the wishlist


white vans // i just got new white supergas last summer, but for whatever reason i’m not feeling them for spring as much as usual. ¬†i’m a total vans girl, so i’m considering either the all white authentic¬†($50) or the all white old skool¬†($55). ¬†leaning towards the old skool.

all natural eye cream // ok, call me crazy, but i think i’m seeing some major eye wrinkles happening. ¬†and not like crow’s feet smile lines. ¬†like…under my eye bag wrinkles. ¬†really i saw a picture of myself and there was either a shadow or a wrinkle present, but i’m not taking any chances. ¬†so i’m looking for an all natural eye cream and am considering either the skinowl eye+¬†($46) or the youth to the people eye cream¬†($35, insert really long name here). ¬†i actually tried youth to the people’s face wash and moisturizer when they first came out and returned them to sephora. ¬†they weren’t bad products by any means but they were really expensive and not worth it, in my opinion. ¬†the eye cream, however, sounds right up my alley and not too badly priced. ¬†let me know if you have any opinions on these.

kathleen whitaker gold staple studs // i used to have a pair of similar earrings but lost one of them, so i occasionally put the other in my second piercing.  but the kathleen whitaker pair is so beautiful and i just want them ok!!!!!  sadly they are ridiculously expensive and sold separately which really irritates me ($40 each), so they may remain on the wishlist indefinitely.

baggu leather tote in saddle // ($180 – these have definitely gone up in price. ¬†weren’t they $160 before?!) ok this is a purchase that is definitely happening in the near future. ¬†i love all things baggu; the leather is ridiculous soft and luscious and well made. ¬†i actually had one of their totes in blue, but i wasn’t crazy on the color so i eventually sold it on ebay. ¬†the saddle is such a classic color and it will look amazing as it gets worn in and beat up.

tell me, my shopping instigators, what’s on your wishlist?

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the wishlist