a sunday story

// on my agenda today //bb sunday story.jpegcoffee for hours in bed, while:

// binging on one of my favorite blogs, waiting for saturday.  they haven’t posted in over a year, but i haven’t browsed in a while, so even the old posts feel new.  still waiting for a return, however.

// watching matilda’s videos, for the 500th time each.

// listening to anna burch’s newish album, quit the curse.  she brings the spring and summer vibe, even when there’s fresh snow on the ground.

// not thinking about all the work and cleaning i need to do today.

and then later…

// doing all the work and cleaning i need to do today.

. . .

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beauty layout favorites

there is something so beautiful about all those little bottles and pots, brushes and compacts, lined up on a vanity or in a cabinet – the “top shelf” if you will.  it’s probably the main reason i buy beauty products if i’m honest.  my favorite sites for spying on peoples’ beauty routines/collections are the file, into the gloss, and occasionally the free people and urban outfitters blogs.  also i loooove it when fashion bloggers share their favorite products.  that’s probably my most favorite thing they post!waiting+for+saturday+-+wfs+shop+october.jpgDSCF2012.jpg51de2ed774c5b60bca000c20._s.fit_w.1000_h.1000_.JPEGSunday Riley Juno Hydoactive Cellular Face Oil.IMG_4048.jpgIMG_4189-760x507.jpgimg.jpglos angeles apartment tour_9.JPGtumblr_nqv9ebQYXf1qdq5dlo1_1280.jpgDSC72231-_7601.jpgthe file, into the gloss, fashion me now, that’s chic, the coveteur, waiting for saturday