ending with december

another month has arrived and so have a fresh set of goals to finish up the year.  check out the inspiration behind this post here.IMG_0014.jpgkeep spending to a minimum // i have officially made it back to the real world.  and i am so excited.  for one thing, it means being surrounded by all the vices that i wasn’t surrounded by where i was previously living…aka sephora, ulta, madewell, nordstrom, zara, anthropologie, free people, urban outfitters, walgreen’s…you get the picture.  within minutes of arriving home i basically wanted to turn my wallet inside out, but for the sake of being a grown up and wanting to have money in the bank, i’m praying i can keep the shopping to a minimum and continue to save my pennies.  wish me luck.

continue with yoga both in classes and at home // i have some serious goals when it comes to my yoga practice that i will maybe share in the future.  but in the meantime, i am really committing to myself to get serious about both an at-home practice schedule and going to new classes.  i’m hoping to find a studio that i really connect to and that inspires as much as my old one did and practice on my own daily.

don’t stress about the future // you guys.  i don’t know if this is even possible to be honest.  but i’m going to try my best to not worry about the future.  i’m going to try to appreciate where i’m at, and that i won’t ever be back in this place – living with my parents, no real responsibilities, the freedom to figure out my job and living situation.  it sounds like a dream, i know, but i’m a stressed-out worrier so it’s not very easy for me to just be in the moment and enjoy it.  i going to try my best to destress and enjoy the holidays with my family.

my image, please credit if taking.


ending with december


no, that is not a word.  as you might recall, i whipped up some may and june resolutions the past two months, and i was pretty good about following through.  it’s actually making a  difference for me to write down my goals and pay attention to them throughout the month.  that being said, i completely forgot to do this for the beginning of july, but here are my resolutions for the rest of the month:

be better about yoga // i’m so upset to say that i really failed at attending yoga classes the better part of june.  with my work schedule and the studio schedule, it just wasn’t working out.  but i miss it so so much.  i’m going to try to fit in classes whenever i can, even if that means waking up at an ungodly hour or leaving work a few minutes early at the end of the day

focus on the blog // i feel like i have been slacking lately in the blog department.  i like to have a mix of my roundup posts – images from the internet that are inspiring me – and my own content.  as is my excuse for just about everything these days, it’s hard because of the amount of time and energy i spend at work, but i miss working really hard on my creative outlet and am determined to get back to it

enjoy where i am right now // since i’m living at home and most of my family is here at the moment, it is too easy for me to feel frustrated and claustrophobic.  but i hate that frustration and hate myself when it comes out.  i love my family and i love being with them, and i need to enjoy my time with them, even if they are frustrating and i feel like i don’t have enough personal space

listen to yourself // i need to stop feeling guilty for who i am and what i want.  i need to stop listening to the opinions around me when i know they are false.  i need to focus on myself, my body, my mind, what i want, what i need, and be true to myself.  and be kind to myself.


loving craving wishing waiting: june 9th


it’s been a while since i did one of these, but they are one of my favorite post styles that i do. they just encapsulate everything i’m feeling at any particular moment, and they are really fun to look back on as well //


getting up early – dressing up for work – reconnecting with summer friends – my recent new york purchases – sf girl by bay blog


a sweaty yoga session – a long beach day – a swim in the ocean


i was already tan – for salty skin


for my day off on saturday – for my next yoga class – for summer to be in full gear

image via sf girl by bay

loving craving wishing waiting: june 9th

may picks

IMG_4048 (1).jpgIMG_4044.jpgIMG_4046 (1).jpgIMG_4072 (1).jpgmalie organics plumeria candle // this candle is too delicious for words.  it doesn’t even need to be lit to get a whiff of softly fragrant plumeria flowers (the flowers of leis).  it smells like the real thing, is fresh and clean, and isn’t overwhelming at all.  it also works well with my pf candle co gardenia&coconut candle.

first aid beauty ultra repair cream // a really great mousse-y hand lotion.  i’m always on the search for the best hand lotion and this is definitely up there with my favorites.  plus it’s unscented.

nars pure radiant tinted moisturizer in terre neuve // i’m not a foundation person, but i want a little bit of evening out since i’m still healing from my acne.  this offers just a little bit of coverage as well as spf.  i mix this with a little dot of the perricone md no bronzer and it just gives it a little bit of warmth (this shade is my match but i feel like it makes me look very pale).  it’s a great mix.  i don’t look or feel like i have anything on, but my skin looks a little bit more perfected.

