading →


hello lovely peoples!  so as you may have noticed, my blog is no longer called "college casual."  in the weeks since i attended my last college class, i have been considering changing my blog name to reflect this change in my life.  a while ago, i had a tumblr account called "baby bohemian," and this... Continue Reading →

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