ending with december

another month has arrived and so have a fresh set of goals to finish up the year.  check out the inspiration behind this post here.keep spending to a minimum // i have officially made it back to the real world.  and i am so excited.  for one thing, it means being surrounded by all the vices... Continue Reading →


no, that is not a word.  as you might recall, i whipped up some may and june resolutions the past two months, and i was pretty good about following through.  it's actually making a  difference for me to write down my goals and pay attention to them throughout the month.  that being said, i completely... Continue Reading →

may picks

malie organics plumeria candle // this candle is too delicious for words.  it doesn't even need to be lit to get a whiff of softly fragrant plumeria flowers (the flowers of leis).  it smells like the real thing, is fresh and clean, and isn't overwhelming at all.  it also works well with my pf candle... Continue Reading →

another month of madness

and so begins another month!  insert typical "i can't believe it's already this month" comment.  but seriously, i can't believe it's already june!  bring it on, summer.  as i did for may, i thought i would jot down a couple of my resolutions for the upcoming month.  and as far as may goes, i think... Continue Reading →

thoughts on: yoga

i have done yoga on and off for a few years now.  but recently, i started going to a new yoga studio in my town that features warmed yoga (90 degrees).  i've always been off-put by bikram yoga, so this temperature is perfect for me.  it really gets you sweating, but not in an overwhelming-it's... Continue Reading →

may resolutions

as i was reading my bookmarked blogs this morning, i was struck by kate la vie's post about her may goals.  i immediately thought about what my own goals for may are, and i thought it was a genius idea to have a few goals for the month, as opposed to resolutions for the whole year... Continue Reading →

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