the sephora sale wishlist

let’s hope this sale goes better than the one in the fall

hourglass ambient lighting powder in dim light, mini $22 // i’m not a powder girl on most days, but with summer coming and my penchant for dewy skin i need a little more help in the setting department.  i usually use a powder foundation for this purpose, but have been wanting dim light for years and years.  i’m going for the mini as i know i would never make my way through the full size, even though the mini is a fraction of the product for half the price.  maybe i’ll change my mind on the size when the sale comes around…

stila stay all day waterproof eyeliner micro tip, $22 // i am sooo not an eyeliner girl, but every now and then i want to try it out in a very subtle way.  i saw that stila just came out with their cult eyeliner with a super fine little micro tip and that is right up my alley.  what better time to try it out than with an extra 15% off?  i would prefer a brown eyeliner, but i think it would be nice to have one black eyeliner in my makeup bag.

clarins beauty flash balm, $48 // this is one of my sister’s all time favorite, repurchased items and it has been on the back of my mind for months.  it seems to be quite similar to my beloved first aid beauty coconut primer and bliss ex-glow-sion, but i want to try this cult fave just for fun.

marc jacobs le marc lip creme lipstick in cream and sugar, $30 // i have read a ton of good things about this new marc jacobs lipstick shade.  it seems to be the perfect peachy pink nude for us lighter skinned kids.

if this is all news to you (i doubt it), the sephora sale for vib rouge starts today and for us lesser folks next week on the 20th.  what’s on your wishlist?

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the wishlist, pt.2

not sure about you, but i always seem to have a wishlist about a mile long.  so this is actually quite refined!  peep below some of the items that i’m dying to buy, and check out part 1 here and the christmas version here.

// noto botanics // Noto-057-High-Res_1500x1500.jpgNoto-079-High-Res_1500x1500.jpgNoto-006-High-Res_1500x1500.jpgbasil yarrow mist // deep serum mini // hydra highlighter

// lotta from stockholm //Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 8.12.34 AM.pnghighwood brown nubuck clogs

// baum-kuchen // 
Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 8.18.28 AM.pngthe superior labor travel for life wallet, salmon/blue grey

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the wishlist


white vans // i just got new white supergas last summer, but for whatever reason i’m not feeling them for spring as much as usual.  i’m a total vans girl, so i’m considering either the all white authentic ($50) or the all white old skool ($55).  leaning towards the old skool.

all natural eye cream // ok, call me crazy, but i think i’m seeing some major eye wrinkles happening.  and not like crow’s feet smile lines.  like…under my eye bag wrinkles.  really i saw a picture of myself and there was either a shadow or a wrinkle present, but i’m not taking any chances.  so i’m looking for an all natural eye cream and am considering either the skinowl eye+ ($46) or the youth to the people eye cream ($35, insert really long name here).  i actually tried youth to the people’s face wash and moisturizer when they first came out and returned them to sephora.  they weren’t bad products by any means but they were really expensive and not worth it, in my opinion.  the eye cream, however, sounds right up my alley and not too badly priced.  let me know if you have any opinions on these.

kathleen whitaker gold staple studs // i used to have a pair of similar earrings but lost one of them, so i occasionally put the other in my second piercing.  but the kathleen whitaker pair is so beautiful and i just want them ok!!!!!  sadly they are ridiculously expensive and sold separately which really irritates me ($40 each), so they may remain on the wishlist indefinitely.

baggu leather tote in saddle // ($180 – these have definitely gone up in price.  weren’t they $160 before?!) ok this is a purchase that is definitely happening in the near future.  i love all things baggu; the leather is ridiculous soft and luscious and well made.  i actually had one of their totes in blue, but i wasn’t crazy on the color so i eventually sold it on ebay.  the saddle is such a classic color and it will look amazing as it gets worn in and beat up.

tell me, my shopping instigators, what’s on your wishlist?

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the christmas wishlist

i-011642-santal-33-100ml-1-940.jpg71yuHh8MwAL.jpgsantal-sandalwood-diptyque-3700431400499-front_1024x1024.jpgle labo santal 33 perfume // this is a long time want of mine.  i actually have the maison marie louis no 4 bois de balincourt oil, which smells very similar to this, but there’s something about an actual perfume that feels a little bit fancier and more luxurious to me.

the wes anderson collection // i am having a major love affair with wes anderson right now.  i just watched the royal tenenbaums for the first time (i know i know, where have i been) and it was certainly one of the best movies i have ever seen.  my sister and i are making our way through all of his films, and i can’t take my eyes away from his style, creativity, and imagination.  i would love to have the wes anderson collection to view his magic all the time.

a cozy bathrobe // for whatever reason, this is what i want for christmas the most.  just a plushy, cozy bathrobe to wear every morning when it’s freezing and every night when i’m snuggled on the sofa.  it’s the little things, ya know?

diptyque santal candle // if you know me, you know i love sandalwood.  to me, there’s no scent as delicious.  and a diptyque candle?  who doesn’t have a diptyque candle on their christmas list?

tell me, what are you dreaming of this holiday season?

help! i need somebody!

To buy me all the things on my wish list! 😉

1. Catbird NYC threadbare rings – the teensiest rings you ever did see!  $44 each

2. Holden Grace jacket in blue or black – $300

3. Burton Jet Set jacket in black – $179.95

4. Cuyana Leather Tote (short) in black, stone, moss, or chocolate – $150

5. Alternative Apparel Champ Eco Fleece sweatshirt in eco grey – $50

6. Free People Boyfriend’s Embrace Cardigan in deep blue or grey – $128

7. Nike Air Pegasus 83 in black or red – $80threadbare holden_grace_jacket_black_2014_1_04f63cae-a06f-4a74-99d8-72e2fe5c4414 2804511-p-MULTIVIEW cuyana-brown-leather-monogrammed-tote-king-and-kind-style-blog-san-diego-amber-king-michael-kors-gold-watch-oversized-white-sweater 2183376-p-MULTIVIEW ac5474a49a335bf288747685c17f180c Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 9.22.41 PM

The Wish List

It seems like I always have a list a mile long of the things I’m dreaming of…

1. Shashi beaded drawstring bracelets ($22-28 at

2. Citizens of Humanity Rocket Jeans in Crispy (These are my absolute favorite jeans and mine have definitely seen better days – $218 at

3. Octagon Arca Jewelry Box (I like this for jewelry or makeup storage – $28 at Anthropologie)

4. Lorac Pro Eye Shadow Palette ($42 at

5. Chelsea Canisters (Also loving these for jewelry or makeup, maybe one in each size – $14-16 each at Anthropologie)

6. Diptyque Baies Candle (Sadly too expensive to purchase, but a girl can dream – $60 at

So this is mine, what’s on yours?