bare minerals original foundation in fairly medium // the first expensive makeup product i ever used and that i always come back to.  great for setting makeup, making me less shiny, and adding a little bit of extra coverage.  plus it also has spf and a great color range.

bare minerals brush // i’ve had this for quite some time but keep forgetting to mention it!  my favorite all around powder and bronzer brush.  its big without being too big, and ridiculously soft.  it applies and blends perfectly.

to the ocean bracelet // i haven’t taken this off the whole month.  it’s bright but barely there and come on, how can you beat the message.  it’s a mermaid essential.

yoga // may has been a great month for me and yoga.  i’ve really committed to going regularly and i am already feeling the benefits both on the mat and off.

karma yama leggings // i got these on sale on yogaoutlet and i wear them to almost every yoga class.  they are high waisted, a great fit, and don’t ride up or fall down.  definitely an investment but i’m really glad i splurged.  plus they aren’t pilling which i’ve heard is an issue people have with lululemon.

birkenstock gizeh birkoflor // i absolutely love my birkenstock arizona’s, but for a long time i couldn’t get the gizeh’s out of my head.  i purchased them earlier this spring and have worn them almost every day this month now that it’s sandal weather.  i love them just as much as my others and am glad that i have two styles of birkenstocks to switch between.  i chose the birkoflor because it looks like leather but is not as rough on my feet, plus it’s cheaper.

light wash levi’s 501s // these are a classic for a reason.  they fit so perfectly, make my butt look nice and perky, and just make me feel good.  i like that they are fitted at the top but not at the bottom, and i feel like the straight leg is such a nice alternative to a skinny jean, but not quite a boot cut (cause i’m no longer into those)

swell water bottle // i get dehydrated very, very easily and always realize that i need water when it’s way too late.  i’ve solved this issue by carrying my water bottle around with me absolutely everywhere.  plus this one keeps the water cold for a full day!  again, this was a bit of splurge, but it was definitely a good purchase.  i have the medium size, 17 oz.

whew, that was a long one!  as you can see, may was a pretty good month, both product wise and experience wise.  there were some tough times this month, but i’m learning every day how to let things roll off my back, stay true to myself, and remain happy.  i will always be a work in progress, but i’m ok with that.

// images are mine, please credit if taking.

may picks

another month of madness

and so begins another month!  insert typical “i can’t believe it’s already this month” comment.  but seriously, i can’t believe it’s already june!  bring it on, summer.  as i did for may, i thought i would jot down a couple of my resolutions for the upcoming month.  and as far as may goes, i think i succeeded in accomplishing those goals.  except for the have more fun part…may was kind of a doozy and not very much fun was had.

be nicer to myself // i am really hard on myself.  period.  i am constantly trying to remember to be nice and gentle to myself but, let’s be honest, it’s really hard.  i need to remember that other peoples’ judgments of me are not necessarily accurate, and that i have to be my own biggest advocate.  i know who i am, i know that i am a good person, and i have to support myself.

stay out of the drama // i live in a very small community, and all of my friends work, live, and play in the same place.  i’m working elsewhere now so i already have that space, but it’s really easy to get caught up in the drama.  i like to think i’m not a dramatic person, so i need to stay true to that and just mind my own business.  i no longer want to be part of the he said-she said.  it never ends well and i really get bogged down with everybody’s issues and opinions on each other.

be more positive about work // i’ve been relatively disillusioned with my work this past month, so for june i really want to get out of that negative cycle.  of course i am not 100% happy with my job, but who is?!  if you are, please tell me your secret.  for the foreseeable future, this is where i’m going to be working every day so i need to get rid of the bad attitude and work my tushie off.

continue with yoga // i mentioned this in my may resolutions as well, and i really followed through.  i am loving attending classes so i hope that as work gets busier i am still committed to going as much as i can.  it’s easy to feel tired after work and just want to go home and relax, but i always feel better when i’ve gone to class.

i think june is going to be a good month.  no, scratch that.  i’m going to make june a good month.  and i hope that you do the same.  none of that june gloom business for us!

another month of madness