practicing growth

the mistakes, the anger, the passion, the shards of our love are all around. doomed from the start, i ignored the signs, promises of kisses cured feelings, words healed wounds inflicted by your broken soul. you shoot me when you are down, you try to get me to your level, you spout the words you... Continue Reading →

january 2, 2018

sometimes only coming home has the power to heal all our wounds. when i left my apartment on december 14, 2017, my heart was raw and my eyes swollen from the previous night's tears.  ending relationships is always hard, but ending one that you weren't even able to fully begin is harder. through three weeks... Continue Reading →

a note to my neighbor

i don't like you. i don't like that i have to listen to you have sex at bizarre hours (6 am?!).  i don't like that i have to listen to your music thumping.  i don't like that i have to walk by your gross trash and the stains outside your door.  i don't like that... Continue Reading →

there’s so much more to say

please come back.  please don't let this be the end.  please tell me you're just on another adventure.  you said you would kiss me in august.  won't you keep that promise? you beautiful, tortured soul.  don't let this be the end.  you were happy when i saw you only one month ago.  you were eating... Continue Reading →

sunday musings & the role of the artist

"perhaps the primary distinction of the artist is that he must actively cultivate that state which most men, necessarily, must avoid; the state of being alone.  that all men are, when the chips are down, alone, is a banality - a banality because it is very frequently stated but very rarely, on the evidence, believed.... Continue Reading →

in the moment

for a few minutes this morning, i sat outside.  i made my coffee, and when i went to let the dogs out for the eighth time, i went with them.  i felt the cold salt air perking up my senses, i watched a lone seagull make figure eights in the grey sky, and i listened to the... Continue Reading →

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