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paris fashion week: the pink cords are back

very belated, but a paris fashion week street style roundup is always welcome, am i right?PFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-81-1.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-47-1-1800x1200.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-52.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-53-2-1800x2700.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-1-3.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-66.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-35-1-1800x1200.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-48-4-1800x2700.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-139-1800x2700.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-34-1800x1200.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-11-1-1800x2700.jpgPFW-SS18-Paris_Fashion_Week-Street_Style-Vogue-Collage_Vintage-105-1800x2700.jpgall images via collage vintage

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we can only be ourselves

IMG_4929.jpgit is always possible for people to change.  we grow, we adapt, we add, we subtract.  maybe not drastically, but we can be elastic.  and yet, we can only ever be steadfastly ourselves.  we will irritate some, inspire some, be abhorred, be adored.

what was hannah’s line in that girls episode?  “every bad thing you can think about me, i’ve already thought.”  something like that.  to which marnie replies, “i could think of a hundred mean things to say to you but i’m not going to.”  and isn’t that the truth?  there are things about ourselves that we will never notice, never see the way others see.  and there are things that we see that no one else ever will.

what i’m saying is this: we can only ever be ourselves.  we cannot apologize for who we are.  me?  i’m an overreacter.  i’m too sensitive.  i’m paranoid about how others perceive me.  but i’m also kind, fun, bright, silly.  so you see?  we have to take the good with the bad.

maybe it’s like the winter.  without it, we can’t enjoy the spring.  without the faults, we can’t enjoy the strengths.

>> my self portrait, please credit if taking.

blog spotlight: waiting for saturday

waiting for saturday is one of my long time favorite blogs.  i stopped reading it for a few months unintentionally, but now we are back on in full force.  i even tried to work there last year (they were too small to take me on but i had a great conversation with the founders).  it is kind of what into the gloss began as, but not just focusing on beauty.  it’s simply interviews with rad women – all of whom have great jobs that i always want to know more about – on how they spend their weekends.  and it is perfect.  they also do great roundups of interesting things around the internet, or special focuses on some of their interviewees who have a particular skill (aromatherapy, smoothie making, etc).  peep some of my favorite images below and check out waiting for saturday for yourself!  and now, i really am waiting for saturday.  waiting+for+saturday+-+emma+allen+smoothie+recipe.jpg6cYogKnZ0NqVhJr4M0_UAUCBcKa4hs2M_ixUxX74QKUwaiting+for+saturday+-+caroline+hurley.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+felicity+sargent.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+simone+kitchens+brooklyn+glamour+magazine.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+number+808+haleiwa.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+eden+grinshpan.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+sabrina+de+sousa.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+east+village+fire+escape+brianna+lance.jpgkatelyn+kappel+hepcat+shades+-+waiting+for+saturday.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+quay+quinn-settel-1.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+megan+o'neill.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+negin+rose+petal+bath.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+sunny+shokrae+home+brooklyn.jpgstatic1.squarespace.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+kalen+kaminski+home+clinton+hill.jpgwaiting+for+saturday+-+laucy+laucht+leather+pant-1.jpg>> all images via waiting for saturday